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how do you defeat the colicoid broodmaster?

rufuschaos's Avatar

12.22.2011 , 05:39 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Gadjung535843
I done it on 18lvl, after several times of restarting...

1. You must have "Channel the Force" ready to use.
2. Max out all possible equipment for you and companion.
3. Use stim for willpower and ready maximum affordable medpack.
4. Khem Val going for DPS mode, you for "tank" mode, use skills like Mark of Power and Guard on him. Charge you staff with "dark charge".

1. Rush into battle. Boss go under ground and strike you 250 dmg. Then attack, shock, electrocute, and melee. Hi lose 25-30% hp and go underground again, summoning minions. Now activate Channel the Force. You MUST aggro them all and kill as soon as possible. It''s not hard. Overload them, then shock (one down), Force Lightning (second), melee all that left and go for Boss, help you companion. Electrocute boss (Channel the Force recharge your Electrocute).
2. Now he lose another 30, and another time go underground. Repeat step 1 and kill second wave of minions. You companion almost dead now and soon perish. Focus on boss, after he kills Khem Val and goes for you, use medpac (if needed) and finish him off. You will be able to make his last 25-30% hp disappear.
Thanks a lot for your insights. Being a healer spec sorceror I couldn''t follow exactly what you suggested, but close enough to make all the difference.

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12.22.2011 , 06:03 PM | #12
lvl 21 Assasin Cannot beat this fight tried for two days. Khem Val drops shortly after the first wave spawns. I have no way to heal him. I use a heal stim on myself but.

I even tried pulling Boss into the tunnel didn''t help. Cause the adds still chase me down and kill me.

This fight needs to be adjusted easy fix is to make the boss stay gone until adds are gone then boss comes back. I could beat it then.

Dark_Cheetah's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 05:23 PM | #13
I have to admit the testers didnt see the boss is too powerful. It says its 19 level quest and it is not for sure! 10+ tries with 20 lvl assassin and no luck

Darges's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 01:36 AM | #14
Assassins (Like myself too) Seem to be having the same issue across the board, it doesn't help that you lose stealth and cant at least get the first shot in too

vosslerx's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 09:49 AM | #15
all you sin's really need to start making better use of ur stuns and remember to target fire with khem, it really helps to hit the same target as him. I did this on my 1st try at like level 18. It went something like this..

open with 4 second stun, let khem get agg and just keep mashing him down with all ur abilities.

he goes under and those things come out, hit same target as khem and when they get close to u use the jump thing to push them all away and kill them off.

by the time main boss comes back up u should have ur stun back up again and than stun him. use that tank regen health buff once u guys are at like 40%.. once khem is at like 15-25% hp, switch the agg and u take control.

just remember to stun often, switch agg back and forth if need be, keep an eye on ur buffs and only use maul when the buff thing procs, and use shock/discharge everytime its up. those are priority skills.

Scriven's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 01:26 AM | #16
These suggestions didn't work for me, even at level 21, but I'm probably not using my assassin as well as I should be...

Here's what did work for me:
* Killed everything on the way in.
* Ran through the broodmaster chamber and through the exit tunnel to the round chamber with the elevator. You'll run past a bunch of colicoids. If you die on the way, just rez and keep running to the elevator chamber.
* The colicoids will bunch up at the entrance to the elevator chamber. Wait for them to dissipate, then kill everything in the exit tunnel.
* Aggro the broodmaster and get him to follow you as far into the exit tunnel as you can. Halfway to the elevator chamber should be good enough.
* Attack the broodmaster. He'll burrow and send broodlings, but the broodlings spawn in the main broodmaster chamber and it takes them a while to get into the exit tunnel to your position. The broodmaster reappeared before the lings got to me. Without the lings attacking me, he died very easily. He was only able to spawn lings once. Also, not all of the lings came into the exit tunnel. Some were still in the main chamber when I went back for the artifact.

When I did this I fought the broodmaster with Crushing Darkness, Electrocute, Force Lightning, and Shock. I alternated between Lightning and Shock and Saber Strike while the other two refreshed. When the broodlings attacked, I hit them with Dark Charge/Discharge and Overload and attacked them directly. (There was only one small wave of broodlings and I was able to ignore most of them and concentrate on the master.)

I didn't use Channel the Force because this was my third attempt and it was still recharging. I had just tried the other method mentioned in this topic twice and it didn't work for me. (Like I said, I'm probably not using my assassin as well as I could be.)

I guess it's possible to lure the broodmaster all the way back to the elevator chamber and fight him there from a distance. It wasn't necessary in my case. I killed him the first time I tried this technique.

Hope it helps.

Synti's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 02:47 AM | #17
Just did it today on my lvl 19 sorcerer. The trick is that he only summons the add twice; first at the beginning of the fight and again at the end. Could be on a timer but to me looked more like was tied to his HP, though I didn't catch any numbers.

Started by pre-shielding both me and Khem, pulled the boss to the tunnel entrance and DPS'ed him as much as possible. When he summons the small adds, single targeted them down and CC'd the broodmaster himself with whirlwind. Took my time, healed us both and pre-shielded again.

DPS'ed him again as much as possible. He summoned the adds again at ~10% HP. Just ignored the adds and burned him down. After he died, heal us again while Khem killed the adds one by one. It helps a lot to have specced for extra 20% on your shields in this fight and in general; means more time to DPS without interrupting to heal Khem.

ValkyrieAvenger's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 02:03 PM | #18
Ok, I had the *worst* time with this until I did the following

After like a dozen tries I went ahead to Nar Shaddaa and got some equipt from intro quests there since I was lvl 21-22 anyway, bought Khem a vibroblade out of the Promenade there that was better, also grinded (ground? ha) on space missions to get enough creds for stims and medpacs.

Then, I respec'ed to Darkness only b/c that was the spec of a fellow Sin who had an easy time. also - !!!Put the "Guard" skill on Khem Val!!!

Got all the way up to lvl 23 that way, which I'm not sure was necessary, but after the Darkness respec I was able to beat her the first time and Khem didn't even die.

Guard on Khem helps a *lot*

...I'm not really sure it's the boss anymore that needs tweaking, but maybe the Deception and Madness skill trees. FWIW.

Respec is cheap so if you are set on your spec just redo it after the fight

Best - Valk

TheStelioKontos's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 01:48 PM | #19
I did this as lvl 21 with my assassin. Was specced Deception. Had best willpower stim I could buy up and used Khem as my tank. Took me like 5 tries to win but I ended up setting Khem to passive and pulling the boss back to the first giant room and fighting it there.

I had the boss about 75% dead by the time the first set of adds showed up because they have to run all the way from the main room to where you were.

Also read somewhere too that in the main room there's an exploding box that you can use to do a lot of damage too but I didn't end up doing that when I won.

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02.19.2012 , 05:14 PM | #20
Just soloed this on my 16 Madness Sorc. Originally I was going for the route mentioned above where you lead the broodmaster toward the exit. But as I was running through (Barely making the exit.) I noticed the mobs never cross the threshold to the exit. So after clearing out the pathway I lead the broodmaster to the exit, went just past it, leaving Khem Val and thus the boss right at the edge of the exit. She called her minions twice but they didn't show, and Both I and Khem Val survived. The minions of course had to be cleared in the central area to get the relic. I can only surmise that if you get the broodmaster to the edge of the exit, her minions spawn but for some reason don't make the run to save her, either that or I killed her fast enough. Regardless it is possible to solo this at lvl 16.

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