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Neo-crusader armor for cartel points

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Neo-crusader armor for cartel points

Acidstrider's Avatar

10.28.2012 , 02:40 PM | #1
I have been checking out the cartel points and many of the items and features you can get for them. It seems fair enough. I don't find anything wrong with it and I will continue subscribing after the games goes free to play, with the added bonus of a new RP item each month for my cartel points.

However as I went through the various armours and clothing in the market, I noticed a startling lack of Mandalorian armour. Ever sense the game launched there has been a lack of proper Mandalorian armour. Sure you can get rather close.
But as you can see on the picture it is far from the real thing. It looks like its been handed down a few to many times and I dread to imagine the smell.

So I was hoping there would be some kind of Mandalorian set on the cartel market. Sadly that was not the case. So I made this post in hopes that one or more might be added.

I imagine there are more than me who would like this, sense Mandalorian is the most popular thing to RP as a bounty hunter. Also I imagine it wouldn't take much effort to add it, sense it clearly is in the game!
You see NCP's walk around in it all the time. I don't even demand any special stats!

Just call it the Neo-crusader armor, with empty mod and armouring sockets and I'd buy it!
Where I feel I may be a bit greedy is in the colouring department. I myself would prefer a red armor. But I'd also like to see more colours. Still I'd imagine that wouldn't be to hard to do. I made these in a little under 5 minutes. So changing the colours of the original textures shouldn't be to hard.

If you would also like to see the Mandalorian neo-crusader armor added, let your voice be heard and comment on this thread!

LordExozone's Avatar

10.29.2012 , 04:24 AM | #2
This needs to happen! In addition to these sets, I'd also love to see one of the original neo-crusader sets from KOTOR in the store.
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Hambunctious's Avatar

10.29.2012 , 09:32 AM | #4
They'd need new helmets


Though SWG had some nice looking stuff as well.

YoshiRaphElan's Avatar

10.29.2012 , 02:05 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Hambunctious View Post
They'd need new helmets
True, but I guess you could technically call the generic Mandos in the game "modernized" Neo-Crusaders.

BenjaminminU's Avatar

10.29.2012 , 02:43 PM | #6
My mandalorian has a good set that resembles the real Beskar'gam,

TT-17A Hydra Helmet, The Foundry armor, and a high level chestpiece. (Mine has the White/ Pale Blue colour scheme, colour matched it looks pretty epic)
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YoshiRaphElan's Avatar

10.29.2012 , 04:12 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Acidstrider View Post
Give me the yellow (for me) and red (for Torian) and I'll never change my gear again!

TheSeventhJedi's Avatar

10.29.2012 , 06:25 PM | #8
I'd love for them to make this (or something like it) happen before I start my BH.
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Desolaytore's Avatar

10.30.2012 , 08:13 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by YoshiRaphElan View Post
Dooo iiiit!
Dooo Eeeet!! I want the black set!! :O
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tantesvart's Avatar

10.30.2012 , 10:59 AM | #10
Definetly supporting this thread! get us moar mando armour!