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Formal Request of the Galactic Underworld (IC)

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Formal Request of the Galactic Underworld (IC)

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09.23.2012 , 09:49 AM | #11
Crimson Flames
The sith cut down his men one by one. His lightning killing them as they screamed in agony. Tharbine lunged and grabbed his pistol firing several shots at the sith. "Die!" he shouted.

The sith spun around and caught the bolts in his hands. He smiled meanly, his mouth opened. "Wake up captain!" He said.

Tharbine woke up in a cold sweat. "What the kriff!!" he yelled as he leapt out of bed.

A small human boy stood in the doorway. "The master told me to wake you. He said that it was important, and that you should come right away. I'm sorry if I disturbed you sir."

"Tell your master to let me rest next time Jorm" Tharbine said pulling a shirt over his head.

"Yes sir" Jorm said then hustled out.
************************************************** ************************************************** ****************************
Tharbine looked around the bridge, there was Rexia, the cyborg pilot, typing furiously on a datapad. Ortiris, the twi'lek doctor and cook, was lounging in a chair gazing into hyperspace. Baxant and Aurryi, the rattataki couple, had their arms over each other while Aurryi checked to make sure they were on course. Tharbine smiled gently, his crew had become a family over the years.

Rexia looked up from her datapad. "Hey boss, found something you might like!" She called out to him.

"New job offer, and you won't believe the money involved" Ortiris said smiliy greedily.

"Don't leave me hanging" Tharbine said and walked over them. Rexia showed him the datapad.

"300 thousand? For a statue?" Tharbine said not believing it.

"Must be a trap" Baxant said coming to join them.

"Yeah, way too good to be true" Aurryi chimed in.

"If it is a trap then we'll have some fun!" Rexia said excitedly and began typing the coordinates for Coruscant.

"Not so fast" Tharbine said "It says that the bartender at Club Vertica knows the phrase. So lets go get some info".

"Great idea captain" Baxant said smiling.

"Ugh, fine" Rexia said then changed to coordinates to Nar Shaddaa. "Lets go".

Crimson Flames leapt into hyperspace.
(OOC: These are the only members of the the Crimson Flame, Tharbine will only have one with him at a time)
Tharbine Valros, Mandolore's Chosen--Darth Xodrai Valros-- Captain Carturio Valros-

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09.23.2012 , 06:06 PM | #12
Original post by Gelious.
“Ghost Shadow”, high orbit above Coruscant

The most important stage of any infiltration is the preparations. Because if something goes wrong during the mission itself, there is not much you can do in response without breaking your cover.

That’s what the Hutts had taught Serlynne on Nar Shaddaa, and that was the way she liked it. Plus, they held numerous training missions of infiltration back then, and those who got themselves repeatedly caught suffered severe punishments. Actually, if Serlynne’s memory served her right, several children even were killed, much to her disappointment. Because in her mind, the concept of killing one for his failings was far more idiotic compared to the concept of letting the one learning from his mistakes. It was also very ineffective way of managing the human resources. How could the Hutts, who were so very practical, not see it?

Perhaps I was supposed to feel pity for the victims instead?

Only she didn’t. That was burnt out from Serlynne a long time before the Hutts, in the orphanage. It was there, where the young girl had to quickly learn the hard truth: compassion makes you weak, dependable, ready to be easily manipulated by others, who doesn’t have this weakness.

-Give me your food or your little friend here dies!

Serlynne pushed the memories aside. It wasn’t like her, to dwell on the past. There was nothing for the assassin there, only hard lessons and disappointments.

And now she was preparing to infiltrate Coruscant – a delicate goal, which took several steps to achieve without causing future complications.

Step one - the documents. This one was easy: Serlynne always had a two sets of forgeries in advance – one for the Republic’s authorities, other for the Imperials. Because you never know when the need will arise to kill someone inside hostile territory.

Step two – appearance. Serlynne’s facial features had to match her portrait on her forged ID and mismatch her photo in the warrant for her arrest.

The assassin sighed. Of course she could try to use digital mask, but if the scan, performed by Republic Security Forces would pick it up, she will be knee deep in trouble. The masquerade had to seem natural. So Serlynne cut her hair short and changed it’s colour to blond. She also used her vast arsenal of cosmetics to make her face seem a little older.

Step three – clothes. There, where she was going, Serlynne’s usual suit of black leather would seem terribly out of place. So she ditched it in favor of more formal outfit. However, the assassin decided to keep her armor on her. This mission was supposed to be a peaceful one, but you never know… Besides, it would do nice with Serlynne’s new cover.

Step four – weapons. Serlynne was equipped with her dual pistols and a knife-talisman. The guns, naturally were a part of the cover, while the knife was just that - a talisman of good fortune… and a reminder of what happens with beings, who dare to cross her. Plus, the assassin was still taking her other weapons with her in a separate case.

Step five – cover. It took her nearly half of an hour to hack into Republic Security Forces’ mainframe on Coruscant, using a small backdoor that Serlynne left there exclusively for such cases. The rest was simple – to arrange a transfer of a new worker to the bulding where the artifact was kept and create a fake ID for herself, using the data from Serlynne’s own arrest warrant.

Pity I am the only one who can appreciate the irony of the situation. When guys at SIS will find out, they are gonna be really pissed at me.

Of course she realized, that this cover won’t last long, but it was never meant to be deep in the first place. All Serlynne had to do was to get in, slice into the building’s camera systems, attach a very small tracking device to the artifact and get out, letting her rivals to do the job, preferably killing each other in process.

Step six – transport. Serlynne wasn’t going to take her own ship to one of the Coruscant’s spaceports – it was an unnecessary risk. She would use “Ghost Shadow” small personal shuttle instead. It was a rather uncomfortable vessel, but matters of safety had to always come before personal comfort - another valuable lesson from the Hutts.

Serlynne was just finishing re-checking her equipment when a thought suddenly hit her.

Is it worth it? Am I really going to risk my life, freedom and steady relations with Republic just to see some strangers wreaking havoc because of the job I would normally decline?

