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Favorite NPC so far...

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02.08.2012 , 04:34 AM | #21
Skavak - he's increadibly annoying and I was really looking forward to kill him. Well writen nemesis role
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10.02.2012 , 06:13 AM | #22
The one I really grew to was with my female Agent on Balmorra.
I guess she would have married him insteed of Vector, though I love my bugboy
I always had a thing for Watcher 3 *smile*

I always liked Darmas until
His character was well written and the spoiler below took me completley by surprise......

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10.02.2012 , 06:20 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Shadowclaimer View Post
Duchess? Her VA was really good.
She does a lot of Imperial voices including the Trooper's companion Elara Dorne (Likewise whoever voices the female Imperial Agent voices a few Imperial soldiers including on Korriban).

As for my favorite NPCs, it has to be Gree operator units who teach me Gree conceptions with simple-happy language-words and much patience!

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10.02.2012 , 06:32 AM | #24
I like the casual, sophisticated sadists on Empire Side, like Lord Draul, or that officer on Balmorra who asks you to go after the Jetpack Bounty Hunters (forgot his name).

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10.02.2012 , 10:40 PM | #25
Skavak is at the top for me. excellent, excellent rival. i hated him soooo much, but i liked him because i hated him...if that makes any sense. the playful yet despising manner in which the two of you go back and forth with is just perfect, and i actually found myself giggling mischievously whenever i got the chance to ruin his life. although killing him was so very satisfying, i still kinda felt a little sad because it was all over now.

those gree droids are also high on the list. that was one of the most memorable quest chains i completed, all do to their speech patterns.

the Duchess and her poor droid boys were also pretty memorable. felt so bad for them all. i almost started hurting, seeing him in pain like that. i just couldn't leave them alive like that...
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10.02.2012 , 10:56 PM | #26
Gah, I have so many since I've pretty much done almost everything in-game! Meh, here's all the non-companions I like best.

- Tala-Reh
- Jonas Balkar
- Darth Baras
- Lieutenant Rutau
- Master Sommnick Timmns
- Sergeant Jaxo
- Keeper/Minister of Intelligence
- Watcher Two/Keeper
- Hunter
- Lord Praven
- Darth Malgus
- General Hesker
- Cole Cantarous
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10.02.2012 , 11:03 PM | #27
Pat-aK and Man-aK!

Man-aK - never going back! never going back!

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10.03.2012 , 02:12 AM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by Vespertilius View Post
Yup, also my fav npc's from all the game!
I kinda can understend almoust all what they say... but i can't figure yet what is the best translation for "black Bisector"
The best translation of this is "Problem-solver," at least if you're going by the meanings themselves. You can make the argument that it's also subjective.
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12.23.2012 , 10:55 AM | #29
Thana Vess.

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12.23.2012 , 12:41 PM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by dadamowsky View Post
Skavak - he's increadibly annoying and I was really looking forward to kill him. Well writen nemesis role
I was very happy to give him something that penicillin couldn't cure.