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Unsubscriber's Thread: Tell us a few things

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Unsubscriber's Thread: Tell us a few things

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05.05.2013 , 11:26 PM | #691
Quote: Originally Posted by elitenz View Post
Server transfers + M0-T0 Customer support those are my 2 reasons for unsubbing and I have been playing since early access.
mo-to customer support is the one that answered my ticket about my jedi knight class story. i feel your pain and server transfers are something the game needed at the start.

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05.13.2013 , 12:30 PM | #692
Well, after buying the month's sub offered with pre-ordering RotHC, I've been debating whether to continue subbing or dropping back to preferred status. I've decided not to continue subbing for a variety of reasons (tried to pick five):

1. F2P/pref vs. sub restrictions: Yes, I know EAWare needs to make money. Yes, I know paying players should have extras unavailable to non-payers, so you can stop with your flames there. But there is a fine line here. While I can live with many of them, such as buying their respective cartel unlocks from the GTN, there are some that are just outright ridiculous:
-Limited medical probes. Why couldn't they just make it like QT with a longer cooldown?
-No ops. Why not just restrict ops the same way FPs are restricted?
-Credit cap could be somewhat higher.
-Delay between chat messages is just stupid.
-Can't post here. Seriously? Now they have no voice here, at all...which is especially problematic considering that this community loves to scapegoat F2P/pref players as the cause of everything wrong with the game.

And so on. You may ask why I want to drop sub after listing these? Well, I simply don't want to support greedy EAWare in their milking of their playerbase. And I most certainly don't want to send EAWare the message that this is all OK by giving them more money.

2. EAWare's laziness with dealing with pretty much...anything. When it takes you nearly a year and a half to fix a memory leak, that's a problem. Not to mention the infinite loading screens, hitching, /stuck not working, companions unsummoning, eternal combat, "cannot see enemy" when the enemy is right next to you, and so on. And 1/3 of the codex being broken, with missing titles on every planet, FP and Ops final bosses not giving epic enemies entries, etc. . In fact, I don't think I've ever been able to find all the codex entries for any planet. All issues with have been a problem since release. What's the big deal here? What's the holdup? These are things people have pointed out over and over again to death, since launch...

And instead of these fixes, we get things like making datacrons harder to get to, as if some of them weren't a royal PITA anyway. And more than half of each patch notes are filled with junk like "Revan's Mask now discounted for 50%!" "Quick Travel Passes no longer discounted!" "New Czerka speeder now available in the Cartel Market!" and so on. Where is the effort to actually fix, you know, the problems with the game itself?

3. Both factions having essentially the same abilities. I mean, Full Auto = Unload, Force Sweep = Smash, Telek Throw = Force Lightning, HIB = Rail Shot, Master Strike = Ravage and all that. Really breaks the immersion when you have two sides each claiming to be nothing like the other and yet...they end up fighting using what boils down to the same techniques and abilities. Come on...

4. Linear Planets. For example, on Coruscant, your character is railroaded to go Senate Tower -> MMG -> Black Suns -> Justicars -> The Works\Jedi Temple, every single time. Where's the variety or exploration here? Not to mention the fact that these are all just a few areas on a giant city planet. What about letting us explore the hidden alleyways between them, for example? Would make planets seem much less monotonous and repetitive.

5. De-emphasis of the "MMO" aspect of the game. I mean, 90% of the time people only group up on planets to do heroics. Other than that, every player pretty much goes his or her own way...I only remember taking someone else on my class missions like only twice. It just doesn't seem like much of an MMOG at that point. Would be nice if the game had much more to do socially, like rest in cantinas or play mini-games together. Or maybe have their own houses and invite people over. Or have in-game social gatherings. Lots of ideas come to mind here.

With all this said, the game is still quite fun. I enjoyed taking my Commando up to level 50, even under preferred status most of the time. But there is just so much wasted potential here, it's just so mind-boggling. While I like the game a lot when it works (which is unfortunately not as often as you might think,) it's really not worth it to support the way EAWare has taken this game.

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05.13.2013 , 01:08 PM | #693
1. Incredibly bad customer service.
2. Having to do a work-around to use the launcher considering the "one-time pw" system simply does not work as it is intended.
3. The feeling of being treated like poop by other players (during pugs) and by ea/bioware (see above).
4. The initial impression that the above combined with my "start time" here coincided with an unusually dense cluster of patches and the expansion, leaving me with the impression that whoever runs swtor either really doesn't know what they are doing, or they just don't care.

