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Unsubscriber's Thread: Tell us a few things

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Unsubscriber's Thread: Tell us a few things

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06.11.2012 , 05:44 PM | #21
  • Game lacks PvP lakes - Ilum was kinda fun despite performance issues, but the objectives were junk. This should have been much more complex and interesting, since it's what you do when you get to 50. It should be something you won't get bored of competing over EVER, and a battle that will last until the end of the game.

  • Game lacks fun - The meeting point (fleet) is boring - even though the Star Wars universe is a little more dour to begin with, you CAN blame the IP - but compare with WoW's dwarf/goblin town - they had a TRAIN! The atmosphere of the game is as though the devs had EA breathing down their necks every minute of every day.
Quote: Originally Posted by killgorde
a great PvP game requires the devs only to facilitate and improve the environment within which the players themselves create their own content.

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06.11.2012 , 06:22 PM | #22
My top 5 for unsubscribing:

1) Dead Server - I watched my server go from really low population to no population. There is no economy and the acutionhouse dead.

2) Space Combat - When I started playing this game I was so exited about the space combat. I'm probably dating myself but I remember many sleepless nights playing X-Wing v Tie Fighter series. They actually captured the feel X-wing v Tie Fighter with the space combat because it popped into my mind as soon as I started the space missions but the disappointment of space on rails really ruined the whole thing for me.

3) No Cross Server LFG tool - I started playing Tera Online and I have done more instances in that game in 2 weeks than I have in 5 months of SWTOR. I don't have much time to play I want to log in, get a group, and get things done without a lot of chit chat or waiting for players. One of the things I love about WoW is the cross server LFG tool. I can pop in pretty much anytime and get a group and it has very little conversation its all business.

4) Terrible character customization, ugly characters, even worse armor for the Republic. I think that says it all in generally I was really disappointed in the character graphics and armor. I think they need to make the characters more attractive and add many more armor options. Sythweaving made some particularly horrid looking outfits for Jedi, I remember thinking I'd never wear anything I could make. Edit I lied I think my Jedi Knight is wearing lvl 50 crafted armor, but he looks like a station wagon from the 1970's with wood side panels.

5) Bugs - I feel like Bio is pretty slow in patching this game, and too many bugs remained patch after patch. Maybe they have got them all by now but I remember being annoyed when I was playing.

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06.11.2012 , 06:28 PM | #23
I unsubscribed due to the following in no particular order:

1. No LFG. Sitting on the fleet for ages to form a group is not fun.
2. Nothing to do at level 50.
3. Flashpoints: Too much trash, just about all the trash have some form of knockback. Loot from bosses is terrible. Flashpoints are way too long.
4. PvP is terrible. Ilum was a complete disaster.
5. Crafting system is horrible. So many recipes that are completely useless.

My subscription runs out in a week when the free month expires. I really wanted to like this game, Bioware have managed to screw up what should have been a surefire hit. All the changes coming in the next patch should have been in the release version. And before the fanboys and eternal Bioware defenders say the game has only been out for 6 months and give it time I say to you CODSWALLOP!!!!!!!. This is 2012 and the game is missing things that should be standard for a game released in 2012. Things have come loang way since World of Warcraft was released and Bioware somehow failed to notice this and released a game that would have been fantastic in 2006.

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06.13.2012 , 09:52 AM | #24
1- Loading Screens. There are way too many and take way too long for the caliber of system that I have.

2- Layout - Everyone is concentrated on a fleet and is disconnected from all of the worlds by numerous long loading screens.

3- Itemization - None of gear, weapons are aesthetically pleasing to me. It is not enough just to continually raid for higher numbers.

4 - Art design - I was able to look past it at first, but in the end it is too cartoony for me, and the character models are too generic.

5 - Diminishing Community - Nearly every one of many hundreds of guild members I've had since launch have quit for various reasons. Its disheartening.

And "not enough end-game content" goes without saying. Really only Rift is the only game I've played to really approach this inevitable situation correctly.

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06.13.2012 , 11:34 AM | #25
First and foremost; I am quitting because I start medical school in the fall however I felt like ranting about why I disliked this game. Only stayed because SWG is gone.

This game is to much of a headache. I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in the beta back in August when yes, myself and my guild from SWG were all wearing soaked panties for this game in hopes it would be a nice placebo for SWG. As soon as I hit 26 or so the whole game lost its brand new feel, luster and glowing enticement of voice overs, delicious stories and I started to criticize it hard. Of course, back then when I began to slam this game for being way to under developed for a release in December I was throw under the bus for only being a die hard fanboy of SWG because I was apparently "the best commando on my server" but I didn't care at all by then. SWG was dying I was simply looking for an MMo to replace it. No matter what I said to my guild they ignored it all and now look. They all pushed in with wet panties and giant bulging erections for this game only to quit a month after release. Two people aside from myself are all thats left in the guild that play. Out of the 123 servers or whatever what, 5? 6? servers are standard at peak times for their respected zones on average. With only 2 being Very Heavy and one being Full.

