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Unsubscriber's Thread: Tell us a few things

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Unsubscriber's Thread: Tell us a few things

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06.11.2012 , 11:28 AM | #11
The game is just another WoW clone formula with a touch of "KoTOR"... HELL, you can't even get opposing factions to level at the same time on the same planets.....( aka Taris) That shows just how single player flawed this game is.. IF the game was F2P co-op.. FINE.. but for a subscription based MMO's.. It's just another cancelled account..

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06.11.2012 , 11:38 AM | #12
1) I left the game because the engine is so broken they can't offer massive PvP. For me, this is a deal breaker.
2) I left the game because the engine is so broken it allows a staggering variety of cheats and hacks to be used (if you don't believe it, google it, and you'll see).
3) I left the game due to the staggering level of incompetence on the part of the development team that is indicated by my first two problems.
4) I left the game due to the miserable customer service and communication offered by EA/BW to their customers. I've had one good experience, and every other experience has been atrocious.
5) I left the game due to the lack of end game content. The LFG tool and server transfers may allow for the operations to be completed again, but when I finally determined that EA/BW did not have a clue what they were doing this was not an option.
6) Edit: As Pi mentioned, BW has repeatedly engaged in deceptive practices lately and I too feel that I was lied to about this game, as well as ME 3.

I can still post on the forums because I can not obtain a refund for my 6 month sub. and in the hopes that EA/BW will pull their collective head out of their *** and fix the ridiculous number of problems this game has. That being said, I received a collector's edition of TERA for my birthday and I'm enjoying it a lot, so even though I miss the Star Wars setting I doubt I'll ever return. TERA's stories are pure crap compared to this game, but everything else is much, much better. Story is nice, but it can't exist in a vacuum in an MMO. Quality game play, social experience, PvP, and raiding all have to be available too, and they really aren't in this game.
Edited because the devs appear to have fixed at least 80% of the crap that was pissing me off.

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06.11.2012 , 02:51 PM | #13
It just scrambles my brain how this is the same company that made loading screens/transitioning so smooth and non existent in their Mass Effect series, to coming here and hitting the haven of loading screens. Just kinda bugs me

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06.11.2012 , 02:53 PM | #14
First, I really want SWTOR to be successful, I am a big fan of SW and Bioware's past games. I have 70 days of gametime left and have cancelled my recurring subscription.

Reason 1 - Unmet Expectations
This is STAR WARS, this was the most innovative movie in the history of the UNIVERSE!!! You MUST apply that spirit of innovation to game development that Lucas applied to visual, sound and music. The attention to detail in Star Wars was mindblowing, you need to have a detail oriented mindset, its the missed details that spoil the "Magic". People had high expectations that the next truly innovative interactive experience was here, and you did your share to hype it up, so much pre-launch media, all slick, great job Sales Team btw. However, when you launched, even WoW a game 7 years old had more useful MMO features than you did. Ranked Battleground, PvP Arena Teams, World PvP quests in most higher level areas, ingame guild events calendar, Gearscore, server populations searchable on WoWarmory for individual gear, ranking, guildstatus, Third Party Addons that make up for Blizzard's lack of foresight or programming ability (Auctioneer, Deadly Boss Mods, Power Aura's Classic, and many others). Pretty good for Bioware's first MMO doesn't cut it for STAR WARS!!!

Reason 2 - Endgame PvP

SWToR PvP feels awesome you got a good thing here...time to double down, the animations, the sounds, the warzones you have are pretty cool, Huttball is amazing. But you have taken what is an amazing experience and somehow made it feel grindy. You really need to focus on the SPORT aspect of PvP. TEAMS, STATS, RANKINGS, FAME, GLORY, NOTORIETY, RIVALRY, CHEERLEADERS. There should be a daily "sports page" or newspaper that you can read INGAME to see which teams and players won the most matches, have the best win-loss ratios, who are the best up and coming players, even make it possible to bet on matches, and allow people to spectate matches INGAME like you are sitting in the stands with binoculars where you can zoom in and out, or watch it from a TV screen and you control which vantage point you are watch from at any time. INNOVATE PEOPLE!!! DO something nobody else has done yet. Make your PvP feel like a true sportsfan experience. (Also, you need to find a way to make Space Missions PVP, I can already think of a way to do it pretty easily but I'll let you work that one out, you can keep it on the rails and still have it be pretty frickin awesome)

Reason 3 - The Problem of 10 (or 8 in SWTOR's case)

