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General PVP

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09.10.2012 , 09:13 PM | #1
As an avid pvp-er, i enjoy the thrills, the challenges, and the skills it takes to become a fairly decent player in pvp. One of the more frustrating problems in SWTOR PVP, is when you que into a warzone, and you arrive to, say Alderaan, (I usually check out the other players at first) and i notice about half of the team is lower than level 20, a couple of 30s and maybe 1 or 2 are level 40+. It is more frustrating when i notice the other team having 6 level 45+ and maybe a high 30, low 40. If you have ever been in a match and you are pre-50, and you have witnessed the horrors of a level 48 Inquisitor vs. a level 12 sentinel, it is such an unfair advantage for the Inquisitor, in fact the sentinel might as well lay down his lightsabers and surrender. I dont understand what Bioware/E.A. were thinking when they thought that was a good idea. For 1. the inquisitor has all skills learned basically, and a way higher hp rating, even tho they boost it up to level 49 and for 2, think of the cc's and cc breakers. inquisitor has 2 cc's, a sentinel, has I also know BW has stated they are going to fix this problem, (i.d.k. about the pvp level things) but that is still months away. As pvp-ers, we needed these changes back in december of 2011. Also, i wanted to note that some players do know how to pvp. and when they cap their main character, they might want to try alt character, so they have the basics for pvp and how to adapt at an early level in pvp. I exclude those guys because they all. frustratingly enough is the price of level 20 pvp gear, which will cost you about 4300 wz comms,not including the weapons, is the same price as level 40 pvp gear (if you dont believe me, go look it up on one of your toons). BW should lower the price on both; more significantly for level 20.

I actually love the game to the fullest. i enjoy the storys alot and i enjoy the feel of the game. i like how there are many, many planets as well, even tho there is only limited space on each world. the graphics are really good for such a large game with this much potential especially the ftp coming this fall.

well i guess thats all. hopefully a BW person will read this and make changes..idk hopefully..


daddy g.

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09.11.2012 , 01:39 AM | #2
I've repeatedly sent in reports stating the cost of the starter pvp gear is too high. Particularly the level 14 weapon is absolutely absurd at the same 900 comms as every other level.

The first time I saw the price increase I actually sent in a bug report because I was so sure it must have been a typo.

Not only that but you can't sort the list either by price, level, or by main stat (in the case of the weapons).

There's no way to get those items unless you do nothing but pvp, avoiding your class story and not getting your ship or doing any flashpoints, even then it now takes me to level 23 instead of level 17 to get the whole set and a couple of pieces for one companion.

I used to have the weapon by level 12, the full 20 set by 16, and then go to the Capital planet and zip through my class story by 18, come back and pvp for my companion's 20 set, and then go ahead and mix in more pve. Now I feel like I'm grinding as soon as I hit level 10.
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Did they take out insurance on this game? I love it but its so weird.