My issues in beta:
No Chat bubbles
Mini-map doesnt show NPC's on radar so you can look at your radar to avoid aggro or find mobs easily.
One CC breaker? Really? This game is pretty much a CC fest and you give everyone just one CC break? Of course there is a class with 2 but come on. I thought Spiritmasters Fear in Aion was god awful, the resolve bar in this game and the 3213214 stuns that follow are completely stupid. There isnt even a CC resist for some classes that desperately need it. (Commandos/Mercenaries)
Your group finding tool is a good 4 years behind most MMo's look at Aion's group finder tool. It trumps yours tenfold.
World PvP is completely useless. Not only does the CS department ban players on a PVP SERVER for OPEN WORLD PVPING there is no point to it. You gain no Valor. I would think you'd gain at least a little valor but nope. Just a kill in your PvP Warzones statistics but before 1.2 we never even had that, we had Ilum which was a complete planet of fail. Another prime example of why this game was released way to early.
Your codex is writhed with bugged entries so to all the collectors and people that like to accomplish stuff completely on planets, gg because you can't. Enjoy 14 planets of 29/30 or 24/32 entries and after 2 patches they still haven't fixed them.
Theres a lot of furniture in this game. A lot. Starports, cantinas, ships, fleet and more. Can you sit? Nope. Enjoy the look of it all because they are not accessible. Only on your ship you can.
All games have a night and day cycle with shadows that work respectfully for that time of day. Not for ToR.
Weather effects? Nope. None.
Your character design is just about 11 years behind SWG and even more behind Aion. Every species is just a modified human model. Really? No Wookies? No Rodians? Not only that, you can't design your character to be unique. Can't change the eye size, ear size, eyebrows, chin jaw cheeks. Nothing. There are preset heads and customizations for you. How awesome...

My issues now?
PvP is horrible. 4 warzones over and over and over and over and over. And for what exactly? 140 comms 3k valor and the 20 minute voidstars and the god awful alderaan and huttball matches that last for 15+ minutes. Every time I Queue for warzones I pray to god for Novare Coast.
Crafting is pathetic is this game. No where close to the customization, the itemization and complexity of SWG. Resources are a joke to gather, got to love those bugged nodes. Companion missions take for ever. Entirely needs a rehaul.
Companions. Pretty much ruin the whole MMo aspect of this game. You can pretty much solo anything in the game aside from heroic 4's and of course flashpoints along with operations. Really?
All of your melee classes have free mobility to use their attacks and barely any cast times for their abilities. Ranged classes? No mobility, a LOT of cast times. Thats wrong.
Space is garbage compared to SWG. There is no comparison actually. Its that horrible. A rail shooter thrown together and added to make the fanboys for this game cream their panties before you hastily launched this pile of garbage game.
There is no open world to explore. And the world we have is boring to explore. There are no ruins, no interesting POI's. Just a cluster mess of NPCs humping each other around the map surrounded by neat looking shrubbery or the same piece of metal you see in every city or space station resused 100 times. Can't forget about those pipes you love so much Bioware. Just going to let you know, pipes, do not make star wars. They are just in the way and more useless texture for my computer to load and render. Now this complaint is prominently "im a sandbox fanboy" complaint. So hate on me all you want but I don't like to be boxed in and have my story told for me. I want to play the game the way I want to. SWG, I could.
As soon as you hit 50 what do you do? Really? Aside from warzones if your a PVPer and Flashpoints/operations if you're a PvE'r what else is there to do? Spend all your credits in the Legacy system or crafting useless trash? You could do all the content in a day. Finish both weeklies, both dailies and log off. After you get your gear you're done with this game. The credits should just roll when you hit 50 and tell you to buy the next game you release because end game content in this game is pathetic. "But what about making sure your armor has the right mods????" That will probably take you 2 weeks maybe more. After that what? Grind another character for a new story? Thats your end game content? How about the people with lives here? The ones with 2 hours to spare to play only one toon not 8.
Aside from the Lore and Datacrons, there is hardly any immersion. I can't personally get into the game at all. Could be because the story is being told for me about my character not truly my unique gaming alias but a predetermined story of every class saving the republic or empire at the end. Where do you go from there? Honestly. I killed the bloody emperor on my Sentinel. GG. The story made him sound like a hulking mammoth capable of killing me by batting his eyelids however when I visited Dromund Kaas I made that dark hearted baddie into my little [insert censored word so the CS department can't complaint] in 6 seconds as my companion sat there in the corner attempting to pull off a heal pretending to actually help or do anything worth poop .
The whole cutscenes before warzones. They need a turn off button. And the instructions for huttball and commentary for alderaan need to just be removed at 50 warzones. Because at level 50 I expect everyone to have at least an idea of what the heck is going on and what to do. I'm tired of hearing about how the imperials are on to me in alderaan or how hutts don't have feet.
The "ground breaking" voice overs for every quest where only the first few sentences or so matter then the rest is just oh when you get there here is the directions of what to do because apparently you are dyslexic and cant read the quest log or look at your mini-map for the rather obvious yellow and glowing green indicator that blatantly shows your where and what to do. 300 million spent on directions. Nice. I enjoy it in the story but you could cut most the dialogue out and save money by having them just say mission details on what to be done have been sent to your datapad. Bam. Saved my space bar from getting pounded 10 times and 5-6 minutes of my life.

