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First Knowledge

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09.18.2012 , 06:48 PM | #1

|-First Knowledge-|

Who are we?
We are a Republic Guild on the server Master Dar'Nala. We have been on the server since it began and prior to that we were located on the US server The Swiftsure. Our core group has been playing MMOs and online games for over 10 years. Our members are experience in PvP & PvE and are willing to help players who will listen. Our leadership has experience in the running of a guild. We provide a progression and competition driven guild environment with plenty of activities in PvE & PvP to enjoy.

Progression Operations
Monday/Wednesday 8pm - 11pm EST. These nights we aim to farm the latest content and make progression. We have a good time but it is serious when necessary.

Casual Operations
Sunday 6pm EST we host a casual 16man operation. This is an outlet for newer players and alts. We also do this to help with recruitment and promote activity on the server.

You can always find players to run flashpoints and dailys with. On off nights and if we have cleared progression content we do run other casual raids and world bosses.

Ranked War Zones
Our geared PvP players participate in Ranked War Zones on a regular basis. It is more of an impromptu thing. However it is done evenings till late.

Casual RWZ

Sunday 8pm EST we run a casual ranked, this is an outlet for new players and alts to get started in ranked. It helps with recruitment we generally form two balanced teams a pit them against each other.

Every night you will find players willing to help with PvP dailys. We also participate in any player driven server events. During the Rakghoul and Chevin world events, our guild participated in world PvP and if future events provide those opportunities we will do so again.


If your interested in joining First Knowledge you may speak to Eviros, Jumpsuit, Spoon and Kirill. Most players in First Knowledge should be able to point you in the right direction, you can also reply to this thread. Recruitment just requires you that you come chat with us.

Ventrilo is provided for members to use, it is required for some activities we run. We are casual with it's use and don't mind it being used for other games and a chat with friends you can always find us hanging out there. We do not treat our members like children, respect is the only guild rule we wont be involved in childish disputes or drama. We are here to clear content and win.

See you in game.

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09.20.2012 , 06:20 AM | #2
You guys have done wonders for the server

Keep it up guys

(now we just need someone to unite the strong imp players together - maybe Chippy can do it )

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09.20.2012 , 06:04 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by gloryday View Post
You guys have done wonders for the server

Keep it up guys

(now we just need someone to unite the strong imp players together - maybe Chippy can do it )
True. This guild is doing a great job for running casual EC runs.

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09.21.2012 , 07:26 AM | #4
Seems like a good bunch. I think they even have microphones for ventrillo unlike some people... not mentioning any names aka liopleurodon.
Takyourmeds <Core>

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11.21.2012 , 03:34 AM | #5
We are looking for ranged DPS, we can gear you. Post below or post me in game for more info.
Eviros SageStulloQuo-Jin Guardian

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11.21.2012 , 03:51 AM | #6
You know there's a Guild Recruitment thread ya?