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<Infernal Harvest> - recruiting for PVE endgame!

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<Infernal Harvest> - recruiting for PVE endgame!

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10.15.2012 , 11:33 AM | #1
Infernal Harvest

"Enemies will fall. Planets will Burn.
The Reaping is here.
The time has come... for the Infernal Harvest."

Name: Infernal Harvest
Server: Jung Ma (RP/PvP)
Alignment: Sith Empire
Focus Type: PvE & Progression end-game Operations, 16-man & 8-man raids
Leader(s): Guild Leaders: Niccii, Timmothy; Officers: Gloom, Spidera, ChaÚs
Recruiting: Semi-Open, level 55's preferred, but all levels are welcome to join. Full Membership is earned through a Candidate process.
Classes/Roles/Races: All
Voice-chat: Mumble required for Invite
Timezone/Raiding Times: Eastern, Multiple raids run Every evening throughout the week, Typically at 9pm eastern.
Roster: 220+ characters, roughly 120+ active accounts (within last 14 days). No specific activity requirements, however, dismissal if character inactivity over 30 days.

Who we are
"Infernal Harvest" is a Secret Society Themed, Empire-Factioned guild on Jung Ma server. Our "public" persona is that of a wealthy Trading Corporation, which serves as our public front and helps finance our various missions and operations to gain power and influence.

Our focus is primarily on PVE and End-Game content such as operations and Progression ops.

Our History
Initially created as simply a leveling guild, Infernal Harvest originated from Ajunta Pall server since early release in Dec. 2011. Our leadership team, "Niccii" and "Timm" (then known as former main character "Alann") joined up with a raiding guild where they gained valuable experience and were part of the core team that successfully cleared all prior difficulties of End-Game raiding content, such as Hard-Mode Explosive Conflict.

"Timm" and "Niccii" later decided to take their experience and knowledge of end-game content to re-establish "Infernal Harvest" with a focus toward becoming a top PVE end-game guild.

Since transferring to Jung Ma in May of 2012, Infernal Harvest has grown into the largest active and successful PVE-focused guild on server.

In November of 2012, Infernal Harvest decided to expand our theme beyond the "secret society" to include a "trading guild" persona as our public front. With that change came about a focus toward end-game crafting in addition to our raiding initiatives. Infernal Harvest developed into a recognized leader on Jung Ma for providing end-game crafting items to the public, and our Partners (full members) were among the best PVE-geared on server.

Going Forward
Infernal Harvest stands tall among the top progression guilds on Jung Ma server. With the release of the Expansion/2.0, we've achieved several Server First clears, and Infernal Harvest was the first Empire-side guild to have cleared all lvl 55 bosses on Hard-mode.

Current Progression (5/15/13):
8-man HM Scum & Villainy 7/7 Bosses - (First Empire-side Guild with Full Clear)
16-man HM Scum & Villainy 6/7 Bosses
8-man SM Scum & Villainy 7/7 Bosses - (Server First Full Clear)
16-man SM Scum & Villainy 7/7 Bosses

8-man HM TFB (lvl 55 version) 5/5 Bosses - (Server Firsts on Bosses 1-4)
16-man HM TFB (lvl 55 version) 5/5 Bosses - (Server Firsts on Bosses 2 , 3 & 5)

8-man SM TFB (lvl 55 version) 5/5 Bosses
16-man SM TFB (lvl 55 version) 5/5 Bosses

8-man HM "Golden Fury" 1/1 World Boss {Furious Title} - (Server First Clear)
8-man SM "Golden Fury" 1/1 World Boss - (Server First Clear)
16-man SM "Golden Fury" 1/1 World Boss

And we're not done yet! We're now focusing our efforts toward progression operations with an emphasis on 16-man raiding groups, providing even more raiding opportunities for those capable to raid throughout the week.

A "Big Fish in a Small Pond"
One of the main reasons players join Infernal Harvest is that we are the largest active and successful PVE-focused raiding guild on our fairly low-population server. With over 220+ individual characters in guild and over 120+ of which are active accounts, regardless of how light Fleet's population is, there is almost always somebody online and capable to do something with in the guild.

Unlike some big guilds, we try to get to know all of our members and use a large mumble voice-chat server for all group content. Despite the numbers, you won't get lost in the crowd if you're willing to actively participate in guild events...and we've got plenty of them. We run multiple 8-man raids almost every night throughout the week to satisfy our large player base, from starter raids up to progression-difficulty ops. With the launch of the Expansion/ 2.0, Infernal Harvest has expanded into multiple 16-man raids as well, giving even more opportunities for everyone capable to raid throughout the week.

