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Even though i don't care, calm the restrictions down.

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Even though i don't care, calm the restrictions down.

Digimanbyte_ID's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 05:39 AM | #31
From my perspective it one of biowares most sound ideas. Come on, limited UI doesn't stop you from getting to 50, most of which are just luxeries the same with emotes and other stuff.

They just hours of free content to players who want to try the game and they bums decide to spit on them and say they want more free stuff. Sorry that doesn't fly, they are greedy and looking for a way to play this game for free without having to pay a cent. Is that really fair to loyal subscribers who pay to play this game.

Should the cheap and greedy get constantly rewarded with free stuff just to keep playing. Or should they just subscribe and be a member.

Well if they don't want to subscribe they can leave. Many more can fill the void and try the game out.

HarryStoteles's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 06:04 AM | #32
If bw really wants to make more ppl spending money for this game, they should give those who come to give it a try, a warmer welcome. People will not stay or spend money if they are treated like trash, this can also be expanded to those haters/flamers from this community.
Now, while i think about it, this behaviour from those who treat others, be it f2p'lers or new ppl, like garbage, might be also one of the reasons the population went downhill. Yesterdays fleet chat was disgusting towards f2p'lers or people who had a simple question, honestly, i really thought about cancelling my sub then.
Well, continue to hate, be arrogant, and continue to dig a grave for swtor.