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10.25.2012 , 04:23 AM | #1
Greetings SWTOR community! I joined this game at the end of August 2012, with trial version, and played multiple characters to level 15 until the end of September, when I subscribed. I play on 'The Progenitor' server, as I really enjoy immersion, not rushing to endgame and RP. My favourite class is Trooper and Smuggler, but I love Jedi's too. Mostly play Republic side.
I used to play WoW for 2 years and I still play ocassionaly LotRO and DDO.
I ran away from WoW because it became extremely ezmode and constantly dumbed down. Story was ruined too. They stopped caring for the game and only for their subs.
I love the leveling experience in this game, and I love all the heroic quests, space missions and various different activities with which you can level up. The leveling speed is just perfect, it's not too slow neither too fast (unlike in WoW). The story is extremely well written and all the missions are really fun. I also love groups of mobs and mob difficulty. Companions are nice addition too (I usually level without them). I'd also love if they add XP disabler in future to the game.
Community here seems much more friendlier even though sometimes it isn't, but it's far from WoW.

Looking forward to F2P for SWTOR, however I hope BW rethinks some of it's restrictions (mentioned in various threads, like action bars and basic features). I loved LotRO's system, where you earned Turbine Points (equal to Cartel Coins here) with in-game activities and unlocking stuff forever, no weekly passes. BW said they're thinking about letting us earn CC in game, and I really really hope they do.

All in all, I love how this game is so accessible without being dumbed down, and provides a quality experience for all players (just hope they rethink some of the F2P restrictions).

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10.25.2012 , 04:48 PM | #2
well nice to meet you! glad you're enjoying the game. i used to play LOTRO, but it kinda got a little boring after having played SWTOR. i really liked that game too.
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10.25.2012 , 07:38 PM | #3
Indeed after SWTOR LotRO isn't so immersive anymore. They also got too obtuse with their Cash Shop, promting you to buy stuff all the time, gets boring after a while.
Thanks for your reply.