Serlynne paused, uncertain, contemplating all the possible complications… and then went ahead with the preparations for the departure.

Yes, I am. Because as dangerous as this mission can be, it will be an interesting challenge, and if I wasn’t the one for taking challenges, I would have never survived in that orphanage. This is who I am, and nothing is gonna change it.

With this thought as a comfort, Serlynne picked up the case with her spare gear and went to her personal shuttle.
Tharbine Valros, Mandolore's Chosen--Darth Xodrai Valros-- Captain Carturio Valros-

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09.26.2012 , 01:51 PM | #13
Quick thanks to Gelious for a imaginative way to let everyone know what they're up against.


The headquarters of the Republic Security Forces on Coruscant turned out to be inside a large, inconspicuous, blue building, rather rusted on the outside like the rest of Coruscant after the Sith attack. Serlynne abandoned the speeder she rented at the spaceport and approached the main entrance – a set of durasteel double doors, which slid to the sides when she came closer. The assassin didn’t fail to notice two armed guards on both sides of the doors and a camera above them. She smiled politely to the objective and entered the building.

Always act natural to avoid unnecessary suspicions. Another main rule of the infiltration process, courtesy of the Hutts.

Inside Serlynne’s first stop was a checkpoint near the entrance – a man behind the counter inside a glass cabin, busy with some documents in front of him.

"Hello," said Serlynne, reaching out to the man with fake ID in her hand, "I am Aziure Lyris, I was sent here to check your security systems. Please verify my documents so I could proceed."

"All right," replied the man, "Wait a few seconds, please."

He took her ID and brought it close to his datapad, obviously comparing information on it with what he saw on the screen.

Serlynne could have told him that it would be an exact match, thanks to her hacking skills, but that would be counterproductive to her mission here.

"All right, everything seems to be in order," finally said the man, "You may pass, but don’t forget to check with our station in High Security Section, if you need an access there too."

Great. Another checkpoint, probably a more serious one. This guys definitely know how to keep people out.

Serlynne nodded, took her ID and went forward, pretending to look into her datapad for directions. In truth, she already knew where she had to go – she memorized the path, while looking on the building’s schematics that Serlynne got from the hacked mainframe.

And so the assassin went through the maze of the corridors to find a turbolift, which would take her to the entrance of the High Security Section. Serlynne took certain efforts to look competent and completely oblivious to her surroundings while secretly studying them for traps, sensors and other unwanted complications.

She didn’t find much. There were guards posted in pairs on both sides of the corridor through regular intervals in each passage, many cameras, and what looked like heat sensors and security scanners. Also checkpoints, lots of them. Some of them Serlynne passed without so much a side glance from the various security personnel that were stationed there, while other stations once again requested her ID. If there was any system in such behavior, Serlynne failed to notice it.

So far pretty standard secure measures. I wonder how their High Security looks like.

Finally Serlynne found a turbolift, which took her several levels below, right to the entrance to High Security Section. Unsurprisingly, there was a checkpoint here. Another counter, with a window above it, only this time it opened into a big room full of computer terminals and people sitting in front of them. One of them approached the viewpoint.

"What do you want?" He asked coldly.

"Aziure Lyris," answered Serlynne evenly, "Here to check your security measures in High Security Section." She offered her ID, but the man ignored it.

"On whose authority?" he continued to interrogate Serlynne.

Well, here goes nothing.

"Rainbird, from SIS," replied Serlynne.

Rainbird was her contact as SIS, as well as the man she made a deal with. Serlynne knew that it was his real name, because that was one of the two conditions, under which she usually took the job from her clients – only real names, no aliases or anonymous contacts (the other condition being “half of the payment in advance”) Serlynne also knew that Rainbird held a pretty high rank at SIS, otherwise he woudn’t be able to provide the deal.

"Why weren't we told about it in advance?" wondered the man, looking at Serlynee with clear suspicion.

"Because it is an urgent matter," told him the assassin, letting a few angry notes into her voice, "According to the SIS, someone from the criminal underworld is ready to pay a large sum of money for one of the items you have here. SIS expecting at last 2 separate well-organized attempts to get past your defenses, and steal it. I am here to make sure your security measures haven’t been breached from inside. So, are you letting me in, or should I call Rainbird so he could show you his authority?"

"Fine, fine," finally gave up the guard, accepting her ID, "Wait a minute while I am checking your file in our system."

Indeed it took a few minutes – much longer than at the first checkpoint. Now Serlynne was more then ever glad she had such a good teachers on Nar Shaddaa – the assassin managed to temporary corrupt the search systems, so no matter how thorough the guard was, computers won’t be able to link Serlynne’s ID to her arrest warrant. The man still could do it manually though, but it required a lot of time and effort on his part. Serlynne doubted he was stubborn enough in his duties to do it.

"There, you all good to go," said the guard, returning her documents, "Shall I open the blast door now?"

"Not so fast," Serlynne stopped him, "Let me inside your Security Center first. I must make sure no one there had established an unauthorized connection to any of your terminals."

And to establish such a connection myself.

When Serlynne finally made into the room with terminals, she started to methodically check them from each side, before accessing any of them directly. She acted slowly enough to let other people grow accustomed to her presence so they started paying her less and less attention, until she was able to connect a very small datapad to the bunch of wires beneath and behind one of the terminals without risking to be discovered.

Excellent. Now I have access to their security feed.

While working with the terminals, Serlynne was also able to learn exactly in what room the artifact was stored and the code combination, necessary to open that door.

"I am done here," declared Serlynne, leaving the security center. "All your systems are safe and protected," she said to the guard, "Now, let me inside please."

"I should warn you, we got no idea what this thing is capable of. Heavy defenses are guarding it for now."

Heavy blast door slowly went up, allowing Serlynne to enter High Security Section. She crossed the threshold and went inside.

