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An in-depth look at: the Sith Emperor.(Spoilers)

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An in-depth look at: the Sith Emperor.(Spoilers)

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11.21.2012 , 11:46 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by BrandonSM View Post
The Trio of Historians, Wolf Aurbere and Rayla.

And Raayla strikes with her old purple font!
Hurrah for the Historians!

Hurrah for Rayla's wacky font colours!


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11.21.2012 , 03:56 PM | #22
Very well written! One thing I am curious about though. Who was this new voice of the emperor the jedi knight killed at the end?

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11.21.2012 , 04:09 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Nasja View Post
Very well written! One thing I am curious about though. Who was this new voice of the emperor the jedi knight killed at the end?
A very good question (lol, sorry I'm not Rayla )

Any ideas everyone? I suspect he just possessed someone else, I don't know where he gets them from. I know he selected one on Voss. Maybe he has a store? (I know that sounds kinda silly) Like frozen in carbonite. Because think about it, if one dies, he needs to find a new body ASAP - so it makes sense he would have a new one prepared. But if we follow that line of thinking, why hasn't he possessed a new one, and why did killing this one cause such a powerful impact on the Emperor? It makes you think that perhaps it wasn't a voice, and the Emperor all along - after all, the Hand's would want to keep the ruse that the Emperor was still 'alive' - or at least not drifting about in spirit form, unable to lead the Empire.


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11.21.2012 , 04:35 PM | #24
It must be considered a great honour to be chosen by the Emperor to be his next Voice, no? So I imagine a lot of the existing Sith would willingly give themselves to the Emperor and become his new vessel. So maybe The Hand has a database stored on all of the possible candidates and when the Voice dies they just choose the most suitable Sith to become the new vessel?

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11.21.2012 , 06:10 PM | #25
*reads the star wars wiki instead*
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11.21.2012 , 06:47 PM | #26
We didn't read / know anything about the false voice -- Darth Baras to make a powerful impact on the emperor
We know the emperor still controls most of the children of the emperor after the "being" the jedi knight kills on Dromund Kaas
There was only a very short time (I predict a week at most) in between the death of Darth Baras and the "being" killed by the Jedi Knight.

With these facts, if it was the emperor who was killed by the jedi knight.. he would be controlling the children of the emperor even after death as a force ghost. It may be possible but we don't know for sure. Still, if Vodal Kressh could control sith while being death, then why wouldn't Vitiate be able to do that?

And if it wasn't the emperor being killed but it was in fact the voice of the emperor, the true voice perhaps.. then why did it leave such an impact? I wouldn't think it would hurt him so much if it was a fresh new voice, and it would make for poor storywriting. It may be someone who was around a little longer but wasn't on the dark council. Would someone believe it would be Darth Jadus perhaps? Or would it be a character we haven't seen in any other storyline yet?

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11.21.2012 , 07:02 PM | #27
Clearly something changed when the Jedi "killed" the Emperor on Drommund Kaas. The Dread Masters and the Children of the Emperor appear to have been severed from him in a way that seemingly hasn't happened before.

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11.22.2012 , 11:36 AM | #28
I agree with the two above posters here, I believe it was the true Emperor that the Hero of Tython fought and killed in the Dark Temple. And I have a theory, so here goes:

1 - Clothing. There is a distinct difference between what the 'Emperor' (by this I mean the being fought at the Dark Temple) wears and what the known/confirmed Voices wear. The Voss Voice wears white robes, whereas the 'Emperor' wears distinctive black robes, the same as the Emperor wore in the Revan novel. Yes I hear you say he's wearing the robes of a Voss mystic, but consider this - the Voss being possessed for a decade, giving him ample time to change to the distinctive black. And for all those of you who have read the comic on Teneb Kel (Thanaton), you'll be aware that the current Voice at that time also wears white. Coincidence? Perhaps. But there are only two paths we can take here, either its a coincidence or its not. If its a coincidence it doesn't matter, the fact remains that the Voice wears robes differing from the black robes worn by the 'Emperor' at the Dark Temple. And if it is not, then white is the distinctive colour of the Voice. In both scenarios we can only assume that the being met at the Dark Temple was in fact, the Emperor - dressed in the same, iconic robes he wore when confronted by Revan.

