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Groupfinder still broken

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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08.16.2012 , 06:13 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonBerryman View Post
We do have a fix in the works for this, but it needed some extra time in testing. We're working on getting it out as quickly as we can, and we apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime. Thanks for your patience!
Group finder has never worked right (keeps marking non-healers as healers and doesn't consistently award BH comms on completion) and its not acceptable that full pre-made groups that were working have now been broken for 2 weeks.

This is one of TORs major problems, none of your systems are complete or fully functional. Your QA group needs to gets its crap together.

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08.17.2012 , 04:50 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by MaximusRex View Post
Your QA group needs to gets its crap together.
Assuming it hasn't been dropped like some other key people.

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08.17.2012 , 06:26 AM | #13
Ok, on a positive note, it feels nice to know that my post reached someone from BW and not just the usual crowd from the Negaverse. Looking forward to actually getting some conformation on an eventual, possible, launchdate for the fix - knowing full well that the fix will have been tested and is considered foolproof.

And on a sidenote; For those of you feeling the need to complain about the patch and it introducing new bugs BEFORE the patch has launched, try focusing your awesomepowers on something actually useful, like next weeks lottery numbers or perhaps a cure for some today uncureable discese. That way, we might have a chance of a better climate here on the official forum.

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08.17.2012 , 06:31 AM | #14
The way my group of 4 has been dealing with this issue is to run Lost Island exclusively - it does not suffer from the same problem (though see another post in this thread about other problems if a replacement is needed). We queue for LI as a full group and each gets the 5 daily BH comms.
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08.17.2012 , 09:56 PM | #15
*Always solo queue'ing and always triple checking that I'm set to DPS only, so why is it that I keep ending up in FP'es as a Healer? The outcome is that I have to drop out, which results in a GF lock-out.

*I too have on numerous occassions had to contact CS over BH comms and I can confirm that they don't seem to have a policy for handling this matter. What's up with stupid questions such as "and when did this take place" to which I reply "when I sent the ticket" and they ask "can you be more specific".Really, they think I'm keeping a diary over my trials and tribulations in a game? Just check your logs already. On that note, they couldnt even tell me if I had recieved the +10 datacron. CS really needs access to more information.

*Why am I more or less always getting Directive 7? Is the weighting on that FP 90 % or something?

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08.19.2012 , 02:35 AM | #16
bump. still broken.

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08.19.2012 , 08:34 AM | #17
Looks like they have given up on fixing the group finder. Almost 4 weeks since the problems started our guild is trying to stay together but I dont give it much hope with HM Denova also bugged. We died on the first boss and got locked out of the Operation. planned it for 3 days had people make sure they had the time to do it and we get 45 minutes of play and 30 minutes of bug time.
I spend almost half the time writing bug reports now. The last patch is going to kill the game if it this doesn't get fixed soon.
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08.19.2012 , 01:29 PM | #18
yeah still not fixed that problem with the 4 man group... every flashpoint pops up... i bet if you would get fpr every pop up 5 black hole comm they would fix it in one hour...!!!!

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08.19.2012 , 04:48 PM | #19
despite turning on groupfinder every day, and toggeling ON every option. I have yet to be invited to a group through it. I don't beleive that groupfinder works at all.
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08.20.2012 , 02:36 PM | #20
bump thread, you guys still havent fixed this since you broke it.