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how do you NOT die as a sniper?

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how do you NOT die as a sniper?

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11.14.2012 , 02:11 PM | #11
Keybind Kaliyos attack and send her in first to get aggro, then you can do your thing

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11.14.2012 , 04:29 PM | #12
As a sniper you should be able to solo easily and faster than most classes. Our weakness is that we are a bit squishy and can struggle on long fights such as against a Champion level mob. On trash fights we dominate.

You should always be in cover and open a fight with Ambush. The casting time is effectively zero if its all out of combat.

Kill enemies from weakest to strongest. This usually means opening against a normal mob. Depending on how much damage the ambush does follow with the quickest/cheapest ability that will kill the mob. Sometimes this is a simple basic attack and sometimes it's a snipe. If there are surrounding mobs it might also be a frag grenade. If it takes you 3 shots to kill most regular mobs you may need a better gun barrel. Ambush/snipe and later ambush/followthrough should kill one enemy.

Once the first guy is down move to the next weakest. Consider using explosive probe or snipe. Use whatever abilities will kill the enemy fastest and with the least amount of global cooldowns.

The strongest enemy should be last. Only use corrosive dart on elites or higher. If they die in under 15 seconds you won't get the full benefit.

If enemies get too close be prepared to debilitate and once you are able follow that up with a headshot or the other attack that requires a stunned opponent. Bind these somewhere where you can react quickly. Shiv is also good to finish off an enemy that is too close because it is instant.

Eventually cover pulse will be useful to keep stuff off you as well.

Finally, as others have mentioned, stick to one skill tree until you max it out. In marksman for instance you want to hurry and get followthrough. Nothing is worth delaying that.

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11.14.2012 , 05:43 PM | #13
Sounds like a gear issue, and also a rotation and priority issue.

Buy all orange modifiable gear- head,chest,legs, gloves, boots, belt, bracer. Plus you want a modifiable main and off hand weapon.

Gear to all blue mods of even level- upgrade every 2 lvls for armorings - no exceptions. Purple armorings are even better, but no need early on when you level fast, maybe switch to purples in your 40s, but ALWAYS blue quality or better. always.

Upgrade mods/enhancements every 3-4 levels following the same rules as above. These are a little less important than your armorings while leveling up, but this is where you get your crit% surge% and accuracy% buffs.

Barrels should be purple artifact quality at all times for pure DPS classes like sniper/gunslinger. your barrel is the most important mod you have (especially for gunslinger where you need 2) ------these determine your damage.

Clean up your rotation as outlined in the posts above- spec marksman early on and use the abilities that sync with your talents.

Clean up your priority targeting by concentrating on weak/normal/silver/gold in that order while letting your tank companion hold the strongest mobs while you burn through weakest first. Use your crowd controls- disable droids, use stun grenades, etc.

Gear your companion as if it were your character. Pick one (tank) and gear it up as I outlined above. you can stick to blue mods for your companion- but make sure the armorings are up to date so they can absorb damage while you kill.

good luck, have fun.
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11.14.2012 , 10:35 PM | #14
First, Snipers are a DPS class, and as such they have it easier than tanks or healers, really. You can run with a DPS companion for regular and even silver mobs, and switch to Kalyio or Dr. Lokin for bosses, makes things faster.

First things first: the melee skills. You have a melee stun, a small damage, and a big-damage-only-when-stunned. Guess what? Wait for one mob to get into melee, then melee stun, damage, bigdamage, then push them back (regular mobs die by the time you push them back, bosses don't, but still you keep them stunned for a bit, which prevents their damage).

Otherwise, you'll mostly be using the ranged skills. Use the probes and the shatter shots to debuff the enemy, and then lay into them with damage. Applying all the probes and debuffs uses up energy, so once you're done you want to shoot the energy-free shot (to recover some) and then switch to the high-power shots to kill them off.

Always start with Ambush, it's a long activation skill. I usually do Ambush+ShatterShot as the opening combo, followed by the probes and then the damage shots till dead.

For talents, out of the Engineering tree you absolutely want: Interrogation Probe (it's a good DoT), and all the improvements to Explosive Probe, esp. the Cluster Bombs. Cluster Bombs are amazing, anyone's shots suddenly take out huge chunks of HP from the target's bar when the bombs are active. Finally, you also want the Instant Snipe.

Out of the Marksmanship tree you want:
- to make Ambush ignore armor (you usually open with it, so it's used before you can debuff the armor).
- Ballistic Dampers so that when you start the fight the enemy response is ignored for a while (this is awesome, as most enemies open up with their biggest, nastiest damage first, and also Kalyio hasn't had a chance to taunt yet).
- the other Instant Snipe
- Followthrough - it's a free, instant, huge damage shot that works awesomely with Ambush and all the instant Snipes you've been getting.

And, don't forget to use your defenses and ranged stuns. They are critical for interrupting big-damage abilities. You see the boss cast bar going, you MUST interrupt it.

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11.14.2012 , 10:49 PM | #15
I would recommend you put your points:

Cover Screen 2, Steady Shots 2; Marksmanship 1
Ballistic Dampers 2; Precision Ambush 2

Send Kaliyo in, then open up with Explosive Probe, Ambush. Snipe when needed. Use Frag Grenade as a quick knockdown on the weak mobs. Things should die fairly quickly even with questing gear. That's been my experience so far.

Edit: Also, don't be shy about using Debilitate, Cover Pulse, and the ranged mez (I forgot the name).

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11.22.2012 , 02:55 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by Kusanami View Post
Personally since I had the Collectors edition, I went and bought the Imp trooper set from the social items vendor in the VIP lounge. And my sniper is cybertech so I filled him with blue/purple mods I made, bought bracers, belt modable on the GTN for cheap (9k each).

Had an artificer and an armstech so always in mods, and made sure Kaliyo was in modable gear. Pvp's so I had the level 40 tank set for bounty hunters for her.
I tried having moddable gear on me AND my companion, but i couldn't find any crafters that weren't greedy a**holes, i believe in paying for what the item costs to make and a little extra as tip, though crafters tend to demand tips, even though tips are technically optional, but demanding them and still calling them tips is just stupid.

I really wish i liked crafting, but i don't, i HATE crafting, every mmo has crafting and every single mmo, i have hated the crafting in it, the most i tend to do when trying crafting is just make green armor and sticking with that, the crafted green armor tends to be more superior to what you get via quests, sometimes even the blue gear is worse then crafted greens, but the gathering the gear tends to get more and more long-winded, especially when there are 2 grade 1s and grade 2s and so on, why can't there just be one of each grade, it would be so much more manageable.

For example, instead of Desh, Silica and Laminoid and Aluminium, it could just be desh and silica.....would be so much better that way.

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11.24.2012 , 09:52 PM | #17
I never die as my sniper (lvl20) except if I get sloppy on a champion that has support.

It looks to me like your rotation is not that great. I always enter cover and open with ambush (laze target buff first if it's up) that plus a snipe kills pretty much any normal mob I face plenty of them are taken down by just the ambush. Then I just spam snipe till everything is dead or ambush is up again. If the mobs are clustered around my companion I'll toss off a frag grenade and hit cover pulse if 1-2 are melee and run up on me (Kaliyo usually keeps them off me though)
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11.25.2012 , 01:01 PM | #18
iu have a lvl 50 sniper and never had this problem at all ......nothing that 4 tick's of orbital strike carnt fix
as thats about too land use you buffs for a great crit strike or 5 not alot live's after that apaprt from gold's sometimes
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