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Enough of exploiting ranked warzones

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Enough of exploiting ranked warzones

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11.14.2012 , 06:37 PM | #61
What a lot of advice!

Bloody kids telling tales....grow up!!!!

You stop bullying and you stop crying everytime he looks at you funny...well thats what my mum would have said

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11.14.2012 , 08:07 PM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by foxmob View Post
lol no. I have two fully optimized troopers. (although how I "optimized" them is comical). anyway, I don't need comms. I would say that of the 16 ppl, 5-6 did not need comms. some got on alts simply to balance the roles. yeah, it's faster comms for the ppl who aren't optimized. but the point is to balance the teams. so there were an equal number of geared and ungeared players on each team. everybody was on voice. man. it was fun. I wish I didn't have to go to work the next day, or I'd have played all night.

why does it even matter if ungeared players get rated comms and gear faster anyway? I'm not opposed to a gear grind, but if skill and teamwork are what wins, then why should you (or anyone) care if someone else gets rated comms faster? I mean...wasn't civic on the forums trying to convince undergeared players to queue for ranked and get rofl stomped because it rewards rated comms, and 40 of those are still more valuable than 100 reg comms per match?
I think again it comes down to the fundemental role of Rated Warzones. Personally I don't care if someone gets comms, etc by any legal means. Whether or not the people want comms (which for your teams, is probably not the case. For what the OP described, that's exactly as it sounds) They are still using a system everyone can use for a purpose it was not intended for. To make things worse, they are abusing the system and excluding players who are using the system as intended.

It's an exploit like any other. Let's say there was a banking glitch, that if you idk... shift clicked an item in the fourth row while pressing "Q" it doubled the stack. Personally, I don't care if someone has 10 medpacks, 20 medpacks, or 99 of them. I don't care if they bought them, farmed them, or sent them from an alt. I don't even care if they did it for the laughs or to get an edge. The problem is they abused the system. I think anyone would tell you a duplication glitch is exactly that... a glitch, an exploit.

When my guild does 16-man ranked (which is actually 8-10 of us and 8-6 friends/randoms) we balance teams and try to keep things fair. That's cool. Yet -if- we get a pop and the other team doesn't, we still take it and face whomever is in the queue, that's how the system works. Understandably, if we're getitng creamed we're less likely to play as long, but we're still playing as the system intends. If we're really motivated, we'll even form a proper ranked group once we know we have opponents in the queue.

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11.14.2012 , 08:11 PM | #63
Quote: Originally Posted by AngelAlkaiser View Post
Furthermore, if I were you, I would put alts in other guilds and try to become apart of their PvP teams, and I would encourage my friends to do the same. This way you are actually showing you're sincere in your want for competition, and have no problem helping them get there.

As for 3-capping... Going back to the baseball reference. You don't swipe bags when you're up by 5.

"Not only am I going to beat you to the ground, but I'm going to shove your face in a steaming pile of ****, too."

Not really classy, OP. It's not classy for them to leave the RWZ either, but I wouldn't show class to someone who shows no class to me.
I agree, which is why I'm raising an Operative on the Imp side, while building their gear on my main Pub side. Imp side on my server is drastically smaller, has less good players, and sadly has one guild that -could- field a ranked team, and rarely does.

As for your last point, I can definitely see that. As an individual, I wouldn't 3 cap if I knew we would win (past/near the point where they need a 3 cap to win). However, I also realize the other team (and even my team mates) will have no qualms about doing so. I don't see beating an enemy soundly as malicious, which is why I rarely get mad at the other team for playing hard/well.

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11.14.2012 , 08:36 PM | #64
Sorry Theo, what Doomsday is doing is absoluately fine. They're not queue dodging, they're not farming their fighting each other, and anyone that pops up to fight they will fight.

They didnt go oh hey its Guild X, they didnt run from them (from what the posts say), they fought them head on.

Thats what RWZ is all about.

You can complain about how these pro's are at fault, but if the people are that lazy in the first place to not apply the fortitude of trying then what USE is WZ to them, why even queue up to get your *** smoked, seriously, I mean if you come to WZ you should expect the worst and hope for the best.

But when you start blaming something all you going to do is whine and not improve.

I could whine a few hundred million things but I get on with the program, premade or no premade i face I will face them as I face anyone else (100% effort and spirit). Maybe others wont but they are the ones ruining SWTOR, people complain too much on forums and not trying.

This is not Bioware's fault, they cant fix lazy *** to do stuff if they dont want to. They could force people but then you blame Bioware for being pushy. So yea go ahead and blame DoomsdayComes for what they're doing but they're doing whats intended for RWZ, you're just endorsing people farming comms.

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11.14.2012 , 08:39 PM | #65
This situation is part of why I just do not see the whole F2p thing helping queue times and the PvP situation in general.

New players are going to queue up, run into people like the OP, who we shall assume, for the purpose of this thought experiment, has their button pressing down to a science and their gear idealised. And after two or three like that, they will never queue again. Might not even log in again after that either.

And who could blame them? Its really not fun or entertaining to run face-first into people who have been playing for the better part of a year refining and tweaking their strategy, gear, and playstyle. And, if something isnt fun, people just arent going to do it.

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11.14.2012 , 09:20 PM | #66
The most trash talk you'll see from me is when I'm being 3v1'd and they stun lock me, or when unicorns want to queue w/ smashs+bubble+multiple heals in regs.

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11.14.2012 , 10:52 PM | #67
Just played a regular wz with LD 4 man on the other side. It was civil way and got 3 capped at the end just for insult. And they wonder why nobody wants to play them...

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11.14.2012 , 11:00 PM | #68
Quote: Originally Posted by mrekxxx View Post
maybe it had different reason?

This happens also on my server The red eclipse . they "farm" ranked comms. Its cheating, first round win first team, second round is winner scond team.

They get everytime as much medals as possible for short time etc ... My guild dont support this and i kick every1 who is involved.
Im on that server, if you see Red-Rusker or Raikage gimme a bell im up for trying a RWZ, jsut to get my 4 losseso f the day

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11.14.2012 , 11:37 PM | #69
Quote: Originally Posted by To-le View Post
Just played a regular wz with LD 4 man on the other side. It was civil way and got 3 capped at the end just for insult. And they wonder why nobody wants to play them...
We're in warzones earning comms just like you are. The faster the game ends, the more comms we can earn. Perhaps you should find some friends and do the same.
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11.15.2012 , 08:04 PM | #70
Quote: Originally Posted by Mojitin View Post
We're in warzones earning comms just like you are. The faster the game ends, the more comms we can earn. Perhaps you should find some friends and do the same.
uh hu, sure. ask what bloodcrazed/zazuba/nataly did in huttball the other day