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Section X is terrible

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11.21.2012 , 09:53 AM | #21
TLDR I disagree with the op. Section X is fun and rewarding!

Quote: Originally Posted by -Samhain- View Post
I decided to take a shot at the new Section X dailies to see what they were like. My conclusion: the Section X dailies are buggy and the difficulty of them is extremely disproportionate compared to the rewards you receive.
I haven't run into any bugs in Section X and I've run it every night since it came out. You recieve a lot more commendations than in Black Hole so it should take longer and be more difficult.

Quote: Originally Posted by -Samhain- View Post
Lost Reconnaissance:
Whose bright idea was it to make the Wild Beast portion of this so stupidly rare? Ok, so if I kill a group of 4 Tuk'ata I get ONE kill closer to the 18 I need to complete the quest, but if I kill a group of 5 Bogwings I get 5 kills closer? Needless to say Bogwing groups are rare while the place is virtually littered with Tuk'ata and DROID groups that seem to do absolutely nothing (perhaps the droid groups are for the Republic?). Anyway, this needs to be adjusted. Granted it's a heroic 2 mission but who is honestly running more than 1 person regularly for such a simple quest? This is just a time sink as far as I can tell.
Soloable and provides 4 commendations so it should take time! Actually takes a lot less time if you group like you're supposed to.

Quote: Originally Posted by -Samhain- View Post
March of the Dread Guard:
Defend the Shipment all over again. Currently this quest seems to be bugged as you are unable to free the Prison Leaders.
No bugs for me but the leaders do take longer to respawn than their men, perhaps your problem is a lack of patience?

Quote: Originally Posted by -Samhain- View Post
Targeted Misfire:
The drop rate on the Airstrike Codes off of Marksmen is absurdly low. This needs to be adjusted immediately somehow. The amount of Marksmen spawns is already low, though there seems to be no shortage of strong and elite level jedi in the area. On top of this the respawn rates are abysmal. Add to this a low drop rate on the codes and it's a recipe for a ridiculous time sink.
Agreed. The repawn time on the marksmen needs to be quicker and/or there needs to be more of them. That said I have been able to improve my drop rate recently.

Quote: Originally Posted by -Samhain- View Post
The Aurora Cannon:
I have yet to even try Aurora Cannon yet. The consensus seems to be that it requires at least 3 people to do it, if not 4. Therefore I won't be doing this quest until sometime over the weekend. I understand this is a 4man Heroic though so I'll give Bioware the benefit of the doubt on this one for now.
You've really missed out as this is a great quest, especially if you love Ghostbusters. It does require 4 people but that is a good thing and we need more of that in Heroic 4 quests.

Quote: Originally Posted by -Samhain- View Post
Data Raid:
A fairly easy mission, though the amount of strongs and elites seem fairly high considering the rewards. I have no major complaints about this mission, it seems balanced enough, though it should be on the more difficult end of the spectrum for a DAILY.
Very easy, almost too easy but since it provides the least commendations that's ok.

Quote: Originally Posted by -Samhain- View Post
No problems here, I think this is a well balanced quest, maybe even too easy, but maybe I only think that after I've done the rest of the missions.
Again almost too easy but I enjoy slaughtering klorslugs again so I'm happy with this quest as it is.

Quote: Originally Posted by -Samhain- View Post
[Let me just say that I ran this on my main and these are my initial impressions. My main is a geared Assassin Tank with a decently geared HK-51 companion, which means that things are usually significantly easier for this toon than for other toons that I have at 50.
I've been running Section X on my Juggernaught tank who is geared enough for Tier 1 hard mode flashpoints but has no operation gear at all. I find them to be enjoyable and about the right difficulty. I have died a couple of times but that was because I did something stupid like accidentally aggro two groups at once.

