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Taral V Final Boss

Mertaz's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 05:50 PM | #21
Just did it with a lvl 29 group going in.

We had everyone except me the tank stand up the walkway where you can go up in the room in front of the boss and then I pulled and ran right there to los him at the pillar.

Then we used aoe knock backs to push the droids off so they had to run up again while the rest of us continued to dps the boss, healer included.

It required tactics and coordinated interrupts.

Save shield wall abilities for enrage hits.

We were 2 shadows 1 sage 1 scoundrel.

Delsana's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 09:22 PM | #22
Tried to do this boss, we got through everything even the bonus... but eventually we couldn't do the DPS for it, tried the tactics in here but even though we were the same level he would just rage at 50% and then kill us at 25% usually, no matter what we did or didn't do with the droids.

My team bailed and so I was left alone.

Avss's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 06:43 PM | #23
Here's what we did:

Use the experimental device to destroy 2/4 turrets before engaging boss. Then attack the boss with tank.

You should cleanse the thermal detonator as it deals 4k damage over time and can kill anyone in your group. This is a random attack.

At 75% hp he will summon droids. The tank can tank all of half of them. Just DPS them down and heal as normal.

After droids are down, dps him as normal.

At 50% he will summon droids again. Tank them again and kill them. Boss will enrage after droids are down, always after the 50% mark.

Dps the tank down to 25%. Make sure you keep the tank healed during DPS phase, just use some cooldowns as the DPS is around 2000 damage a hit but no one-shotting. Remember to cleanse (its helpful to have 2 healers for this fight or an off healer with cleanse/backup healing).

At 25% more droids come. You can tank the droids (always to pull them off of healers/dps) but more importantly you can either kill the boss or kill the droids. We DPS'd the boss down at this point.