We pride ourselves on developing a mature and disciplined progression raiding group while also providing the chance for up-in-coming guild members to improve themselves with new gear and experience raiding content. Infernal Harvest is always looking to add more to our ranks to teach those who are interested in being effective with their class, successfully downing bosses, and clearing new content.

Organized Raiding
Another reason players join Infernal Harvest is because we offer a highly-organized yet simple schedule for raiding almost every day throughout the week. Each night we schedule some sort of raid, and attempt to form up a 16-man operation to give as many potential raiders a chance to raid as possible. When more demanding content is planned, an alternative raid is typically scheduled concurrently to provide an opportunity for less geared or experienced members to raid while other members are conquering harder content. So no matter what your current gear is like, or how much experience you have, if you're interested in doing raiding content and willing to put in the effort to progress further, then there's likely going to be something to do throughout the week with Infernal Harvest.

Our Approach to Raid Invites
We've established what we feel is a fairly laid-back approach toward raid invites. For all non-progression difficulty raids we simply require members to be on mumble voice chat and available roughly 30 minutes before raid time, and then we invite based on need and current ability. It's that simple. No raid signups, clique-ish inviting, or locked out pre-established teams. If you want to raid and have done your homework on the basics, then you're likely to be raiding in one of our multiple raids throughout the week. If you can't make a time, no worries, we'll fill with another member.
This policy has been widely successful for many months now and our members have greatly enjoyed the freedom to raid on their terms when they're available without the pressure that comes with raid signups. For more difficult or progression content we also allow all members the opportunity to prove themselves capable. There are no "locked" groups in Infernal Harvest. If a member is deemed capable they could get in on the hardest content in-game very quickly on one of our multiple raids throughout the week.

Not Just Raiding!
Our members do just about everything and are extremely active. We run HM flashpoints daily, level alts, and participate in "lowbie" PVP and sometimes regular PVP. Also, we have a Republic presence with our sister guild, "Force of Will", if you are interested in sometimes raiding on the other side.

Additional things we offer:
  • Guild Bank filled with plenty of consumables, crafting materials, etc.
  • Generous repairs for Partners (full Members)
  • Website updated regularly with highly-active forums
  • Organized Operations schedule with raids EVERY night throughout the week
  • Large Mumble Voice-chat server
  • Knowledgeable Operations Leaders/Officers and mentoring

If you would be interested in joining us, please click here. or feel free to contact one of our Guild Leaders and/or Officers in-game by looking for "Niccii", "Timmothy", "Spidera", or "Gloom", or contact any guild member to get you in touch with an officer alt.
Timmothy "Timm" Marek - Juggernaut Tank
Guild Leader

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10.21.2012 , 01:31 PM | #2
I joined Infernal Harvest a month ago now looking for a guild with PVE content.I found this and a whole lot more.Not only do I get a chance to do FPs daily with clannies we do Operations nightly.I love the fact that you can raid when you want and there is no set time you have to be there at any time.I have been able to gear up my 4 50s now and even most of me pets with top notch gear from raiding and our great crafters we have that are always seeking new great patterns for the clan.

I have also found some great friends in the guild.They are always willing to help with everything from a team to play with to tips on how to be the best geared and most efficient player I can be.

I am very happy with my choice to join them and would not hesitate to recommend joining to others looking for a top notch guild.

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10.22.2012 , 10:10 AM | #3
We are flattered Infernal Harvest chose to use our "Guild Progression" design/setup for their Recruitment Thread. It's a good setup, if I do say so myself. Happy to know I chose the more favorable Progression design for ours.

Happy raiding, Infernal Harvest!

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10.22.2012 , 10:43 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Aldamar View Post
We are flattered Infernal Harvest chose to use our "Guild Progression" design/setup for their Recruitment Thread. It's a good setup, if I do say so myself. Happy to know I chose the more favorable Progression design for ours.

Happy raiding, Infernal Harvest!
Yeah, lol, when updating our own recruitment post I've tried to keep the design flow consistent with other top guild's layout; my apologies i figured that's what we're supposed to do. And I don't mind admitting when I saw your progression design I figured I should probably add that also (although with some minor tweaks i might add).
Regardless, we're glad to be part of the raiding community on Jung Ma, alot of our guys have mentioned if they ever leveled up Republic Alts they'd want to join Remnants of Hope for sure!

Side note -- I'm also glad we've been able to successfully work together, even though we're Republic and Empire guilds on a PVP server, and allow each other to do Nightmare Pilgrim each week without ganking each other...well except that one time...sorry about that hehe, jk
Timmothy "Timm" Marek - Juggernaut Tank
Guild Leader

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10.22.2012 , 12:46 PM | #5
No worries at all. Glad to be of assistance!

It has been a pleasant experience working together successfully, as you mentioned, without having to result to childish behavior that's most certainly not wanted. We are glad both groups are able to make it work to achieve success!