There was only one passage here – wide straight corridor evenly illuminated by the lights on the ceiling, with closed blast doors on both sides through regular intervals, each door had a long number engraved on it and a security panel to the right. Security measures here were outstanding – cameras, motion scanners, heat, pressure and movement sensors and guard droids in the alcoves between the blast doors. And if all this things were not enough, there were gun turrets hidden both in the floor and the ceiling, ready to unleash hell on any intruders.

Wow. Are they expecting Darth Malgus to try and rob them or something?

Luckily for Serlynne, her presence here was authorized, so she didn’t have to worry about being detected. Still, the assassin felt herself rather uneasy here, but tried her best to conceal it. For what seemed like an eternity to her, Serlynne pretended to study different sensors and scanners, slowly moving ahead the passage. When she reached her destination, Serlynne pressed a few buttons on her datapad. It was connected with the one, the assassin left in Security Center, and now it sent recordings from all the nearby cameras into infinite loop. For everyone who was watching their feed, Serlynne remained in the corridor, checking it’s security measures.

In reality, she was at the door, which led to the artifact. Serlynne quickly entered the code, that she learned in the Security Center and walked inside.

The target of her mission rested in the center of the large, well-lighted room on a pedestal, roughly on Serlynne’s chest level in a glass case. It was separated from the visitor by a laser grid.

Great. It just keeps getting better and better.

Serlynne stopped for a few minutes, observing the grid, noticing it’s patterns, while plotting the fastest and easiest way across. Then she started moving – slowly, gracefully, like a dancer or an acrobat, listening to the music that existed only in her head, moving her arms, legs and the body between, above and beneath the lasers until she reached the pedestal on the other side of the grid. Then Serlynne shrugged.

Pity no one saw me doing this. On the other hand, if they did, they would have to arrest me.

Now it was time to deal with the glass case. Fortunately it had a magnetic lock, which opened the moment Serlynne temporary redirected the power supporting it. She didn’t dare to cut it altogether, fearing that some sensor could be checking it’s existence, bound to raise the alarm if it was gone.

Only now Serlynne got the chance to see the artifact with her own eyes. Turned out it was some kind of a holocron with a few unknown symbols engraved on it’s sides. And although the way was free, Serlynne had no intention of taking the prize – it was quite possible that the holocron was standing on a pressure panel, so it’s removal would immediately raise the alarm.

Instead Serlynne produced a small package from one of her pockets, opened and emptied it in her palm. Inside was a tiny but powerful long-ranged transmitter, a souvenir from one of Serlynne’s grateful clients, who, she suspected, was a covert agent of the Empire.

But it didn’t matter now, what mattered, is that the transmitter could be hidden somewhere on the holocron, if only Serlynne could find a proper place for it. And she did – it fitted perfectly underneath one of the symbols on the left side of the artifact.

Wondering, just what info this strange holocron contained that it was worth 300 thousands credits, Serlynne closed the case, restored the power to the lock, and danced back to the room’s entrance.

The rest was easy – leave the room and let the door lock itself, enable the security cameras and walk back to the exit.

"It appears all the security measures are intact," reported Serlynne to the guard just in case, "However I may have to return soon to update some of the security programs in the Center. Have a nice day."

Nearly the same words she repeated to the guard who was stationed at the first checkpoint near the exit, before leaving the same way she entered and returning to her speeder.

Now, all I have to do is to wait for the actual thieves, whoever they will be.

Serlynne took her speeder just a couple levels up. As she learned from the HoloNet , there was a nice small lunchroom here, which offered tables on open air. The assassin ordered herself a quick snack and a cup of caf and visited a restroom, where she changed back into her usual clothes and made herself a new makeup. By the time she return to her table, the order was ready.

Now Serlynne was just sitting there, slowly drinking her caf and glancing on her datapad, which showed footage from the High Security Section, waiting for the real action to start.

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09.26.2012 , 04:14 PM | #14
Club Vertica Cantina, Nar Shaddaa
The couple waited outside patiently waiting for security to wave them in. The female fiddled with her datapad and flashed glances at the male every once in a while. The male crossed his arms and stared at the guard talking to an young twi'lek couple.
"Ok, next!" The guard shouted.
"Oh joy! We're ready!" The female cried in a imperial accent. She stowed her datapad and took her companion's hand. Together they walked up to the guard.
"Names?" The guard asked.
"Heruis and Valci Toroth" "Heruis" replied. He was a tall, muscular zabrak who was around six feet, and spoke in a rough accent. He wore the new formal outfit that had become all the rage.
"This is going to be so much fun Heruis!" "Valci" sighed. She was a slender human and was around 5" 9'. She wore a sleek, black dress and grey sunglasses.
"Heruis" handed over their I.Ds. The guard walked over to a computer and typed something in. "All clear!" He called and waved them in.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The lights flashed everywhere. Drunk men gambled all their money away and tried to flirt the ladies. The sober men walked out with their bags full of credits, and a women under their arm. The unbelievably weahtly members of the club had private suites upstairs. This was Club Vertica, the cantina of the rich, and the legalist place on Nar Shaddaa.
Tharbine took it all in. He couldn't imagine what it would be like if he had this kind of money. All my troubles would be solved. But, for now, I have work to do.
"We ready boss?" Rexia asked.
"Yes" Tharbine answered and together they walked towards the bar.
Tharbine sat down at chair, and spun to face they bar tender. Rexia stood behind him
The bartender was a fat zabrak who was cleaning up the remains of a spilt drink. The man kept flashing glances behind his back. He was clearly nervous. "A-anything I can help you with sir?" The bar tender stuttered.
"Actually, yes. I heard you know something about a statue?" Tharbine asked leaning in towards the bartender.
"Y-you have it already?! I-I m-mean, I know nothing of the sort!" The bartender said nervously.
"I'm pretty sure you do" Rexia said.
"Relax, we just want to know about your employer" Tharbine said kindly.
"I'm s-sorry then, I was just paid to contact him" The bartender stuttered.
"Kriff!" Tharbine said slaming his fist down on the table. "Looks like we'll have to run it blind then, Rex"
"Ughh, another waste of time. Now let's get out of her people are starting to stare" Rexia replied.
The two walked out, scowling.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Crimson Flames
Tharbine and Rexia boarded the ship clearly unhappy. "Set a course for Coruscant" Tharbine told Rexia.
"On it" She replied and jogged off to do that.
Ortiris walked up to Tharbine. "What happened down there Capt?" The twi'lek asked.
"He didn't know anything, we're running it blind" Tharbine sighed frustrated.
"You'll get us through it capt, you always have" With that Ortiris walked off.
He's right. We'll make it. We always have.
(OOC: Sorry about the spacing)
Tharbine Valros, Mandolore's Chosen--Darth Xodrai Valros-- Captain Carturio Valros-

