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Are Operatives good at pvp dps, stupide question but i have to ask

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Are Operatives good at pvp dps, stupide question but i have to ask

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10.11.2012 , 11:41 AM | #21
The amount of damage they've done to me while stunned is outrageous. Even the sound effects as they stab me in the back repeatedly while I'm helpless add to the feeling of dread as I watch more than half my health disappear in a flash.

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10.11.2012 , 12:02 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Laforet View Post
Very hard, yes.

Im not an Operative but i talk a lot with good ones and i play with one of them in RWZs.

Concealment dps is... thought. Its hard to pickup but even when you pick it up youre still a niche class.

"Niche"? Why?

You see you are capable of doing high amount of damage coming out of stealth and you are a decent duelist (1v1er) if you play your cards right, but in any group battle (3v3 or more), which are the most common type of counter in any RWZ, you get lit up and destroyed once you come out of stealth, that is the true fact.

- Decent burst dps coming out of stealth, but still lower burst than well played maras or ptechs, plus the fact that they dont need to come from stealth to do it and they will do it more frequently.
- Laughtable damage when the stealth openers are gone.
- Decent 1v1 capability, if you open right.
- Poor 1v1 capability, if you let yourself out of stealth or if anyone opens on you (even a smart healer).
- Unreliable in group fights, because you die faster than the other dps classes when focused, with little to no defense (your defensive cooldowns evasion and absorb probe arent up to par with mara / ptech dmg reduction shields and you will literaly be lit like you are covered with gasoline).

So if you like to play some solo gank, small group fights or hit and run from big battles, you might like concealment operative.

Unfortunately, with the current WZ layout / meta game, the opportunities to make the difference as a concealment operative are too few IMO, but its a nice class which takes a lot of skill to master and you can have fun and help you team with it.
i disagree with a lot of what you say here. but that's probably because I've been playing my oper a lot lately, gearing him out. I really don't want to go point by point on what you've said but as an oper I can tell you don't understand the class. also there are a lot of opers who have been playing for a long time and have gone sour on the class. it is tough to get an honest opinion from these folks because they have seen a lot of negative class changes. i have a guildie who turned sour when 1.3 hit (relics go bye bye), once he couldn't hit for 6k he didn't like it anymore.

I feel like I have to mention this one here "- Laughable damage when the stealth openers are gone."

What do you mean by stealth openers? There is only one opener and it has a companion attack that doesn't use stealth, backstab. backstab is used more in a WZ than hidden strike (stealth opener). They both apply acid blade, they both allow for lacerate/collateral strike procs. that means that stealth opener damage is the same (all things considered) as the non stealth rotation.

and i have to say this is one of the first posts that I've seen that says conceal isn't a good 1v1 class... decent and poor.

to the OP, this class is very fun but it's not easy. out of my 50s I would say it's the most difficult to play effectively. but that's why I currently find it to be the most fun.

Of my 50s, my opinion, Easiest to most difficult:
Rage Jugg (highest damage)
Madness Sorc (most utility)
Conceal Oper (great at objective play)
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10.11.2012 , 02:40 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by TheronFett View Post
Nowadays it's slim pickins for an Operative. I enjoy playing mine because it's challenging, but you have to pick your targets carefully. Operatives fail pretty hard under focus fire, so you have to stay on the fringe edge of the fight. Get in, wreck face, get out. Staying out of stealth for too long = dead.
Pretty much how you do it and why I've stuck with my Op since beta, even through all the nerfs. (Heck I remember when Acid Blade was just a gimped melee attack and not the AP buff/DoT it is today) Its' probably one of the most challeging classes to play now to be effective. Once you're in full aug'd EWH/WH it makes a huge difference in both damage and suvivablility though. I usually try to stick with healers and ranged dps and drop them out of the fight first, since that hampers the other team the most. If you hit an equally skilled and geared PT or Guard with all his abilities off cooldown you'll may get mashed more often then not. Also Mara/Sents can be very challenging until you work out some good strategies and rotations.

You can put up some good DPS totals in stuff like Voidstar when you have a constant stream of opponents charging the door you're guarding, and you can cap off Oribital Strike when it's up. You won't top the tables a lot of times though unless you're Lethality spec, but what you gain in AoE you loose in up front single target burst. We are an assassin class and should be played as such.

Be smart and pick you're targets and fights. You'll know you are doing good when people QQ and throw lame insults at you in /say during the WZ. Even better when they log onto their Imp toon just to flame or hate mail you after you destroyed thier Rep in the WZ.

Btw Theron, Good fights last night in those imp vs. imp WZ pops.

Quote: Originally Posted by SovereignConvict View Post
I thought they'd nerfed the ability for Operatives to keep someone stun locked that long, but apparently it's back. He was a fully geared opponent, but I have to wonder if he was using something else to keep me stunned that long or to increase his DPS.
You're feeling the effects of the new resolve changes they put in place. It's much easier to keep someone locked up now, and if your CC breaker is on cooldown you're screwed.

Quote: Originally Posted by CharterMonkKent View Post
i have a guildie who turned sour when 1.3 hit (relics go bye bye), once he couldn't hit for 6k he didn't like it anymore.
Fully aug'd and geared you can still come close sometimes. People don't seem to take into account the AB DoT. It ticks through fast, mine I think says its around 2.1k on the tooltip. 2.5-5k HS + 6 sec 2-3.5k DoT depending on crits. If you roll with 2pc PvE set bonus, backstab will hit almost just as hard. I see a lot of ops/scoun use BS right after HS too and that is where they loose the chance to apply a second full round of ticks of the AB DoT.