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Roleplay questions

WaroftheGlaixes's Avatar

11.12.2012 , 11:25 PM | #1
Hey guys,I am thinking about roleplaying in the Swtor universe,the lore I got covered and of course basics of Rp,but just some quick questions about swtor RP
1.Where is the RP most of the time?In capitals or popular cities?Or is it only guild rp?
2.If you Rp on WoW you would know about MRP,anything simmilar like that for swtor?
3.Would one involve their companion into rp?Or dose it go by the 'don't use your story that you play for rp'thing?
4.What would one use for your own emotes?Like in WoW how you can make your own emotes,unless there isn't any?
Hope you guys won't mind answering some of these,just wondering about them and I might make a character for Rp