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09.29.2012 , 11:44 AM | #15

"Ow, ow, ow, ouch. . ." Nayar grunted, slathering a small amount of kolto on the massive bruise on his eye. "I should be counting myself lucky, since I only got punched. It could have ended as bad as The Big Lady." He blinked repeatedly, watching as the purple mark slowly faded down to his normal skin color. He tenderly touched the area, grimacing when it still gave a few sparks of pain.

"Well don't keep poking at it. The swelling'll die down in its own time," Maneera scolded as she reached out to swat lightly at Nayar's hand. "Now come on! At this rate, everyone in the damn galaxy will have had a crack at getting into Security's evidence lockdown before we do."

"We can't just rush in, grinning like idiots. They've probably got a kriff-ton of security against that thing since the message," he pointed out.

"Okay, fine. What's our plan of attack?" she asked. "I don't have to get myself arrested again, do I?"

"Okay, never mind, I don't have a plan," Nayar sheepishly admitted, looking to the right.

"Kriffsake, Boss." Maneera heaved a deep, dramatic sigh. "The usual, then? Drunk and disorderly and then let myself out when I get a chance?"

"If you could slip a bug into the mainframe so I could take control, that'd be great," Nayar suggested. "If not, then we'll play by ear."

Maneera grinned brightly as she held up her empty hands, wiggling her fingers. She curled her hands into fists and then opened them out again, revealing a microspike tucked neatly between the middle and ring fingers of her right hand. Another clench of her fists transferred the spike to her left hand, and a third made it vanish altogether. "I think I can manage it."

"Don't strain yourself or anything, Mans," Nayar chuckled. He walked with her to the ship's exit, then gave a glance pointedly at the door. "Listen, though. Things get too hairy? Bug out, and I'll be there before you can say 'Perfectly Legal Activities, Officer'. Got it?"

"I'll be fine, Boss. I know how to handle myself, and besides, it's not like we haven't pulled this trick before." Maneera threw a light, playful punch at Nayar's shoulder. "If you really feel a need to help out a poor defenseless girl, though, you could spot me a few creds for drinks."

"I would, but you never pick up ANY of the supplies I ask you too!" Nayar mockingly complained as he dropped a few into her hand. "Now, go get drunk for your job. I'll be here, lazing about."

"You know you don't need to stay cooped up in here," she replied, pocketing the credsticks. "It'll be at least a few hours before Security gets around to picking me up, no reason you can't put the time to good use. Just try to pick someone without siblings this time, okay?" Maneera chuckled as she headed off the ship and out through the hangar bay.

"Everyone and their mother has a sibling these days," Nayar muttered, moving back into the ship.

Maneera flagged down a cab just outside the port and had herself delivered to a slimy little dive in the lower levels. The Bloated Mynock was skeevy enough to host a good bar fight, but close enough to the Towers that Security would respond before things got too out of hand... as Maneera had learned the hard way on her sixteenth birthday. Meeting questioning stares with apparently disinterested glances, she strolled up to the bar and perched on the center stool. "Gimme a double of whatever won't kill me," she said with a grin as she pulled a stick from her pocket and slid it toward the bartender.

"Heh, about time someone actually wanted somethin' interesting to drink. Most of the poor slobs here just get Ol'Firewater," the man rumbled, snatching the creds before reaching for two semi-dirty glasses, cleaning them quickly before pouring two shots of his strongest liquor. "Bottoms up."

Maneera tossed back the shots in rapid succession, slamming each empty glass back down onto the bar hard enough that the resulting 'thud' could be heard through the entire bar. It took a moment after finishing the second shot for her to be able to force any coherent sound through the fuzzy, burning feeling at the back of her throat. "Oh damn," she finally wheezed, "that's some quality rotgut right there."

"Hey, loudmouth? Try drinking your ale, not smashing it down on the table. My friend here doesn't like it, and for that matter, I don't like it much either," wheezed one of the nearby patrons, a man with pig-like features, gesturing at his Trandoshan "friend".

"Tell you what, pal," Maneera retorted. "You pick up my tab, then you get to tell me how I can express my appreciation to our gracious host. Till that happens, I bought the shots, I call the shots."

"My friend here is wanted for the death penalty in 8 systems. I have it in 15. So, little girl, I think I'll tell you whatever I want," sneered the man, his hand reaching down to his holster.

"Human not tough. She smells of cowardice." the Trandoshan snarled.

"Oh, now I know I didn't just hear somebody call me a coward," Maneera drawled, glaring sidelong at the Trandoshan. She signaled the bartender to refill both of her glasses. "I'd have to take offense at slander like that."

****************20 minutes later****************

"We got a man badly wounded with a shot glass, a unconscious Trandoshan, and another ugly fella' with straw stabbed in his arm," the officer relayed to Headquarters. "I'm bringing in the little lady now, sir."

"Umm... look," Maneera said to the officer with a solid, vise-like grip on her elbow. "Could I at least apologize to Mister Bendy Straw before the medics cart him off? I really didn't mean for him to get hurt, but things were going kinda crazy, and he did make a grab at my butt."

"On your own time, miss. Right now, you get to spend a night in the brig, maybe sleep off all that alcohol," the officer grunted, leading her to the speeder before shackling electro-cuffs on her wrists. "You'll probably get off easy, since they started it."

