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[Guide] Sentinel PvP

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02.26.2012 , 07:17 PM | #201
You dont understand the playstyle of Focus.

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02.26.2012 , 07:29 PM | #202
Quote: Originally Posted by Mahdii View Post
You dont understand the playstyle of Focus.
Meh, that's probably fair. The Focus tree buffs accuracy after all. Still, the numbers don't appear to be on your side if you want to claim that Dual Wield Mastery makes for a significant change in DPS output.
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02.26.2012 , 07:50 PM | #203
Then we have three available talents to use. Got to get into tier two of the talents in the Combat tree. So putting two talents in the talent Defensive Forms is worthwhile in your opinion?

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02.26.2012 , 08:05 PM | #204
Quote: Originally Posted by Mahdii View Post
Then we have three available talents to use. Got to get into tier two of the talents in the Combat tree. So putting two talents in the talent Defensive Forms is worthwhile in your opinion?

Really? you see second tier of Combat as necessary for Focus? What is so good in second tier that you take it over Quick Recovery and/or Focused Slash? The 30% AoE damage reduction is (to me) the most worthwhile thing in that tier, and for me personally it pales in comparison to what amounts to 1 less focus cost on Slash and Dispatch. There's also the fact that Zen for Focus then generates 1 focus per slash, and while it is often not used in favor of transcendence, it's still something to think about.

I didn't mean to sound like a jerk with my initial sentence, and I realize it may have come off that way. I'm just genuinely curious which talent you find mandatory for a focus build in the second tier of the combat tree.
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02.27.2012 , 12:04 AM | #205
If slash is used outside of Zen then you didnt manage your CD's correctly. Focused Leap is the second tier talent needed in the combat tree.

When used correctly(ideally) you can get off a bladestorm after your first force sweep before beginning the rotation for the next force sweep.

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03.05.2012 , 07:59 PM | #206
Great guide and excellent keybinding setup, I was looking for a more efficient setup and you have a great layout!
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03.06.2012 , 08:46 PM | #207
I wish I could convert this into a marauder guide. But I dont have to in actuality. Although the mara guide thats stickied is helpful it mostly seems to concentrate on pve and kinda leaves pvpers at a loss.

i've found a mirror page with all the abilities and tree skills, its been a slow process but im starting to learn the sentinal abilities so I can understand anni spec finally. I'm going to use your spec from here out as i practice and get better.

- from a pvp rage mara who wants to be a good pvp anni mara - thanks much.

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03.10.2012 , 04:53 PM | #208
Awesome information! Cheers!

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03.11.2012 , 11:08 PM | #209
Have not read all the responses so perhaps someone else has pointed this out...

But the 'rotations' section for combat spec is very poor and would not give you very good results (is this why so many people think combat spec is bad? they just dont understand it?)

Anyway if you would like to update this section to include 2 vital sequences of abilities that any combat spec sentinel will rely on...

1: Zen+Relic+Adrenal > Precision Slash > Blade Rush > Blade Storm > Blade Rush x 5 (somewhere in the last 5, a strike or zealous may be needed unless spec'd Rebuke gives some additional focus in)

2: Precision Slash > Master Strike > Blade Storm/Blade Rush (If an ataru has fired during the master strike/precision slash, hit Blade Storm, if not, Blade Rush then Blade Storm.

1 will depend on high focus before it starts, 2 will only need 6 focus

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03.30.2012 , 02:29 PM | #210
So I read a good bit and have been wanting to dive into PVP around level 20ish, but was unsure about an important bit of PVP, Gear.

Is there a starter set of pvp gear for purchase with credits, or do you slog it out in PVE gear until you get the points to start buying gear?

Or are there alternatives to starting PVP gear that would be recommended?