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Unable to launch application error fix

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Unable to launch application error fix

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10.03.2012 , 08:18 PM | #1
for those who have had no solution to this problem.

1. launch windows into safe mode with networking

2. launch the game

3, On the far left of the launcher you will see a gear cog-wheel icon, for file repair, hit that after you wait for the quick loading bar update.

4. run the file repair and let it run it;s course.

5, after the file repair ends do not hit play, you are still in safe mode and hitting play will kick the file repair out, you must hit exit on the launcher when all loading-bar activity finishes.

6. reboot your pc, now your game will run, but this will not fix the launcher it will continue to give errors in the future and following these steps will get you into the game, until a bioware solution is found.

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