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Looking For PvE/PvP Republic Guild

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Looking For PvE/PvP Republic Guild

RagnarokTime's Avatar

11.20.2012 , 12:01 AM | #1
Hello, My name is Zound I am relatively new to Jedi Covenant and I am looking for a nice Progressive Raid Guild. I recently moved to this server from Jung Ma where i had been since launch. I have two level 50 Sith Bounty Hunter Heals and Juggernaut Tank Both in almost complete Campaign and War Hero sets. When Server Transfers come back up I will be bringing them both to Jedi Covenant . So if the guild that calls open me has a Imperial team They will be Joining them as well.

I am looking for a Guild that is actively doing Progressive Raiding and have at least cleared Explosive Conflict Hard Mode. I have yet to attempt it on this character as its not to fun to pug but have cleared it over 20 times on my Bounty Hunter and Juggernaut. The only problem for most guilds and having set raid times for me is I have a bit of a odd work schedule. I work Wednesday through Friday one week the the next week Wednesday through Saturday 7pm to 7am on those days. It goes three days on four days off four days on three days off over and over all year. This leaves me with Every other Saturday night and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday night.

So if you need a 25 year old drama free male healer on any of those days give me a ring. Honestly I would prefer that any replies be in game as I am on there more then I am logged into the forums. I look forward to hearing from you.