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(bug) Stow aways on smuggler's ships

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(bug) Stow aways on smuggler's ships

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09.27.2012 , 01:00 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by royba View Post
So, was on my ship not in a group, saw a Jedi and her companion wanderin around on it. I couldn't target her or Kira. She was wandering all over my ship, apparently stuck. Asked in general if any one else had a stow away, and people responded by asking her name, was the same character on all of the 16+ smugglers on their ships at the time. She finally used her emergency pass and removed herself from all of our ships..was a strange event, I would have posted this in a bugs forum..but can't find one. Anyone else have anything like this happen before? this happened on The Shadowlands server 9/29/2012 at approx 9:45 pm est.
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09.27.2012 , 06:07 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by JediNg View Post
Except that when someone accesses 'your' cargo bay, it actually accesses theirs.

The more you know.
I assumed that initially until I thought could be some type of crossover hack so to speak

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09.27.2012 , 06:18 AM | #23
I had 2 stowaways and their companions dancing naked on my bridge. Reported their names with my ticket.

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09.27.2012 , 06:31 AM | #24
They weren't actually on "YOUR" ship.

Read the reply I made on page 2 ( 3rd from the bottom )

They were in a "Empty Instance" of every [ insert your class ] class's ship.

In this empty instance, there are no clickables. No cargo hold, no exit, no nothing.
So, unless they use their "Emergency Fleet Pass" they're stuck in this empty instance.

See also :
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09.27.2012 , 06:45 AM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by SpazCats View Post
lol! Reading these posts, I am too!

It figures that my companions weren't guarding the ship at all... probabaly all having another nap!
You know, that wouldn't be first uninvited guest that sneaks into smuggler ship despite someone guarding it.

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11.16.2012 , 11:40 PM | #26
I just left Fleet and traveled to Taris on my smuggler's ship. Upon arriving I had a PVP Jedi dancing on my bridge main console. I was unable to interact with him, so I landed then re-entered my ship. I went back to the bridge and he was gone. I looked in the chat box and found "Scryptonite dances excitedly" in orange lettering. Hhhhmmmm....

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11.20.2012 , 09:29 PM | #27
there are a few peoepl on my ship now, they also appear to be the other smugglers ships too at the same time
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11.22.2012 , 04:29 AM | #28
Just saw a trooper running around on my smuggler's ship Bizarre.

Edit: and no I can't click on him to see what his name is.

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11.22.2012 , 04:55 AM | #29
Well smugglers are so hot every lady wants ride in their ship

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11.22.2012 , 05:40 AM | #30
This is not really new, It's happened off and on ever since Beta actually- basically what usually happens is they were with someone on " friends" ship, and said friend leaves the ship or disconnects or other things similar, and the other person is literally stuck in a " ghost instance" - which translates to them being a " ghost"

Same thing pretty much happened with 1.4 with people getting stuck on the Defender, I had ghost people bouncing around my quarters for nearly a week.
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