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The Making Fun of Darth Baras Thread

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The Making Fun of Darth Baras Thread

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03.25.2014 , 09:31 PM | #441
When Darth Baras first tried Battle of Ilum-flashpoint he was the only one Malgus couldn't force lift.
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03.28.2014 , 02:21 PM | #442
when Darth Baras was defeated on Korriban, a ten on the meter earthquake was felt from all across the planet when he fell
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03.30.2014 , 03:04 PM | #443
Baras is so fat,i took a picture of him when i was apprantice and it's still printing.

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03.30.2014 , 10:52 PM | #444
Baras is so big and fat the Death Star goes into orbit around him.
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04.30.2014 , 12:51 AM | #445
It's a well kept secret but in reality Darth Baras is brother of Akimichi Chōza. He was banished from Naruto universe when he tried to do a forbidden Jutsu that would allow him to eat the entire world (although his success would benefit our collective sanity). It took power of almost all of the Uchiha clan to do so but as result all of them died. To hide the horrible truth from populace Third Hokage told them about Uchiha Massacre and placed the blame for it on Itachi, who wasn't there to begin with.

Sidenti's Avatar

04.30.2014 , 06:27 AM | #446
Darth Baras is so corpulent that when he sits around the magnificently-appointed Tarisian villa... he sits around the magnificently-appointed Tarisian villa.

(Points if you get the reference.)

AhsokaTanorules's Avatar

04.30.2014 , 04:37 PM | #447
Baras is so fat that if he was assimilated by the Borg from Star Trek, he would become Unicron from Transformers.

faraohfa's Avatar

04.30.2014 , 05:41 PM | #448
Baras is fat like that because he is so Dark Sided that he has sworn an oath stating that he would never go light on anything. Even his weight limit.

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05.04.2014 , 02:37 AM | #449
Quote: Originally Posted by SirMannii View Post
When Darth Baras first tried Battle of Ilum-flashpoint he was the only one Malgus couldn't force lift.
That's a lie, sir! Baras never reached Malgus because ship couldn't take off with him onboard. BTW, Black Talon was created to transport Baras from Korriban to Dromund Kaas.

PaxSithari's Avatar

05.05.2014 , 11:41 PM | #450
Baras did have a network of spies in Chapter 1, but not for the reason you believe. They were searching for the planet Uphrades. This agricultural world supplies half the food for Coruscant. Or, as Darth Baras calls it, breakfast.
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