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Chat Bubbles for RP (And Flashpoints)

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Chat Bubbles for RP (And Flashpoints)

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11.20.2012 , 10:48 AM | #1
Good Day,

Since day one (and the Beta of SWTOR) I had concerns that Chat Bubbles wont be in the game, I've heared that they were in but they caused lag issues or such and they removed them. Around the times of 1.2 an FAQ from the Devs said they would implement Chat Bubbles in the not so distant future. Well, I believe it's been 6 months now or even more perhaps and I'm worried Chat Bubbles wont ever come to the game.
I gave my concerns on these forums before, like the very first month the game came out.

Chat Bubbles are a good way of keeping track of who speaks Ingame, so instead of going like:

Look at chat - find char who spoke - look back at that

with Chat Bubbles you can go like:

Look at char who spoke - read the text in the chatbox if you didn't catch it.

That is how I mostly do it in RP. I'd like Bioware to add them as soon as possible. They are very useful for flashpoints as well or just useful in general, you can be at your fleet station and talking to someone, and its sometimes hard to follow the chat! I'm sorry I made this so long, but in the end the reason for my post is this:

I'd like Bioware to put in chat bubbles as they wanted to back in beta. And make it optional if people don't like them!

Thank you for reading!