Maneera hung her head to hide the triumphant grin spreading across her face. She staggered a bit as the officer led her to the speeder and folded her into the back seat. Not all of her unsteadiness was feigned. Whatever the bartender had been dosing out definitely had some bite to it; she made a note to see if she could score some for Boss before they left Coruscant.

"I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them."

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09.30.2012 , 01:05 PM | #16
Departure Dock, Mezenti Spaceport, Nar Shaddaa

Agents Meanken and Zero, both sporting their trenchcoats, walked onto the shuttle to Coruscant, trying their best not to stand out, and failing rather badly due to being Chiss. They were drawing quite a few stares, and Mean glared at one guy angrily, causing him to flinch.

"Honey," Zero said, "calm down. We don't want to make a scene now, do we?"

"I guess not," Mean replied.

"Just think about work, and you will be fine." The two sat down in their seats, with two unoccupied seats next to them.

Soleta scurried onto the shuttle in a desperate hurry as final boarding was called, with Quintus following after her at a more leisurely pace. "Whew! Afraid for a minute there we'd missed our connection," she said in a subtle but distinct Alderaanian accent as she settled into the empty seat beside Mean.

Mean did not notice the person sitting down next to him, as he was focusing on a mental image of himself repeatedly stabbing the guy he glared at earlier to calm himself. Zero smiled and turned to her. "Why, hello there. Seems we will be sharing seats on this flight. My name is Antaris, nice to meet you."

Soleta smiled in return, nodding a greeting. "Soleta," she replied. "A pleasure to have met you, ma'am."

Quintus took a seat between Soleta and Zero and extended his hand toward Zero, "My name is Q, it is wonderful to have met your acquaintance."

Zero took his hand, shaking it. "Q? That's an odd name. What are you, a spy?" Zero smiled, clearly joking around.

"Now now, let's not jump to conclusions, shall we?" Quintus caught her tone as he snickered.

Zero looked over at Mean, pinching him hard in the leg as a signal. "Honey, going to introduce yourself?"

Meanken smiled, feeling extremely uncomfortable, as he did not smile often. "Name's Lormali, Home Security System Salesman."

"Now, honey, you don't have to add your silly title every time you say your name," Zero said.

"Oh my goodness," Soleta replied, her eyes wide with awe. "That must be such a wonderfully exciting job. I expect you must do quite a lot of travelling in your line of work."

"Sure, but that being a good thing is debatable. I work mostly in Hutt space, so I deal with a lot of fat, ugly, unpleasant Hutts. The other people I deal with are no saints. Honest people usually are not interested in my services."

"Still," Soleta replied, sighing dreamily, "you've seen more of the galaxy than I likely ever will. This is the furthest from home I've ever been."

Mean gave Zero a look that said "Get me out of this conversation!"

"So," Zero said, "what do you two do for a living?"

"I'm a student," Soleta replied, apparently oblivious to Mean's discomfort. "First year at the university on Coruscant... Daddy's convinced I'm destined to follow in his footsteps and go into politics."

"And what about you, Mr Q?" Zero asked

"I am three semesters away from finishing up medical school," Quintus answered. "I aspire to be a doctor one day."

"Oh, I wish you both good luck. I never went to fancy med schools or anything; I fell in love with my ever so handsome husband and never looked back."

Mean remained quiet, still thinking about stabbing random people on the shuttle who annoyed him.

"Don't mind him, he is usually quite the talker, he is probably thinking about work."

"Oh dear goodness," Soleta squeaked in embarrassment, her cheeks turning bright red. "I'm so very sorry, I never even stopped to consider that we might be disturbing you. You must think me so dreadfully rude."

"Oh, no!" Zero said. "You are not disturbing us; he is good at blocking things out when he needs to think about things. It's nice to have someone to talk with on the shuttle."

And nice to make local connections in case we have a reason to make use of them, Zero thought.

Quintus remained silent and merely watched Meanken and Zero, contemplating the purpose of this conversation.

"If I might ask," said Soleta, her hands twisting anxiously around the strap of her bag as she stumbled over trying to find the right words, "are you from... I mean, did you... will this be your first visit? To Coruscant?"

"Oh, yes," Zero said. "My husband has his main office on Nar Shaddaa, since he has so much business in Hutt space, and we also live there — in one of the better parts of the planet, mind you. He has some business to take care of on Coruscant, and I could not pass up the opportunity to see the sights, so many great things to see. It is the heart of the Republic, such an overwhelming experience." She made a great show of making it seem as if she was genuinely overwhelmed by the whole thing, causing Mean to roll his eyes at her.

"That's so wonderful!" Soleta replied in a squeal of giddy excitement. "I remember my first visit to Coruscant. I was just a little tiny thing, and Daddy made arrangements for Mother and me to come visit him over the holidays. Everything was just so big and shiny! Of course, I grew up in Aldera, so big cities weren't really anything new, but Coruscant just takes it all to a whole new level..." She continued to chatter happily, sounding like nothing more dangerous or important than a self-absorbed schoolgirl.

Meanken looked over at Zero and gives her another look that said, "I am going to kill her." Zero shook her head no, barely moving it as she did, and Mean returned to his stabbing fantasies, now picturing Soleta being stabbed repeatedly.

Eventually, Soleta ran out of inane facts about Coruscant (all of which she had memorized from a guidebook on the way from Dromund Kaas to Nar Shaddaa) and let her end of the conversation lapse into silence. She smiled contentedly as she pulled a datapad from her bag, basking in the hostility radiating from the two Chiss beside her as she read through an archaeological journal.

Quintus also pulled out a datapad and made his distaste for the two Chiss clear to Soleta with his facial expressions. As he finished doing so, he examined his datapad on Coruscant's defenses. Soleta gave a nearly-imperceptible nod of her own and typed a quick note — "easy prey" — into the margin of the article she was reading, tipping her pad aside to show Quintus before erasing the text.

"I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them."

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Blanky blank

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10.15.2012 , 07:11 AM | #18

Agents Meanken and Zero had disembarked from the transport and gotten through customs without much in the way of trouble. The two quietly walked to an area where they would not be overheard.

