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Oh for the love of...

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Oh for the love of...

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11.22.2012 , 09:31 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by iDraxter View Post
hmm when do I think "You've got to be kidding..." in a wz? everytime I look at my resolve bar!

if was running the ball and i`d be under heavy fire with nobody else to pass to, ofc i`ll pass to the sniper, all u have to do is pass it back to the next guy that shows up full health you don`t even have to move, never just give the ball to ur enemies, if no1 is around and ur in certain death reset the ball, another thing I like to do in premades if we cannot bust pass mid is LURE enemies in our pit then just reset the ball, my team picks it up at mid and has less enemies to deal with=)) on their way to the scoreline
As a Sniper I take up position on the railings above the Ball spawn, so we tend to have control over the Ball spawn area. So 9/10 times they have other teammates down there with them yet still pass it to me. The other 1/10 is when they have no-one else to pass too

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11.22.2012 , 09:52 PM | #32
Voidstar...... On my assassin low level pvp. mainly winning it on my own usually by ninjaing the doors....well this one match, we had a newb marauder in there...all he knew was to leap and start pew pewing.....I'd sneak behind 2 of their door guards and take the doors....i'm the only imp on that side and after 6 secs into the bomb placement.. the moron comes down on that side...leaps in and pew pew and turns them towards the door like look at your door being capped........ I swear I saw the 8 sec but they got me in time. well. maybe he didn't see me there....we finally get through the first door...onto the second door.same guys defending...same bat time same bat channel/door etc ...force leap in hey look at your door it almost has a bomb on me just in time again...I flipped out. i'm surprised I didn't get permabanned for the names I called that idiot lol

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11.22.2012 , 10:48 PM | #33
I have to chuckle when a sorc tries to pull me out of trouble while carrying the ball....right into a fire pit..
Or at the start of Voidstar while defending, 7 enemies visibily going to the east, and all the defenders but me jump down to the west to kill that one lonely guy...