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Why is BW sitting on Paid Character Transfers?

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Why is BW sitting on Paid Character Transfers?

Sarlegant's Avatar

02.14.2013 , 10:00 PM | #451
You didn't say it right... being stuck on a pvp server, that's gonna die yet again.

I love Prophecy of Five... but the show is over, it's population is shrinking yet again, and this time there are no servers left to consolidate to repopulate it. It's obvious to me any more time spent on Po5 is just lost time.

Yes, I want paid transfers, to get both my toons, and my creds,and crew skills to a pve server, that will at least be the last before EA pulls the plug, hopefully many years from now.

Starting new toons, on a new server, without my creds and crew skills, is SO A YEAR AGO... but I do have a master plan. 3200 cartel points, for being a sub since launch will at least get my full bag slots. For the last couple of weeks, I've been rolling toons thru the starter planets, to fleet. When I have 12 of em, I'll buy account wide bag slots. In the meanwhile, just to have creds, I've bought and sold a few of the packs.

Would have been easier to just paid transfer, something I could have and did do years ago on WoW. It's a revenue source that EA and BW cannot afford to lose, and it should have been available at launch.

FaelinZ's Avatar

02.15.2013 , 12:14 PM | #452
I must say with 1.7 out now, it's extremely frustrating for me to have 50's on both Prophecy of the Five AND The Bastion. Having characters consolidated went well initially considering I had / met friends on both servers. However, the release of reputations / time sensitive events / having only one 50 on The Bastion, I find myself in a situation that I am literally unable to miss a single day of dailies in order to reach my goal of a wonderful looking Legacy weapon. Considering it's been many months since transfers have been ended and both servers are PvP labeled, I must say it's irresponsible not to allow me to have an option to give you my money. I just want to have fun with all of my characters, and not constantly worry about spending my mandatory 3-4 hours of rep grinds every day for the next month just to end up short if I miss a day.

Graydon's Avatar

02.15.2013 , 12:29 PM | #453
Guys, guys, please stop complaining!!!

I swear! This thread is only 8 months old. Be patient.

Jonoku's Avatar

02.15.2013 , 02:35 PM | #454
Quote: Originally Posted by Graydon View Post
Guys, guys, please stop complaining!!!

I swear! This thread is only 8 months old. Be patient.
No, more complaining req.

SyfuS's Avatar

02.18.2013 , 11:20 PM | #455
so seriously...we can buy coins on our cell phone before your willing to let us pay you to transfer servers? just figure out a way to roll it into the cartel market please
When life gives you lemons, Destroy them

MadBernieSkills's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 03:01 PM | #456
Quote: Originally Posted by planet_J View Post
You have to code this process and automate's not like someone can get out of bed one morning...snap their fingers...and *poof* it's automagically done.
They already coded it. Forced server merges used the code. Now all they have to do is add a price to it. Seems easy enough to do that, they add new Cartel items every few weeks.
Make it a cartel item.

Transfer Character -> 1000 cartel points
Transfer Account -> 2500 cartel points

Easy, right?

ModernZombie's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 03:04 PM | #457
All of my friends stopped playing on my current server but I have friends on another who are active. I have stopped playing entirely until they open up transfers. I have 3 level 50's and I do not have the patience to level a brand new toon with no legacy on a new server. They need to get this together.

majiinx's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 03:19 PM | #458
Quote: Originally Posted by Jonoku View Post
No, more complaining req.

Bioware needs to know that theres a large amount of people willing to pay for server xfers like myself I have a level 50 from launch but stopped playing however my brothers and a few friends convinced me to start up a new toon and play again and i'd really love to bring my 50 sniper over.

Eldrenath's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 03:38 PM | #459
I have a sub, but haven't spent a single penny on cartel coins yet (beyond my monthly 500 coins, that is). I don't plan to spend money on coins in the near future.

But BioWare, if you let me transfer my characters I guarantee you I'll plunk down some cash to move them. If you let me transfer all characters from one server to another for 2,500 cartel coins, consider me absolutely ready to buy 2,500 cartel coins. PLUS, you'll get my sub money!


dagrouch's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 03:45 PM | #460
I'm pretty sure they are just hesitant because of worries about what will happen to pops once they do this. They are scared that everyone will migrate to one and leave dead servers again.

It's a shame, because I actually want to transfer to a lower pop server (Jung Ma) from the Bastion (higher pop) because (like everyone else said) I WANT TO CONSOLIDATE MY CHARACTERS, ya know, for that legacy system you guys sorta built?