“So, what’s the plan?” Meanken asked

“Ok, we don’t know all that much, but we should have enough to go on. On the way here, while we were talking with those people….”

“Oh, don’t remind me”

“Look, you are a salesman. You need to be more talkative. It will look funny otherwise.”

“Yes, fine, whatever. You were saying?”

“While we were talking, I hacked into the republic security database. Seems they are hiding the object in their HQ.”

“Makes sense. Why move it somewhere else when you can just keep it right next to you in a secure building? How we breaking in?”

“We are not, let me explain. Now, I also got the address, it seems on the outside it looks like your average building, no signs or anything. We can use that to our advantage. You can keep recon on the building, sit outside and across the street, looking at a holopad or something, make it look like you are waiting on something, probably an appointment you have. I will be walking around nearby, sightseeing as per my cover. We need to get the object, yes, but who says we have to rob security? Someone will come around and nab the object eventually, I think. It will be a lot easier to rob some random smuggler or hunter then a secure faculty, you know?”

“Right, sounds like a plan. Shall we be off then? I want to get off this sickening planet as soon as possible.”

“Yes, yes, no point standing around here.” The two agents leave, grabbing a taxi to the location of the building. Meanken casually takes position within viewing distance of the entrance, not trying to hide since he had a reason to be there, and takes out a holopad and waits, while Zero starts walking around the nearby local landmarks.

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Coruscant Security HQ

". . .and the Jawa went into a frenzy?" the officer echoed, staring in disbelief at Maneera. An hour had passed since the bar fight, and the security officer who had arrested her now listened with rapt attention as Maneera weaved her tale. He led her slowly up the HQ's stairs into the building.

"Not a word of a lie, officer," Maneera said solemnly. She brought one hand to rest over her heart, raising the other as high as the cuffs would allow. "Only thing I can figure is something in the cookies set him off. Poor little guy. Worked out for the best, though... if he hadn't been carrying on crazy like that, the generator never would have gotten tipped over and we wouldn't have had a clue about the snipers."

"Unbelievable," the man shook his head, and slowly walked inside the building, clutching Mans' arrest paperwork. "That's just crazy."

"What is, Weil?" another officer asked, stamping a form before reaching for the papers in Weil's hand.

"The stories this broad is singing. She and her apparently dim-witted partner get into the craziest stunts, Kolarn," he explained, handing the paper to the other officer.

"He's not dim, exactly," Maneera offered, smiling cheerily at the desk officer. "Just... well... since the accident, he's had a little trouble, bless him." She stretched up on tiptoe, peering with feigned anxiety at her arrest forms. "Isn't there just some kind of fine I can pay instead, seeing as this is just a first offense? Folks will be awfully worried if I'm not back to the docks."

"Sorry, little lady. Laws are laws. Spend a night in the brig, we'll let ya out tomorrow," Officer Weil sighed. "We can get you a holo-call to your folks if ya need it."

"Weil's, my man, you just missed it, though. A smoking security inspector was here not two hours ago. She had the body of a trained athlete, beautiful everything, man. I thought she was a model at first!" exclaimed the other officer.

"Ain't that just the way," Weil muttered. "You get the sweet visit, I get called to a D&D at the Mynock. You owe me, bud."

"Umm... excuse me? Please?" Maneera said sheepishly. "If I could go ahead and make that call now, I truly would appreciate it."

"Alright, follow me, little lady," Weil motioned, leading her to a nearby room where he uncuffed her. "Holo-com's right there, you got 5 minutes."

"Thank you, Officer," Maneera replied as she began keying in the Hawk's "not a real emergency but let's put on a good show for local law enforcement" frequency. There was a brief burst of static as the call resolved, followed by a flickering, grainy image of Nayar. "Hey there," she greeted him, her head hung in a show of exaggerated contrition. "I've got some bad news."

"Bad news?" Nayar questioned, crossing his arms over his chest for his part of the act. "How reckless did you get this time? Do I need to pay for anything broken?"

"There was no property damage this time!" Maneera chirped brightly. "There... umm... there might be some trouble from the guy with the straw, but I swear I'll cover the settlement out of my own savings."

". . .Did you stab someone with a straw?"

"It was a really solid one." Maneera ducked her head again, hiding her smirk from Officer Weil. "But... umm... yeah. I'm going to be spending the night in the drunk tank, it looks like. Should be released tomorrow morning, though, so it's not like I'll be holding us up for takeoff." She clasped her hands lightly in front of her, tapping her left thumb against her right wrist three times — out in three hours. "Unless someone decides to press charges."

"I doubt it'll come to that. We'll just pay the med bill. Be a good girl so you can get out early for good behavior," Nayar replied, rolling his eyes as he subtly pointed his ring and index finger out, their message for 'I got it.'

"You have my word, Boss, I'll be a model guest." She nodded as the channel timed down and Nayar's image faded to black. "Thank you, Officer," she added, turning back to face Weil. "I really appreciate this."

"It's standard practice. Let's get all your info into the data room, and we'll be done before ya know it."

"After you." Maneera stifled a yawn as she fell into step beside Weil. She kept her eyes forward, letting her eyelids droop in feigned sleepiness while letting her vision roam over the corridor. Although it looked dingy and rusted, the dim lights swaying precariously around, Maneera could see it was only a facade. Cameras had full view of the corridors, and what looked like particularly rusted sections actually contained deactivated sensors and infrared trip wires. The longer the corridors stretched, the less certain Maneera became of actually getting to the artifact, let alone stealing it.

"Okay, here we are," Officer Weil yawned, jolting Maneera from her thoughts. "Let's just drudge up your files, get your prints, and off to sleep you can go until the morning, missy." He tapped the holo-computer nearby, already pulling up her "record", courtesy of Nayar.

