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State of my game

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11.18.2012 , 06:03 PM | #1
Hmm… where to start.

Before this post is ripped apart, these are only my personal observations in regards to my account.

I been playing SWTOR since the second beta invite and have been a subscriber since. I have not let my subscription lapse, paid thru 2/13/2013, and only recently took a break from SWTOR for about a month and a half as the excitement of the game faded for me.

I currently have five level 50 characters both Imp and Rep along with a few mid-levels. I PvP with all of my characters and one currently has four out of five WH pieces of armor; I have completed all of the flashpoints on story and available hard modes, and completed most space missions.

I have survived the NERFs, skill point resets, and server transfers. I joined new guilds, and made new friends hoping to re-ignite the passion I felt when I made my first character, a Sith Sorcerer (It felt so good to be bad with him), but after leveling my fifth character to 50, the game started to become routine.

I enthusiastically waited for game update 1.5 to introduce new content or playability. I wasn’t concerned with the F2P aspect as I have a current subscription and knew most perks I earned I would keep. I excitedly logged on as soon as the game updated. I noticed a lot of new characters running around the space dock (which is good for any MMO), and things seemed to be looking up. My elation was soon tempered as I started to explore the “new” quests:

“With the release of Game Update 1.5, all players will have access to the newest model of this infamous Assassin Droid – HK-51. You begin your adventure to find HK-51 in the new mission area called Section X and must complete a set of compelling missions to ultimately unlock HK-51 for use as a fully featured companion character.”

I finished the HK quest and acquired my new companion. “Greetings Master…” Cool, and kind of fun, but I already have five companions, three of which I’ve never used, except for crafting or when they were required for a quest.

“Additionally, we are introducing a brand new mission area called Section X, where players can find daily challenges to satiate their appetite for more adventure.”

I completed the dailies in Section X. Twice. Once again kind of exciting.

“In Game Update 1.5 we will also be adding Nightmare Mode for Operation: Explosive Conflict that will certainly give our end game players something to puzzle over for a while”.

I’m really not interested in spending time doing an already completed flashpoint at a higher difficulty to maybe get a piece of gear slightly better than my WH gear or a “new” vehicle, both of which will probably show up on the Cartel Market in the future. And speaking of the Cartel Market:

"Visit the new in-game Cartel Market to acquire pets, vehicles, XP boosts, and more"

I visited the Cartel Market with 2250 coins and was not impressed:

  • I don’t want/need vanity pets.
  • Not interested in cosmetic (speeder/pet) items.
  • XP boost for level 50??? I guess my lower lever characters could use them.
  • Species unlock… Already have five full unlocked.
  • New armor, nice sets, but not interested.
  • Crime Lord Cartel Packs, bought two and ended up with 4 emote unlocks???, purple crafting items which none of my characters can use, XP boost which I mailed to a low level alt, a pair of adaptive “Spy Master” boots and some vendor trash. Felt like I was playing the Hutt Lottery.
  • Cabonite Chamber for out of combat healing?? Thought we had party members/healing probes for that.

I left the market with 1830 coins.

Let’s not forget the free “Party Jawa.” A balloon shaped like a Jawa that goes around in a slow circle. Again another vanity pet not wanted or needed. I deleted it even before activating it.

The update included some good content as well as some unnecessary “fluff.” As I stated in the beginning of my post these are my personal observations for my account. I’m sure I may have missed out on some of the older game content and may re-visit it.

I believe SWTOR has a lot to offer other players as they level and experience the galaxy. SWTOR may be on the verge of something great if they can keep the game experience exiting and engrossing.

I’ll once again be away from the game for month or so, but keep my subscription current. I will check back after the first of the year. I hope to see that some additional engaging content has been added.

Good luck and best wishes to all the players, and “May the force be with you!”
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11.18.2012 , 10:46 PM | #2
nicely written post bro. GL with ya break from the game. Hope to cya in the new year.

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11.18.2012 , 10:58 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Tiberians View Post
nicely written post bro. GL with ya break from the game. Hope to cya in the new year.
Agreed. Best of luck.
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