Overall, aside from your obnoxiously spent for flashy voice overs and its franchise background (Knights of the Old Republic), this is is a steaming pile of poopoo. Not an MMo. This game in terms of MMos is a whopping 7 years behind. It's an over hyped, premature piece of garbage that is not worth in any way $15 dollars a month nor time in my life to play and go nowhere.

No none of you can have my stuff because you wouldn't be able to do anything with it anyway. You can't D/E it or sell it any of it. Only the credits and resources which are going to my guild.

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06.15.2012 , 05:46 AM | #26
I'm glad they left this open. Hopefully we can continue to get good feedback.

Thanks for keeping it civil.

"You can't fight in here! This is the War Room!" - President Merkin Muffley in Dr. Stangelove

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06.15.2012 , 06:08 AM | #27
1. Gaff after Gaff by BW in maintaining and servicing the game. Things that should have been in the game from the start aren't (A real auction house or a working GTN and LFG for starters). Too many servers and the horrid implementation of transfers and server merges.

2. Customer Service that doesn't provide any service. Go read your own customer service forums.

3. lack of open world PvP. Even PvE servers should have areas where opposing factions can wander across each other. And the same meaningless warzones are the PvP?

4. Lack of real content at 50. Run the dailies, again and again and again?

5. Crafting that makes little sense.

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06.15.2012 , 06:11 AM | #28
I have not unsubbed.
However there is talk about unsubbing on my game group. We usually spend a lot of time (years) on any single game, and then we move on. Decision will probably be taken jointly.

The reasons discussed are:
1. gameplay is very linear and static (no major issue here, rather a lack of any "great" or original things).
2. lost of trust with the Devs and Bioware. We feel cheated by promises, communications, and advertisment. It's commont perception (among us) that Bioware is constantly trying to "sell us" something and using "oily" tactics to do that. In a way it's like that each time Bioware talks, it lose affection with us.
3. people gone. Many people we were friends with or had been playing with are gone. There is new people obviously, but the feeling is "it's just a matter of time".
4. setting is not very deep. It's difficult to explain, but for instance, every Cantina seems the same, no matter the planet, the story, the whatever... Once we rated the planets to see what were the one we liked. Votes, on average, were low (Voss won, followed by Alderaan, btw)... almost looking at the less worst, rather then the best. Stories also have good moments in the middle of many boring and banal moments. The drive that made us say "we will play all 8 stories to the end" has long gone.
5. New games incoming. They cost less, they will probably offer an experience as least as good as swtor.

To us the game is average. Better then average sometimes (for instance the people in my server, at least before transfer, was super nice). Below average in many little important things. We are upset with Bioware and we don't feel any loyalty to them anymore... We play because - at the moment - we don't have anything better to do. And that notwhistanding, jumping ship is common talk.

What could keep us here: an honest attempt to add some kind of spark to the game.
Not just content (because useful as it may be, grinding is still grinding), no things like level cap and more grinding please, but something that feels unique and interesting, and special... (and please no more fake promises like "fixing crafting", or "legacy", or "ranked pvp", etc...)

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06.15.2012 , 06:20 AM | #29
Here are mine:

1. Optimization. The game engine is bad optimized.
2. PVP or lack of it.No world pvp. On pvp server u can't duel where you want, you need to go to allowed place - stupid right? Boring repetetive warzones(Where ffa arena, capture the flag, etc.). And no challenges, the is no challenge and desire to win, because you dont lose anything.
3. Classes Horrible class design as well as balance.
4. Graphics and animation, UI, gameplay Good for 2005, but not for 2012. I know graphics is not most important part in mmo, but to be competitive you need to be good at all aspects.
5. Boring storyline, lifeless tunnel environments, stupid repetetive quests. Nothing to add.

And on top of that the things that should be in every mmo: ui customization(Added only recently), lfg group, quick travel(hate running through the tunnels when land planet), boring end game content.

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06.15.2012 , 06:22 AM | #30
1. Not enough of an open world.
2. I felt that the community wasn't really together
3. Lack of things to do once level 50

That's all I could think of
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