Weil's eyebrows climbed toward his receded hairline as he reviewed the fabricated rap sheet. Maneera bit back a grin; watching the locals' reaction to whatever nonsense Boss cooked up was always the best part of the game. While the officer's attention was focused on her file — if the red creeping across his cheeks was any indication, Boss had used some A-list material on this one — Maneera shook the microspike out of her cuff and down into her fingers, then slid it neatly into an unused port on the back of the processor unit. Job well done, she congratulated herself, hooking her thumbs into her beltloops as Weil turned to face her.

". . .I'm almost afraid to ask what haven't you done. That's the wackiest rap sheet I've ever read. Did you really break someone's nose with a spoon while both of you were dangling from a rooftop?"

"I'm not real proud of that," Maneera said contritely. The officer led her over to the biometrics scanner and pressed her fingertips one at a time against the input plate. "But at least the kid and the puppy got out of it okay."

Officer Weil just shook his head, and lead Maneera into a nearby cell. "Just wow. Alright, I suggest grabbing some shut-eye, and you'll be out before you know it, girl."

Maneera smiled warmly as she entered the cell. "Thank you for your hospitality, officer." She shrugged out of her jacket and balled it up behind her neck. There was still plenty of time before she'd be expected back on the Hawk, couldn't hurt to grab a quick nap.

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Coruscant Security HQ

Maneera stretched out on the bunk in her cell, then curled up suddenly into a tight fetal ball, clutching at her stomach as she let out a high, thin, pitiful wail. She rolled limply off the bunk, landing on the cold pourstone floor in a boneless heap. "Oh stars, it hurts," she moaned as she crawled painfully slowly toward the toilet, her arms shaking beneath her with every move she took. She pulled herself up so that her elbows were propped against the seat, her head dangling down over the bowl, her body wracked with the dry heaves.

Back in the officer's break-room, Weil had finally finished the last sip of his coffee, letting a sigh of contentment slip out as a another officer sat nearby. "I don't know how you drink that crap black, Weil," she called out, and Weil snickered, propping his feet on the table.

"It's an acquired tas-" he began, but stopped as he heard Maneera's wails of pain. Both he and the other officer leaped from their chairs in fright, but quickly shoved it down and raced towards the cells. They entered the cells to see Maneera's form dry-heaving over the toilet seat, and he quickly unlocked the cell to get inside. "Ma'am?! You okay in there?"

"I don't... I don't feel so good," Maneera whimpered weakly. White-knuckling the toilet seat, she hunched over for another heave, biting down hard on her tongue this time to spit out a thin trickle of blood along with the stomach acid she had managed to bring up. With that done, she sagged back down, resting her cheek against the cold steel of the seat; she was going to need the mother of all showers once she got back to the Hawk.

"A-Alright, j-just s-stay there, a-and I'll get the Doctor!" Weil ran off down the hallway, rounding the corner as the female officer quickly moved to help Maneera, one hand reaching down to prop her back up against the wall.

Maneera allowed herself to be propped up, sagging rag-doll limp against the wall. Her entire arm trembled as she maintained her hold on the female officer's hand. "I'm really sorry about all the trouble," she whispered.

"Hush now, and let me check your mouth, see if I can see anything," The officer replied, not noticing the sudden clench of Maneera's hand on hers.

As the officer leaned down to look, Maneera yanked sharply against her hand. Pulled off balance, the officer teetered forward, her head slammed against the wall. Maneera spun as she leaped to her feet, bringing her around to stand behind the officer. Wrapping an arm tight around the officer's neck, Maneera squeezed hard against the arteries to either side of her windpipe.

The officer struggled for only seconds before unconsciousness claimed her, slumping against the wall. Maneera waited for a few seconds, listening for any returning footsteps, then moved to the sleeping officer. Kneeling beside her, Maneera stripped off the woman's uniform and peeled out of her own clothes, swapping outfits as quickly as she could. She tucked her jacket under the officer's head as a parting conciliatory gesture — it really wasn't her fault she'd gotten stuck on the losing end of a chump's deal. With her head up and shoulders squared, Maneera backtracked through the corridors Weil had led her through on their way to holding.

Maneera glanced up at a camera by chance, and froze when she saw it locked dead center on her, only for it continue on its rotation. With the most of the other guards asleep at their posts, and all the sensors disabled as well, Maneera was almost at the door when the alarm finally sounded, signaling that someone — probably Weil, she thought — had found the unconscious guard. Maneera bolted past the final checkpoint, the front guard managing to snooze through the blaring alarms as Maneera slipped past him.

"I got the perimeter sweep!" she called back over her shoulder to the guard as he stirred, groggy and half-conscious, from his nap. "You make sure everything's buttoned down in here." She darted through the front door and took off at a full sprint, putting as many back alleys and blind corners as she could between herself and Security Headquarters.

With the stationhouse finally well behind her, Maneera stopped, leaning against the side of a building as she fought to catch her breath. Once her lungs no longer felt like they were going to spontaneously combust, she took off toward the spaceport at a leisurely stroll. She figured she had just enough time to swing by the Mynock on her way back and pick up a surprise for Boss.

At the edge of her hearing, Maneera could just make out the shuffle-shuffle-thud of clumsy footsteps coming from behind her. A quick look around revealed no one out in the open, but a pair of shadows had ducked quickly behind a call box as she stopped and turned. She shoved her hands into her pockets, whistling a loud, cheerily off-key melody as she picked up her pace just a bit. A few seconds later, she heard the footsteps again, even over the noise she was making.

She stopped under a streetlamp. "No good hiding, you know. Might as well come on out and have a talk."

"Talk ain't what we had in mind, sl*t," the ugly pig-faced fellow from before came out from his hiding place, a sharp vibroblade in hand. He was obviously inebriated, but was still sober enough to hold the knife straight. And think.

"Human regret actions soon. Human feel pain," the Trandoshan snarled. He held an enormous vibroblade, swinging it as though it were nothing.

"You want to spend another few hours unconscious and bleeding, I'd be more than happy to oblige." Maneera cracked her neck as she rolled her shoulders back. More than just a show of bravado, she was assessing the thin layers of armoring worked into the security uniform she had borrowed. Probably enough to reflect small blaster fire, but they wouldn't stop blades worth spit. She shifted up onto her toes, legs tensed and ready to spring. "Wanna dance?"