The reasons for coming back and my plans to stay a subscriber are #'s 3 and 4 in reverse. I have been here just long enough now to make some good friends, and to learn how to play a class or two adequately enough to get the occasional, "nice job!" (during pugs of all things), as opposed to the constant "you stink!" during pugs.

Ya,, ,the game is not perfect and there are a ton of fundamentals that need fixed. But I realized that even unsubbed I still played swtor A LOT and that being subbed improved the gaming experience to the point that it is definitely worth it. There are some horrid trolls on swtor, but also some really great people. I know this is supposed to be "why I unsubbed" and I said why I did. But swtor is simply one of the very best games ever and very much worth the $15.00 a month.

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06.08.2013 , 03:11 AM | #694
i am a starwars fan.
love the movies, love the stories.
reminds me of the old erol flynne pirate movies i saw as a kid.
good stuff.

i got into this game in beta.
fairly early beta.
i wanted to do what i could to make this game as good as possible.

as things progressed i was always waiting for the smuggler to become a "smuggler".
it always looked like just another fighter/healer class, and i felt sure that eventually it would become a "smuggler" class.

eventually it became clear that there would never be a smuggler class.

i got out of the game.

"lord of the rings online" caught my attention and i played free there for a short time and enjoyed it very much.
after a while i bought a few things like more storage space, and eventually more character slots.
and played some more.
i was working my way through the game story, and had allot of fun with very well authored side quests.
more importantly enjoyed the freedom to just wander around and feel like i was actually walking through middle earth.

after having spent a few hundred dollars in as many months, i decided to become a subscriber.
the game is quite enjoyable without subscribing to LOTRO, but i wanted just a touch more, and discovered that i was in a game that planned for the long haul.
not just a quick flush of cash and when the profit margin dropped below a certain point, shut down the servers and move on to selling cheeseburgers or morning after pills or whatever the next quick cash scam is.
it was clear that LOTRO was intended to be played by players that took the time to enjoy the story they are in, not just how many kills they have in PVP.

i looked around at other games.

what i have seen is that almost every online game, almost every single one of them, is setup to cater to the PVP crowd of people wanting to earn "bragging rights".
almost all of these games, including this one, are setup to make a quick profit, and fade away.

i didn't play SWG, and from what i have heard of it, i wish i had known about it before they stopped accepting new accounts.

i payed for two months subscription to come back and see if i could find a way to enjoy this game.
that was about a week ago.
i was able to come back into my nine avatars that i had here, and start a couple of new ones.
the jedi and sith are still limp and quite un-heroic.
the smuggler is not a smuggler.
my agent, my bounty hunter are still rather mundane and all the classes are made to PVP.
one thing i DO like was that i could drop a small amount of cash [after subscribing] and roll up a chiss jedi, and a chiss smuggler.
i like that bit of humor, and was a minor reason i came back to the game.

PVE is just the training ground to get to PVP.
i don't play the game for bragging rights, so maybe i just have the wrong goal.
i wanted to be in the starwars universe.
but this just turns out to be another fighting sim with a tattered tarp of starwars stretched over the mechanics of the game.

you could easily put ogres, wizards and dwarves in the place of the sith, the jedi, and the troopers, and the game would still play the same.

comparing this game to LOTRO again.
and it is something off and to the side from the REAL game.
the primary goal of the people that run that game is to give players "Middle Earth" to travel freely and slowly through and look around at, and enjoy.
and it is that.
and i am glad to pay for a game that i can enjoy without paying for.

this game is disappointing for me, and i hope that something resembling SWG can come about.

if such a game is to come about, i hope that the developers take a long look at LOTRO as a template for a theme based online game.
and especially at how they get people to spend money on their game.
it does not have the greedy hustler, scammer even extortionist feel to it that this game has when it comes to money.

so for the next month and a half or more, i may log back in a few times to try to find something here, but it's certainly not going to be high on the list of things i want to do with the time i have partitioned out to spend in online games.

and i am quite sure that i won't renew.

--- please forgive me for i have eaten from the tree of experience.
another very good reason to NOT hire older workers that have seen a thing or two.
we love progress and innovation, and we are eager to let you know when it's the same old crappy idea with a new coat of paint and a room deodorizer duct taped on the bumper.

