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One man Guild needs more members!

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One man Guild needs more members!

InquisitorTran's Avatar

11.17.2012 , 01:43 PM | #1
Location Server: The Shadowlands. Looking for new members for a Sith side guild that is down to just only one active member (that's me) The name of the guild is Mordrausch. Its down to one person because all of the other players have stopped playing due to other video games coming out nothing dramatic. The guild is going to be laid back so if you need help with a tough mission please feel free to message in the guild chat window. There can be discussion about setting a weekly get together to work around our busy lives to tackle flashpoints and operations (if we have a large enough group). The main time zone for the guild is Central standard time. The minimum required level for the player to join is Level 34. The guild master character is level 36. If you'd like to join and help shore up this pitiful little guild please send a message ingame to Sangrya! Hope to hear from you soon! Or just post a reply here. Trolls need not reply nor apply.