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The Gamer from Hell

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07.30.2012 , 06:59 PM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by AngelFluttershy View Post
Altosax is best Sax!

My gamer from hell was so bad that it was hilarious. I'll be explaining this story in the context of his class, Vanguard > Shield Specialist (Trooper Tank). I have an alt of the similar spec so I know how the class goes.

A 42 (me) Sentinel>Watchmen, 41 Scoundrel>Sawbones, and a 41 Sentinel>Watchmen wanted to run Normal Red Reaper. I was pugged into the group and soon after they pugged a level 50 Vanguard tank who will now be referred to as Stitch. Stitch was extremely confident in his tanking skills and knew he could do this flashpoint blindfolded as he was over-leveled and did it before. We thought it was going to be a cakewalk. That cakewalk turned into a 60 minute marathon.

Note: His name wasn't Stitch, I just thought it would be funny.

1) We enter the flashpoint and wipe on the first group, Stitch was the first to die claiming that "No level 50 tank in any gear could take that many enemies at once." The enemies described were eight level 42s.
2) Stitch went AFK so I decided to continue without him and we cleared the entire room with me tanking. I kept adds off the healer with Force Leap and a burst of DPS. Stitch returned and asked who we brought in to help kill the mobs as that room was "impossible" without a tank.
3) Later I instructed Stitch to use his area taunt more often to keep the mobs off our healer. He replied that he had only one taunt and it was single-target. Stitch never learned his area taunt, and to this day probably still doesn't. The healer and I continued to pull threat despite his 100% threat generation in his stance.
4) Stitch ignored the healer altogether, I played bodyguard by jumping any mobs that clung to the healer.
5) Stitch never knew that Ion-cell had a chance to apply a DOT, or that his Stockstrike applied a DOT due to his spec. He stated he filled his Shield tree, but I am still skeptical.
6) Stitch held threat on a total of zero bosses. His taunt was the only thing keeping attention off of me. Luckily, none of the bosses in Red Reaper are very difficult, the trash is more of a threat.
7) CCs were constantly ignored and broken by the Pulse Cannon and Mortar Volley spam Stitch brought with him.
8) Stitch refused to accept help as he was "an amazing tank and should be respected by lower levels who can't even tank." I don't think he ever heard of alts.
9) Stitch was too cool to interrupt.

We got through the flashpoint because he didn't lie about knowing the flashpoint. He knew what to do in each boss encounter, except how to tank despite having leveled all the way to 50 as a tank.

BONUS: The other Sentinel in the group was the same spec as me, but didn't know how to play his class at all. He will be called Sentinel B.

1) I noticed that I was the only one applying burns to enemies, I asked Sentinel B what spec he was since he was in Shii-Co. I assumed he would answer Focus, but replied with full Watchmen. I instructed him to get into Juyo form immediately.
2) After Sentinel B was in the correct stance I informed him of his burns. He started to use both but forgot about Overload Saber and just kept Cauterize in rotation.
3) Sentinel B didn't know putting a point into Merciless Slash gave you a new attack.
4) Sentinel B asked me how I got Force Camouflage.

I hope the education I parted onto these players has helped change their game for the slightly better.
I feel your pain. Gotta love the "know-it-all" who can't even do what he says he can do, and the "inexperienced one" who doesn't even know how to play his class. At least you were able to help the Watchman along. Going Watchman with my Sentinel, in fact. Great DPS so far. Only level 18 on him, though. lol
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07.31.2012 , 09:02 AM | #72
My latest Gamer From Hell was a dps Powertech who attempted to tank Boarding Party. When he folded like a lace hanky in the first trash pull I inspected him to see where the issue was. I'll call him Lacey.

He had 7.5k hp at level 34 (I had 9.7 at level 38 and I'm the healer). Geared entirely for DPS. Didn't use Guard, didn't use Ion Cell, never taunted. Couldn't hold the aggro of a dachshund if he had a steak strapped to his face. He did have valor 23 though and he figured that made him big ****. After I got punched to death by Do'nair, the Marauder said something like "Wth tank do your job." at which point I whispered "Check him out - that's not a tank."

The Marauder gave the tank tanking lessons while I ran back. Lacey whined that yes he was pyro tree, that it wasn't his fault the game made him tank, that the groupfinder was supposed to assign random roles and anyway he only played console games. I decided not to lay into him because it was 2am, I wanted my daily and I didn't want to sit around trying to find another tank if he chose to ragequit, although goodness knows Kaliyo probably would have been an improvement.

I got Guarded. Under the circumstances he'd have been better off guarding the Marauder, but really the last thing this guy needed was to get solid aggro because he couldn't survive it if he did. I whispered the Mara "You're the tank. Shh...", and switched focus. The Mara tanked the rest of our successful run and Lacey never noticed. He was too busy whining that this tanking stance thingy was wrecking his phat deeps.

And really, there's nothing like a bad PuG for making you up your game. I don't think I've ever made quite so much strategic use of interrupts, defensive CDs and Cloaking Screen. It's easy to get lazy when the team is good.

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07.31.2012 , 10:40 AM | #73
Quote: Originally Posted by Flaminica View Post
....Couldn't hold the aggro of a dachshund if he had a steak strapped to his face....
I LOL'd so hard at that, my boss looked at me funny. Made my week!
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07.31.2012 , 01:24 PM | #74
This is my first MMO and I'm far away from being a youngster, but still had all the tanking basics down well before 50.

Mind you I ran HM D7 with a 'healer' whose best piece of gear was an orange chest piece full of green 42 mods. Despite asking at the final boss if everyone knew the fight, I was wondering why i still had no heals towards the end of the second transition. Suddenly I see the guy run between me and the droid as fast as possible, headed goodness knows where, with the claw chasing after him. Pretty funny unless you count the 4 unneccessary wipes.
The problem with droid jesus is that he jumps around too much, you'd think he'd be a lot easier to nail down.