Quote: Originally Posted by -Samhain- View Post
I can run Black Hole dailies (including Torvix) in 20min solo. I haven't even finished all of the dailies on Section X and it's been over an hour...yet for some reason both of these daily sections give the same amount of Black Hole Commendations.
It usually takes me about 25 minutes to do everything in BH except Torvix. Its been that long since I last ran Torvix I can't remember how long it adds. These areas do not provide the same ammount of commendations. Not including the weekly BH provides 9 commendations daily. I can get that from Section X just by running Hyperbiology and Targeted Misfire! I'm not sure of the total daily count but it is deinitely a lot higher than the number from BH.

The commendations / minute ratio may be better for other daily areas but the new missions are fun, hard enough that I can't run them on autopilot and most importantly I haven't run them so many times before that I'm sick of them. More of this please Bioware!

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11.21.2012 , 10:17 AM | #22
I only have done the Section X dailies once (Pub side) and I they were definitely more difficult than the BH dailies which isn't a bad thing. I've done them once only because I have been busy, I would definitely at least like to get the weekly done every week.

I really enjoyed running into more Imps in the area. Got into a bunch of scraps in the one time I was there so it was awesome. The PvP part of the area is great as it seems many of the quest areas overlap which is something the PvP crowd has been asking for, for a while now.

It seem to packed to the gills with mobs which was problematic for the PvP but I decided early on I would really only be coming back here with a group. A lot of the quest while soloable seemed much better suited for grouping. So if I need some quick cash I'll head to BH; if need some more cash and I have a group I'll be heading to Section X to make life rough for the Imps and make some money. Win - win in my book.
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11.21.2012 , 10:40 AM | #23
Target Misfire and March of the Dread Guard needs to be reworked, too bad the community team is taking the week off. I don't say they shouldn't take days off, but this is like a second launch for them, there should be a stronger presence in the forums these days

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11.21.2012 , 10:51 AM | #24
I enjoy Section X because of the challenge, I can do black hole in my sleep/ At least this one I actually have to work through which is the point right?

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11.21.2012 , 11:04 AM | #25
It's the best daily area in the game. Dark, creepy, actually presents a threat to a player who isn't watching their surroundings. Sure it has a few bugs, but these are minor imho. More challenging content FTW!

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11.21.2012 , 11:18 AM | #26
For Targeted Misfire the bonus gets out of sync with the mission so you can end up with 2 versions of the bonus.

That is if anyone is willing to do this mission more than once.

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11.21.2012 , 11:20 AM | #27
I completely disagree, it's perhaps the best zone in the game. The visuals, game-play and attention needed are a breath of fresh air.

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11.21.2012 , 11:40 AM | #28
If a quest is bugged, change instances and see if the bugs persists, some people avoided the problem by doing this.

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11.21.2012 , 12:29 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by -Samhain- View Post
My conclusion: the Section X dailies are buggy and the difficulty of them is extremely disproportionate compared to the rewards you receive. Now, let me just say that not all of them are this way, but for most people that don't spend their entire lives doing dailies it seems like a lot of time and effort to spend even for weekly rewards considering how difficult some of the dailies are.

Considering I get 5 Black Hole Comms a day from just doing Flashpoints what incentive do I have to ever come back here for a WEEKLY?
Here's the inherent problem with the claims that there isn't enough end-game content or that they don't release new end-game content fast enough. The truth is that most of the people making those claims don't even care about the content. They are all about loot and rewards. They are calculating their loot per minute and they will only keep running the same stuff that gives them the highest ratio return on their time. They will ignore other content. Then, they claim there is not enough new content or that they are "bored".

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11.21.2012 , 12:33 PM | #30
complaints complaints complaints... When will it ever stop??
As to the OP, im also a geard assassin tank, fully blackhole/campain, and with stock HK-51 i have absolutly no trouble in soloing every mission on section x except the heroic with is ment to be a 4man mission.
And yes, one mission is bugged, but Im pretty sure BW is awere of it and working on a fix...

The only thing I dont like in section x is that I find it abit messy and small...