2 - Appearance. Concerning the Voss and Human Voice (from the Teneb Kel comic) they show no/little sign of dark side corruption. The Voss mystic is perfectly unaffected, and looks exactly the same as a normal Voss. And the Human Voice, while having yellow eyes (which is irrelevant seeing as Voss have no pupils) also shows no sign of dark side corruption. His skin is unblemished and in fact looks quite young. So we can assume that when a vessel is possessed by the Empire, the vessel is not visible corrupted. And yet, the human met in the Dark Temple - despite only being a Voice for what? A couple of months? - displays extreme dark side corruption. Red eyes, pale, cracked skin - the full package. The only explanation is that he is the Emperor - displaying the same dark side corruption (and lets face, features all round) as the Emperor of the Revan novel.

3 - Death. In the SW storyline, the Emperor, through his Voice, demands the Wrath kills him - so that he can escape his trapped body due to various machinations. As Nasja said, this had little/no impact on the Emperor. The body dies (it doesn't even disappear like the in the Dark Temple) and the Emperor accepts the Voice's death, and goes on with his life. And yet when the so called 'Voice' is killed in the Dark Temple, the body is destroyed, the Emperor is enraged, supposedly 'recuperating' and the Empire falls into disarray believing their leader to be dead. This is because he is dead, the only logical explanation is that the Emperor was killed in the Dark Temple by the Hero of Tython.

(I final additional point. The Voss Voice met by the Wrath is labelled 'The Voice of the Emperor' - whereas the 'Voice' faced in the Dark Temple was called 'The Emperor' - I think this solidifies my point)

But this creates a few problems, which must be met. Firstly it contradicts what the Wrath was told by the Hands, who said it was the Voice of the Emperor that was killed, not the Emperor. In short, they lied. I mean, lets say I'm right and the Hands told the Wrath the truth - the conversation would go something like this: "Hey Wrath, err... you know the Emperor? You know, our leader? Yeah.... well.... small problem. He's err, he's dead basically. So... we kinda don't have a leader anymore. But don't worry! Its all under control. You just, just keep smashing the Republic. I mean, your not really the Emperor's Wrath anymore... but err, just... keep at it. Ok, er bye. And long live the... oh wait :P" As you can see not only would it be awkward, but they also can't trust the Emperor's Wrath. They have no reason to, after all the previous Wrath has already betrayed them, their not going to trust another. Basically its all an elaborate ruse, if the entire Empire found out, it would collapse. They have to keep it a secret, and its best to create a rumor to explain his disappearance.

The second problem is that everything seems to point the Emperor's survival, and some sort of 'essence transfer'. But the Emperor was killed, however only his body. I suspect he still exists in some sort of spiritual form, hence how he collapsed the Dark Temple chamber, and how the Children can still hear him. In fact they can hear him more than ever, because the Emperor is clinging onto life, and the parts of him scattered amongst the Children.

May I also make this canon - its quite peculiar that this hasn't become widely recognized. But with an interview with the Lead Writer, Hall Hood - he says this: "The Jedi Knight defeats the Emperor at the end, and the Emperor's body does die." I'm right!

But, like I said, he goes on to say, or at least hints that the Emperor lives on in some sort of spiritual form. And hints that he may return. He also mentions something else interesting, he implies that this isn't the first time the Emperor's body has died. So perhaps while being the Emperor, it was the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th incarnation of him. Hence him not being Sith or some sort of hybrid.

But basically, the Knight killed the Emperor. The Emperor is 'dead' and whoever wrote his Wookiee page really needs to read this and make some serious corrections.

P.S. If you wan't to listen to the interview with Hall Hood, the link is here. Skip to 27:00 to hear about the Emperor.

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11.22.2012 , 11:42 AM | #29
Another point, Scourge was with the Emperor for many years, there is no way he could not recognize the Emperor.

According to the encyclopedia, there was no Emperor's voice before Revan tried to kill him.

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11.22.2012 , 11:45 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by OldVengeance View Post
Clearly something changed when the Jedi "killed" the Emperor on Drommund Kaas. The Dread Masters and the Children of the Emperor appear to have been severed from him in a way that seemingly hasn't happened before.
The Emperor's communication with the whole Empire was severed after that. In Malgus' betrayal it was mentioned, the book pointed it out as well.