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Guild Ships and Guild Planets, A MUST.

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Guild Ships and Guild Planets, A MUST.

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09.22.2012 , 11:01 AM | #21
I am more solo, even if i have a guild... so i would preffer spacestations for soloers and guilds... You cant just abandone everything from ur solo life... Small space stations and big ones, even mediums for small guilds who dont do much as a team.. lol

I am a person, that i wouldnt offer ... credits or interest other than raids, in guilds... I am solo and thats what I love in swtor before I get 50...

I ve played for many years with guilds and I took my lessons years before swtor invented.. lol ... if the guild colapse and disbands... the leader takes the cake...

I am not playing with real life friends, so I dont have the confidense and company in my gaming experience, so I always playing mostly solo.. So I want to do things mostly for me and my character.

Thats why I suggested the spacestations to be able transform into a warzone also pve opperations, So I can give an idea to BIOWARE, what the solo spacestations, can be used for...


medium space stations into a 4 man OP, also warzones (solo gamers hard to achieve, or small guilds)
big ones for 8 or even 16 man campains ( very energetic big guilds)

Either ways, its good to be totaly modifiable and change things, so even the appearance inside our spacestations alters a bit... just because is going to be always the same if they dont give us options.

they could also make space missions from players against our spacestations... but what about defending.. is it complicated for them? space misions against players?

And I insist, we need also merceneries for our spacestations, so the space station, can easily turn into an opperation, being attacked by others... So I can defend it. If the space stations are just like our space ships.. there is no point to give us any space station at all... And a last thing, dont give us ready and free the space stations, dont use tokens for it... Let us do missions and collect parts, etc for it... is going to give us alot of interest.

Now imagine after we built our space stations, to have extra content with mission quests in different planets, depends the merceneries we want to get into our space stations... so at the end, we earn a small army inside our stations... be able to modify their armor (1 armor for all with eblems, etc)... So the dificulty in each space station will vary, depends the armor they wear, also the abilities and way of tactics for the OP thing...

if they add 3-4 different type of merceneries, and we also be able to dress them with good quality stuff or average ones... Is going to be spicy... I also love real time damage for some things, like turrets, etc.. so we can repair after, pay the damage if we loose...It could be with timing, if they consider, how is going to work and the owner of the space station wins instead the attackers.. Or even surpising defensive systems that will be hard to get down... Is not going to be an ordinary OP after all...

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09.24.2012 , 08:37 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by WizardsDestiny View Post
Probably an hour would be best. It'd only be say if you were taking a 'Capital Planet' that it might go for longer, which would be the planet of a huge guild which is well fortified and has heaps of members. Of course newer guilds when they first get their planets would need a bit of immunity. And as the planets would be very expensive, perhaps the losing guild can take still 50% of what they bought it with, or they'll be broke indeed....and the winnning guild takes the credits from all the other wins.

Just thinking about it reminds me of Star Wars Battlefront II SWTOR style. Really, it's not that hard to engineer! I can just imagine my Fury Class Interceptor taking off from a bigger ship and flying out into space combat with an enemy guild. Or flying it around on a planet like a certain game I can't remember. As I said, not necessarily a MUST but definitely a huge benefit to stop a game from gradually dying.
It could be like battlefront 1, 2 and you have to capture command posts or kill all of their reinforcements.

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09.28.2012 , 08:27 AM | #23
Guild ships YES YES YES
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09.30.2012 , 05:37 PM | #24
I dont think anyone can disagree with this. I mean, my Troopers guild is Excellent and large, and sure could use a guild ship. I really think Guild Planets would be too... Fleetlike. Guild Ships are more Realistic.
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10.02.2012 , 09:46 AM | #25
Start building code for this if you havnt allrrady BW. The modells are allrrady there or allmost. It would bring back a large amount of players now doing other MMOes. If you whant to increase in a short time this content is the way to go. Start small an launch. Then build on in patch after patch.

This content has the quality that it has a high replay value.
BW: Plz add PvP that is storybaced so that it effects
the somehow or some objective based PvP > 8 vs 8

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10.02.2012 , 02:17 PM | #26
I agree, guild ships are a really good idea. Guild planet (or perhaps more practical) guild area (which can be on its own new small planet or moon) sounds good as well.

How about guild amenities?
for ex: carfting trainers, cargo bays, trainers, astromech droids, galactic market, etc.

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11.26.2012 , 01:12 AM | #27
no to the planet, big Big BIG yes to the ships, its sad seeing the class quest ships and the theoretika from the hk-51 quest series just sitting there, we should be allowed to buy a super dreadnaugt if were a sith lord( or otherwise). that is much more canocal than our itty bitty fighter with our 5 little minions on it. i want my guild ship with my imperial lackies numbering in the hundreds! and i wouldn't mind paying for it because this is a expansion that is a GAME CHANGER for Tor if it happens./signed
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11.26.2012 , 12:26 PM | #28
Guild ships would be enough, planets etc is going overboard.

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11.26.2012 , 01:00 PM | #29
that would be awsome... wouldnt count on the devs to involve this anytime soon or at all... but i could see guilds able to purchase ships with money than can use guild rated ratings or pve progress to unlock things. now this ship certanly cant be big but maybe 3-4 time larger than a personal ship..., planets no way, but to ne able to pick wich planet ur ship stays by would be sick
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11.26.2012 , 01:32 PM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by Boyana View Post
Guild ships - yes!
Guild planets - No!
...maybe, a guild office/room/whatever (you can pick on which planet) that you can decorate with Republic or Imperial symbols, computers, droids...

I won't lie, it is not really a must. First, I would like to see my character having an apartment on some of the planets where you can invite other players and discuss Empire/Republic stuff, maybe play some games, romance your companion, sleep to get a buff for HP regeneration increased, do some researches, have a computer that opens codex entry so it looks like your character is learning about the history, set bounties, have secret rituals... Think I would go for Nar Shadaa or Kaas City. Wow, i would like that. :P
Agreed, this isn't a dire "must" and I really really don't see Guild Planets happening at all as it would kind of require a completely different build then what they are currently using when creating/designing Worlds.

Oh, and your Apartment Idea, could be applied to the Player's own Ship. Would it be nice to have a World Side Apartment, sure but if it were to ever happen, I see it happening along the lines of how EQ2 does their Housing.

With Bounties, it would probably have to be NPC Only and relegated to Bounty Hunters as Player Bounties would be problematic if it was only available to Bounty Hunters [ie the Profession that normally hunts Bounties].