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(bug) Stow aways on smuggler's ships

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(bug) Stow aways on smuggler's ships

Gomla's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 06:15 AM | #31
Haven't had anyone on my Smugs ship yet but when i'm in an instanced area I do sometimes see floating lightsabers.

Saiaku's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 06:24 AM | #32
I see random people on my smuggler's ship all the time nowadays :/
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Orlesian's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 06:34 AM | #33
Heh, the last couple of days my Smuggler ship has been busy with uninvited guests. Wierd but funny, the general chat is hilarious at those times.
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kidatwood's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 06:44 AM | #34
this was going on a couple months back BW corrected it but now it seems to be back. they cant access your stuff.

Vlacke's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 06:55 AM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by lklinga View Post
Well smugglers are so hot every lady wants ride in their ship
Pretty much this.
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