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Open world PvP finding stealthed prey

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Open world PvP finding stealthed prey

MiddleDarkness's Avatar

09.11.2012 , 03:32 AM | #1
When doing open world PvP have you noticed that after you kill someone and they use a medical droid to revive if you use a AOE even if you miss them your companion will start trying to attack them and follow then where ever they try to run untill they become visable again. I LOVE IT.
The first time I seen it I was camping someone and when their body went away I did an aoe and missed so I figured they went back to med center but Khem Val started filpping out going "uga buga uga buga" attacking nothing and ran off behind some building, I thought he was bugged but was going after the Jedi hahaha he was like a blood hound so I sluaghtered the punk and that time they did go back to med center. It works for any of my characters with an AoE