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10.08.2012 , 06:32 AM | #21
I think in many ways as well this could/would help the RP-PVP server immensely.

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10.08.2012 , 04:25 PM | #22
love the idea hope BW does this

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10.09.2012 , 02:17 PM | #23
Gotta say, I'm liking the sound of this idea. My beef with pvp in this game (and really most everything about mmos) is that nothing you do matters. PVP as you present it could have meaning. Right now, the in game motivator to do anything in the endgame is to get better gear so you you don't get stomped in whatever it is you are doing. That's it, and it's pathetic. I find myself thinking about making another alt each time I get to lvl 50 because the end game stinks, like you said. Once the story is over meaning is once again lost and the game is reduced to gear grinding.

So once again I am loving this idea of yours. In order to facilitate its implimentation I'd recommend that this game make pvp more inviting to encourage more people to participate. To do this I feel it is necessary to remove the expertise stat from the game and equalize pvp and pve gear. That way there is no unbreachable gap between those who want to help the war effort but don't have the fancy gear and the hardcore pvp players. If this is not addressed the war hero geared players will just stomp everyone out of those worlds who isn't "equipped" to match them and the war effort will be controled by them and them alone. World pvp is great but only if everyone has a fighting chance.

I posted this on someone else's idea that had some semblance to yours (see here for the full story):

To encourage participation there could be something indicating that "imperials are advancing" if only imperial players are queued (INCERT:For your idea it would indicate that one of the pvp worlds is being taken over) and there is nobody for them to fight. That would mean that the republic players are needed for the war effort in order to stop the imperal advance. Note how the need in this case is real, and gives players a reason to fight, instead of just pvping for the sake of getting better gear. Players who don't want to be part of it don't have to be, perhaps pve stats could be included as well to a lesser extent. So those empire or rebublic npc troops everyone is slaughtering might count for something too (equal level or higher npc's only of course, no butchering low level worlds to make the war swing in your favor).

Just some of my thoughts, hope they help.

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10.12.2012 , 06:30 AM | #24
I agree with you that the PVP Stat needs to be tweaked. I am completely in favour of some sort of equilization of gear PVP v PVE so that everyone can participate.

If anything, I might suggest stripping PVP/Expertise stat from ALL gear/modifications available in the PVP 'dungeons' that is opened up if you have a majority of the conquorable sites held.

In this way, there is increased impetus to participate in the world PVP because you can get items/modifications that are equal to the other items etc available but that have the expertise stat on them.

THEN just make the amount of Expertise provided a significantly smaller number than the top end gear now so that people who pvp and then take advantage of the pvp 'dungeon'/world will have a very slight advantage.. not huge.. but slight so there is, again, more impetuse to participate in the world pvp.

This creates PVP with a real reward, a real goal, and something level 50's are likely going to be happy to do constantly.

When I played DAoC, once I hit 50 Every time I logged in was to run out to the 'war' and participate in a huge amount of fun that actually had a goal.

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11.14.2012 , 08:45 PM | #25
With f2p out tomorrow and future fixes to Ilum and Space I figured I would toss this up and out there again for consideration.

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09.18.2013 , 06:14 AM | #26
Necro-thread... Would like to see what the current eyes of the suggestions community has to say though.

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09.18.2013 , 09:16 AM | #27
Personally I would love to see more resources pumped into PVP, it's all I do barring story quests.

However, I am realist, and it simply is not going to happen. The majority of the playerbase do not PVP for varying reasons. Some like PVE only (I am the exact opposite, PVE sends me to sleep), some have tried and found PVP boring, and the majority do not PVP, because they are really poor at it.

When you accept you are in the minority, you no longer expect them to give you anything new or useful.

Even the fabled 2.4 "PVP" update has more PVE rewards in it than new PVP content, arenas aside which in my opinion nobody will queue for within 2 months of release. They will be fools indeed if they do not give people the chance to pick whether to queue for arenas or normal, objective based PVP separately.