"Get 'er, Burl," the man spat, and the Trandoshan roared, sprinting with the huge blade held high at Maneera, smashing aside a wandering astromech as he barreled toward her.

Maneera held her ground as the Trandoshan charged, waiting until he had committed to a swing before ducking around the arc of the heavy blade, sliding past him so that her back was to his. She quickly jabbed the point of her elbow into his back, just below the ribcage, before spinning to face him.

The Trandoshan roared as the blow connected, and he spun towards Maneera, slightly hampered, before bringing a cleaving cut in a downwards stroke to hit her. Maneera darted forward, coming inside his reach as the sword fell. With one hand, she drove her fingers at his diaphragm in a quick, sharp jab, while the other surged upward to catch him across the snout.

The overgrown lizard fell back from the assault, gripping his stomach and nose from Maneera's blows. He dropped his massive vibroblade, the intense hum quickly dying out as it clattered onto the ground, only for it to be replaced by a much more subtle hum, quickly growing more distinct.

Maneera kicked at the back of the Trandoshan's ankle as she whirled toward the pig-looking man. "Hey, I always wondered," she said, smirking, as she reached out to grab his wrist. "It true what they say about Gamorrean ladies?" Her fingertips pressed tight against the tendons. "I figure with your mama and her line of work, you'd know better'n anyone."

The man roared in incoherent rage, his other arm launching up in a furious uppercut. Maneera took the punch; the sharp crack of splintering bone filled her ear as his fist connected with the corner of her jaw. She fought to maintain her grip on the hand with the knife, digging her fingernails deeper into the tendons at his wrist in an effort to force the man's fingers open.

The astromech, meanwhile, had finally righted itself and charged at the Trandoshan with a trumpeting squeal. As the Trandoshan tried to reach for his blade, the little droid swung out an arm, electricity sparking from its end, sending the Trandoshan into convulsions as the tip connected with him.

The pig-faced man howled as he dropped the knife, which Maneera quickly following with a devastating kick to his groin. The man collapsed, clutching his groin and moaning.

"Well then." Maneera picked up the knife and tucked it through the belt of her borrowed uniform, then reached down to pat the astromech. "Nice job, canner."

"Organic = lucky TR was here // Organic = fight better," TR whistled, before spinning off and heading back to the Hawk."TR-0L = new clothes for organic."

"Okay, did you not see the part where I put down two armed thugs who each weigh at least two or three times what I do?" Maneera protested as she fell into step alongside TR, grabbing the outfit. "If you didn't, go ahead and let me know now so I can get someone to overhaul your sensor, 'cause that was totally a thing that happened. I've seen prizefighters that couldn't have walked away from that mess."


Nayar was snoring softly as Maneera and TR clomped and zoomed into the common area. A datapad was slipping from his loose grasp.

Maneera eased the datapad gently out of Nayar's hand. "Well then," she announced in a clear, authoritative voice, turning toward TR as the droid rolled up beside her. "I think I've found all I need here, TR-0L. Your assistance is appreciated and will, of course, be taken into consideration when Captain..." She paused, looking down at the pad. "Captain Evlan's personal effects are seized."

"TR = unwilling accomplice to organic activities // Security = necessary function // TR = happy to help."

Nayar woke at Maneera's voice, drawing his revolver, pressing it into Maneera's back as he heard her words. "No one touches my junk but me, gullible women and whores!... Wait, that came out wrong."

"Way to lay down on the job there, Boss." She heaved a dramatic sigh as she held her hands up, passing the datapad back over her shoulder. "Tell me you managed to get something useful done while I was out?"

"Well, yeah, I had full control of their systems," Nayar said off-handedly. "I got control about 5 minutes before you broke out, hence why the alarm came so late? That was some serious encryption. I sent the droid out to get you after the alarm went off."

"Still got a backdoor?" Maneera asked as she flopped down onto the couch. "I want to take a look at the footage from before I got dragged in there."

Nayar motioned towards the holo-computer nearby, and then moved to the caf-maker, most of the ingredients needed sitting nearby. "Also, when you're done, I hired some 'fun' that should be arriving soon. I won't be part of it, I've got a meeting to make."

"Is this the actually-fun kind of fun? Or the 'ha ha I think I'm soooo clever let's see how awful we can make Mans' evening' kind of fun?" Maneera asked as she moved into the seat Nayar had vacated. "And who're you meeting with?" She jabbed at the computer console, calling up stored feed from the security cameras, running the footage on a visual reverse. "Okay, that's where I came in... spin it back a bit..."

"Actual fun. Twi'leks included. I'm meeting with an old friend, gonna catch up with her. And not in that way," Nayar replied cryptically. "I'm going to see if she can dig me up some info on the artifact."

"Oh. Uh-huh. Have fun." Maneera waved vaguely in Nayar's direction, her attention focused on the rewinding video. "There!" she exclaimed suddenly. "Oh damn, she really is hot."

"Who?" Nayar questioned, slipping into his jacket.

"Kriff, Boss, like I know her name. Guy at the front desk was talking about her while they were processing me." She paused the playback. "Come on. Look at that and try to convince me she's with Security."

Nayar leaned in closer, studying the image before letting a low whistle out. "That's no engineer. That's a model." He frowned, before tapping a few keys, zooming in closer on her face. "I wonder. . . hmm, I'll check after I get back. This has wrong written all over it."

"I'll see what I can figure out while you're at your totally not 'like that' meeting. Pretty sure I can track her for the whole time she was in the building." Maneera grinned as she cycled through feeds from various cameras. "Want me to save any stills for you?"

"Any pics of her bending over or cleavage shots," Nayar grunted back, belting his blasters and reaching for his hat. "You know, the good stuff."

"Will do," she replied. "Hope the meet goes well for you. No need to rush getting back."

Nayar only smirked, then exited the Hawk, stepping down from the ship to quickly exit the hanger.