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Disappearing Crafting Recipes!

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Disappearing Crafting Recipes!
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12.13.2012 , 06:08 AM | #141
Ok. Did you have the problem pre patch where REd stuff disappeared after logging?? I'm just wondering if the recipes you've been having problems with now are ones you may have REd before and they disappeared, and perhaps this is a hangover from that problem. Obviously I don't know how the database structure works but it's possible that the previous bug left some records in a mess where one table records the item as having been 'discovered', hence the tooltip showing no further discoverables available, but another table doesn't, hence it not appearing in the list. If that was the case then it sounds from what you are describing as if a dev has run a purge on the database of stray records, and they are now recording ok. That would also explain the intermittancy, because only some items had left stray records during the bug period. Just thinking out loud hehe.....