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Cybertech grenades Ruining Warzones

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Cybertech grenades Ruining Warzones

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11.20.2012 , 07:44 AM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by HunaHelsdottir View Post
Could someone help a pathetic cybertecher out? Which of these grenades is so cool in PVP? The freeze grenade is just a root, not a mez. Are people talking about the stuns? The Seismic? The Neuroshock?
As said, seismic is good for stuns. Slime is good too, for slows. And I like to throw a burn on top of my Flyby as mez is moot at that point.

Everyone can get them, they're balanced. Cybertechs get the advantage of only having to make themselves a reusable purple so they don't have to purchase more, maybe make some money off crafting and selling. Which makes Cybertech crewskill a financial benefit, not a PvP benefit, because grenades and so their effects are available to all.

The "we don't need extra cc" argument is a matter of taste, and is correct if you personally want to remove sources of cc. I can understand that. I'd say we already have them, so they're not actually "extra" cc. I don't mind them, as has been said above, they provide an extra wrinkle to gameplay, and the 3min cooldown means you don't get to throw them like confetti but need to save them for when they're most useful.

On the point of adding to gameplay, I kind of liked the idea of creating a CC-cleanse craftable. Add to gameplay rather than remove.
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