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12.02.2013 , 06:58 AM | #28
I hope this gets input into the game I like most of these ideas.
Solo capping nodes is what I do best... If you're solo defending, prepare to be stun locked and killed!
"I like the way you die boy."


12.02.2013 , 09:28 AM | #29
Alot of work for Devs but a real good idea yes. I mentioned something a little similar myself although not quite in depth as your idea involving a mulitple planets. Mine was to have a Planet that had ground based guild bases imp and republic sides and also NPC bases aswell. Each guild that has a base controls the immediate area around it and has exclusive acces rights to the materials and resoruces you can pick up within that immediate area surronding the base(Some of these materials coudl be rare items/materials that are only found there), other players from other guilds could not enter that area normally untiL A PVP battle takes place. The planet would be PVE until two guilds agreed on a time and date of a battle one side defending one side attking that base to take it over.

Battle time would mean a instanced PVP zone one side attacking incorporating attack vehicles(Tanks, walkers, maybe even the new space ships to air ground to soften them up so to speak) to ram through the base defences and the defending base also have various gun emplacments of its own, the building of the base would involve new crafting skills and new schemantics blueprints being developed and used. The objective for the attacking side would either be agreed for a quicker elimination mode kill all defending or attacking players (no re-spaw) or alternatly having re-spaws with the attackers having to take the central base area for a set amount of time without being engaged. The battle would have a overall time limit and the defenders would just have to hold out until then. There would be ofcourse some sort of bolster equalization of the battle so that the same agreed player numbers are involved all bolstered to the same agreed level.

If Attacking side wins it takes over the base and evicts the defenders. If Defenders win they have an exclusive counter attack opportunity if they want to take it to attack back at the attackers base with a bonus (for succesfully defending their base) that the orginal attacking guild would now have a de-moralised de-buff that would reduce each guild members damage dealt to some degree giving the counter attacking guild a small advantage. If the defenders wished not the take the counter attack opportunity the de-buff is removed and the exclusive counter attack rights are removed hence the orginal attackers base is open back up to other guilds to attack as standard once agreed.

You would also have a central up for grabs pot of armour and arms items that each sides puts in (equal number and total value) winning guild takes all, defending team sets the limit required of the number of items and total item value of the pot items up for grabs.

Like I say there would also be NPC bases aswell to help a new guild get a foothold by attacking these aswell or have a opportiunity to buy a plot of land to start building a new guild base(Only providing you do not have one already), this will be locked out from attack until establised but control over surrounding area would not exist until the build is established.

To expand of the controlling resource nature like you have mentioned some bases would control the NPC installlations that could be next to them making these key bases to control. It could be things like like space ports, mining facilities, trade centres etc.. having control of these would give some bonus to guild like say controlling a trade centre could earn the guild extra regular credits from taxation fees from that trade, controlling a space port may mean controlling that fly zone around it so adjacent bases from other guilds have to pay a levy charge to that guild to fly in and out of their own base. It would be a like a feudal sociaty where the guild would be the rulers of the NPC's within that sector as such. The more bases you conrol as a guild the more NPC you rule within that area .

Perhaps there could be a set influx of NPC's (More NPC under rule =incresed influx over time) ready to be trained as Possible future companions for one of the guilds members to Train and utilse, it would be random allocation of that potential compaion to one of the guild members once allocated. You can set what type, Tank, Healer Dps ranged or melle you want them to be and you have to complte missions as them to train them up and learn abilities. If the trainee succesfully graduates as a new companion it could be used on future alts aswell without any story conversations not to mess that up so affecton just gained through gifts, it would still level with you as any other standard companions and will need gearing up the same. There would have to be certain limitatons like it could be only availble once you have your ship and you still have limits on how many you send out to craft at same time and it would needs to be basic speaking and of human body type a species that exists already in game. You could even sell new recuirts as new companions for hire.

Although alot of work, It would certianly add game value for guilds and PVP in general and give new purpose to veteran players and guilds that are board of the never ending grind for gear in PVE.