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10.24.2012 , 04:16 PM | #6
I joined Infernal Harvest a couple of months ago and have even risen to becoming an officer of this great guild. This guild prides itself on running a lot of PVE content and a little bit of PVP content. The guild also, tries to get everyone who joins the guild a chance to run all PVE content except for those taht have a higher level of armor and experience which runs through the recent HM Terror From Beyond. I am currenlty running HM Terror From Beyond with others that are of the most experience. You should join the guild also, for the friendly community that we have, we have a mumble account and it allows us to better know our fellow guildies.

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10.28.2012 , 10:20 AM | #7
Currently we are looking for anyone capable to run with us for HM TFB or HM EC and future progression.

Specifically we're looking for skilled Healers and Tanks, but we're always happy to recruit skilled DPS to rotate in as well.

Perhaps your guild never raids anymore? Maybe you've got only half a group to do content and would like to get back into raiding? WE WANT YOU FOR RAIDS!

Join Infernal Harvest!
All are welcome to join no matter your class or current gear. We'll gear you up!

If you're looking for a laid-back group that's organized to provide enough raid opportunities to accommodate both the casual raider along with the serious progression players; with one of the largest guild player bases on a light-population server, then we're the guild for you!

Join us Today!
Timmothy "Timm" Marek - Juggernaut Tank
Guild Leader

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11.01.2012 , 05:16 PM | #8

I have been playing MMO's since the release of Everquest. I have been a casual gamer as well as a GM/Raid leader for a hard core raiding guild. I left WoW to come to Star Wars when it was released. I came to SWTOR looking for a MMO that I can play with friends and yet also play a game that I can enjoy as a single player. At first SWTOR fit the roles very well. However, most of my friends have now left the game and I am down to one last character story to play through. So honestly it seemed I would be done with this game in a few weeks as well. Donít get me wrong, I do really enjoy end game raiding/operations. Problem is that my current family life and career are just not conducive to being a raider.

So with that being said, I found myself in a HM FP one night with two members of Infernal Harvest. It was an awesome run and I was invited to come along with them to run an Ops. I joined their Ops team and logged onto their Mumble server. To my surprise, once again I had a great time. They were quite funny and yet serious as well. There was no screaming by the leadership. There was no loot drama at all. And they took time to teach the fights and help with suggestions to make it easier depending on your class. Within a few days both my main and my alt were in the guild. And a few days later I added my PVP character as well.

The guild does not mind that I am only able to play a few nights a week. Honestly the guild has given me far more than I feel that I have contributed. I enjoy that when I can get on and play, there seems to always be something I can participate in. The guild members seem to always be doing something. Even PVP is fun with these guys. Win or loose I have a good time.

So anyway, If you are looking for a place to belong and have fun you should talk to one of our many members. You will find you spend less time waiting for something to happen and more time just having a good time. We have Tanks and DPS that absolutely know what they are doing. Healers that keep you alive and fighting. And what elseÖ Oh yea! Crafting. We have an Angel. What does that mean? We have an Angel that can pretty much craft anything you need. And If for some reason she does not have what you want right now? Give it a week! Haha.

This guild is great and makes itself about its members. And that is hard to do especially on a game and server that is loosing people everyday. So if you are looking for something. This guild just might be what you are looking for.
It was for me. And it is why I am still Playing the game.


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11.02.2012 , 02:15 PM | #9

I joined Infernal Harvest about two months ago when my old guild started to fall apart. I had seen this guild around various flashpoints and most of the members were very helpful and quite skilled. So, I decided to join to get better. The main aspect that attracted me was there raid schedule. They are regularing working at completing the end game raids, as well as still helping newer members get skills and gear through the mid/lower range raids.

Most of the players have several different toons, so you can always find people to do flashpoints and PUG raids for BH Comms.

In the time that I have been here, I have felt accepted and nicely encouraged to develop my playstyle and skills. The officers have been very helpful and knowledgable.

If you decide to join, make sure you ask Ice-Blade or Naetti about their rail shots.

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11.02.2012 , 09:08 PM | #10

I joined this Guild a little over a month. Towards the end of my military career I began to have more time to play . While doing random HM FP's with a couple Infernal Harvest players, I was invited upon asking about any good PVE/PVP endgame guilds. Since the moment I was invited into the Mumble chatroom and into the guild, I have met everyone ranging from the Guild Leader/Officers to the regular members who were all very kind, helpful, mature and at the same time had the couple "funny ******e" guys who always brighten up your day. Aside from that there has not been a time anyone has not taken the time to help and take me along with many others under their wings providing guidance to being a better player. In the end I am very happy to be in such a guild with many friendly guys and gals.

A proud and loyal Infernal Harvest member,
Schilia of the Keitz Legacy