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Why can't we use speeders more often?

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Why can't we use speeders more often?

antique_nova's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 05:57 AM | #1
I brought up an issue that annoys the hell out of me. Why can't we use speeders in places that we can't use speeders?

For instance in mission areas, caves. There is absolutely no reason to (i can understand why it wouldn't be done in your own ship, because that just looks awkward and the distances to each room in the ship are quite miniscule)
but if i can use my emergency fleet pass or quick travel, i want to out of the cave that i just fought down into asap.

i've done the mission and i'm never going to be in there and while i hold down the forward button. I think to myself, "why the hell am i still in here" or "go faster!" Or another instance, why can't i use the speeders in the shrine of healing on Voss? i don't want to just keep running from one area to another, because it takes ages!

One may argue about taking the time in the view the aesthetics of your surroundings and taking the time to enjoy the work of the artists and animators. because i simply don't want to be doing all the time. Especially if it's the 50th time i'm entering the building on my 3rd character.

The worst game experience that you can give to a player is wasting his time with mundane or boring things to do and there's nothing more boring than having to making a player do what he doesn't want to do and i think this is the top of the list.

The only place that i think speeders should be restricted is in your own ships, everywhere else should be fine.

Would love to know who thinks the same.

psandak's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 10:01 AM | #2
This is what rocket boost is for

Seriously though, while I cannot say I disagree with your assessment, I understand that it is a design choice, and in my experience not that big a deal. Most of the caves you are talking about are filled with mobs and there is little point in being able to mount going in (you would spend more time mounting than you would if you just ran to the next cluster). Getting out of those areas, as you said that is what QT is for .

Petnil's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 07:58 PM | #3
giving all storyarea´s an exitbutton like OP´s and FP´s have might help a bit. Honestly i think speeders should be banned from all indoor areas. For the people telling me to just stop using speeders inside, i have. I even turn of my sprint when i´m not in a group. Sprint shouldn´t be permanent, then it´s not a sprint. Also, i like the way normal runspeed looks alot more than sprint. Sprint just doesn´t look natural.