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07.08.2013 , 04:04 PM | #695
If 2.4 doesn't fix a majority of issues with PvP and it doesn't improve it by a lot, not sure what I'll be doing. I'd still love to stay and support the game because it's Star Wars, but BW needs to show PvP'ers the love they desperately deserve.

Gree event sucked. It's worse than vanilla Ilum. Ancient Hypergate is THE worst Warzone the BW PvP team has developed hands down. Really don't know why we can't choose what we want to play, like PvE'ers can choose what FPs they want to queue up for. There are just some BGs that are meant to never be played, and AH happens to be one of them.

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07.11.2013 , 07:22 PM | #696
I resubbed after a hiatus of several months. The game is still buggy to the extent that it effects my enjoyment of the game. Also I find getting groups and rated pvp are a disaster.

1. In WZs my feet get "stuck" to the ground (esp in Hutball) and I cannot move, the only way to rid myself of it is to leave the WZ. This has happened several times, Ive bugged it and got a BS generic response.

2. Getting a group for anything takes a while, impossible to get daily.weekly operations done.

3. Guilds in the game are weak. I tried out 3 no one would log in, and when they do they aren't interested in doing much even though they advertisied as such. No truth in advertising at all.

4. PVP is a disaster. Impossible to get a rated team without good gear. Impossible to get good gear without a rated team. It takes months, and pugging is a nitemare in this game (and here I thought WOW was bad).

5. PVP teams are NEVER balanced: you have pugs up against premades, etc. Its either ALL losses or ALL wins. a disaster.

6. Customer service is a joke. It takes days for a generic response.

7. Too many daily/weekly missions that are mind-numbing and dull.

8. Cant really tweek our characters to make them unique. Even with the skill tree my character feels generic, not special.

Anyway that's it,Im done, gonna wait for WILDSTAR. At least a LFG was implemented, when I first played the game it didn't even have that!
Wydoe, Operative

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07.23.2013 , 05:51 PM | #697
I have never felt so lonely in an mmo as in SWTOR. I couldnt find people for the flashpoints i wanted to do, the heroics at the end of the binocular questline i could never do because i couldnt find people for it. All i could do the last 2 weeks was doing deadly boring daily missions on the laggy new planet that came with hutt cartel, or zooming about aimlessly with my speeder on imperial fleet, while waiting in a flashpoints queue that never ended. Groupfinder...yeah right. And pvp was a joke, total chaos and seemingly only made for guildteams to possibly enjoy. Oh, and the biggest guild i could find, with about 400-500 members had a peak of like 7 or 8 people online at the same time. Kinda summons it up.

Anyway i dont regret paying for the game. The game still being on BETA STAGE aside, It was fun to level a char and the personal story missions were very good and interesting most of the time. But after reaching top level you suddenly became dependant on groups and cooperation in order to do flashpoints. And thats when the game turned to the Gobi desert. Oh well, moving on to other fun and games.

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07.23.2013 , 06:12 PM | #698
Games are supposed to be fun. This one isn't fun for me. BioWare can take something that's boring and tedious and make it worse (Seeker droid)

I am sure no one here cares myself or anyone else are leaving, especially EA/BioWare


07.23.2013 , 06:26 PM | #699
I unsubbed for about 10 months but picked it back up in Feb and haven't been able to stop playing! The big problem at engame is finding FP groups of course but we'll see how 2.3 works out with their new any class grouping system. I think it will yield positive results for sure!
I originally unsubbed cause I got stuck and didn't group up for help so I gave up but now after learning a bit about how to play the game I'm having a lot of fun! I don't play MMO's but from all the ones I've seen there is no cooler character than a Bounty Hunter with dual Black Nebula pistols! Sorry, riding on magical chickens seems a bit too "cool" for me.

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07.23.2013 , 10:07 PM | #700
Unsub today.
1. No Open World PvP (real world pvp, as Ilum before)
2. Warzones are boring, no dynamic system
3. Expertise System is crap
4. Light/Dark doesnít matter
5, Mirror classes setup are boring, and so lack of creation (such as Jedi knight/ Sith warrior)
6, No distinguish feature of each class even in same faction, (Smuggler didnít smuggle)
7, No free space explore, no star, no wars between factions
8, No long term mission after max level, and no global queue for mission or PvP
None of this changed after a year.
SWTOR is not a failure, it is a Fiaster !