Having 8 people show up to Ops time, on time every time is how progression happens. when a couple people from the team start missing Ops times or move on to another game ALL the team members suffer regardless of how punctual and on top of their game they were and there is a good chance they will unsub rather than going through the hassle of reguilding and having another bad experience. Now as an Ops leader/member I have a decision to make, replace the slacking team member with a Pug of questionable skill/gear/experience/fight knowledge, or cancel the run. This problem is mitigated by developing a POWERFUL Ops scheduling tool. A super powerful INGAME calendar that allows players to post when they are available to Ops, allow Ops leaders to post times, charge credits to reserve a place in the group, post bonds to reserve their position refundable if on time, Allow Ops leader very detailed control on the makeup of their ops group requests, Watchman specced sentinels, Shadow Consular Tank etc. And you need to diminish the influence of guilds and guild leaders on your gameplay experience, there are good guilds who run things well...and there are mediocre are losing your players from all guilds but I would bet mostly from mediocre need to take the guild centered mentality out of Opsing...unless your LFG Ops tool is really powerful taking scheduling, gearscore, and Fight Experience/Fight Knowledge into account, it will not address these underlying problems. Find an insentive system for GREAT players to help teach new players...right now...there is no insentive, like give bonus social points if you run an Ops with people with less gear or experience than you, a few Elite Ops teams on each server flourish...and the rest kind of flounder for a while before they unsub. ALSO...Once a week give DPS the opportunity to have a "For the Record" 6 minute timed, recorded Training Dummy run, which they can make public knowledge for Ops Leaders.

Reason 3 - Story...Meh...

I played KOTOR, I feel let down by the stories in SWTOR somehow, correct me if I'm wrong, but is there a single storyline in SWTOR that compares to the HK-47 storyline of losing your memory, waking up and having to deal with an insane droid who was possibly sent there to kill you who you now need to work with in order to stay alive?!? WTH that WAS FREAKIN AWESOME....THAT was over the top, that was Star Wars!!! All the characters in SWTOR feel like Waxy charicateurs(sp) of common Star Wars stereotypes. Storylines feel muted, and predictable, at least on the Republic Side. The choices you make rarely have any serious emotional impact, there might be 1 choice I remember having difficulty bringing myself to do for the darkside points on republic, but just 1 out of hundreds of choices.

Reason 4 - World PvP/Ilum/Planets?/Events??!?

Why Kill Ilum? You could try something different with it each couple months until you find something everyone likes...make it a rich gathering area, make it only take 15 reps and 15 Imps at a time per instance, how about 24? Put a bunch of PvE dailies in the middle of it so you can't just zerg around with a big ops all the need to seperate and take care of your quest objectives solo or in small groups. Make Ilum Only rewards for taking and holding nodes that can be turned in for Ilum only PvP gear, they could give movement speed boost or something. Try something, try everything, just keep it changing and exciting, make people want to fly to Ilum to see what crazy stuff you came up with this month. THE RAkGHOUL Event was your Perfect Opportunity to implement a World PvP system...lots of Imps and Pubs coming together in one place...but no PvP daily, Weekly quests no...that would have been too frickin easy...what about world pvp titles for killing X Players your level or higher? What about social points for pvp killing while in groups/ops?

Reason 5 - GTN is too simple, not simple enough

Your GTN interface is not good, take a look at Auctioneer or other games like TERA or GW2, their interfaces are much easier to use for casual use, easier to search, easier to sell, more functionality for serious users. People may not list this as a reason for leaving, but it certainly isn't making people stay. Your interface shouldn't get in the way of the economy. Sure not everyone is going to want to post 1000 sales and make 1000 purchases a day, but those who do want it to be super smooth. If you say those players get too rich? I say you are overlooking the service that the market barons are providing the server community, and that typically is normalized low prices and more variety in items that are available. With only 50 postings per character you have to pick the high profit items you want to focus on. That just means that some Niches are ignored completely due to their low volume, also, the 2 day post window is not good...make it a week or 2 weeks that will help with specific non-consumable items like gear that you don't need to buy everyday. With fewer postings on the GTN buyers and sellers have difficulty figuring out a good price for items and do alot of guesswork. But the main problem of having a poor interface and a struggling economy, is people just don't play that part of the game much, and that means there is more time for them to get bored with the other parts of your game and hastens the unsub lemming march.

p.s. My customer service experience on SWTOR Me "Bioware there is a fly in my soup" Bioware "Yes, I see there is a fly in your soup", Me "I would like another soup please", Bioware "I'm sorry, but your soup is too cold, I cannot get you another soup now" Me "Seriously?" Bioware "My best advice is to go back to work for a few days, get enough money to buy another soup, and come back later and buy another soup". Here is my customer service experience with Blizzard. Me "Blizzard, I'm lonely" Blizzard "I can help you with that, Blonde, Red Head, Brunette or Goth?" Me "Goth please!!" Blizzard "Sure thing, your new girlfriend is already in your mailbox, if for whatever reason you aren't completely satisfied send her back and we will get you a new one." (But my customer service experiences are unrelated to my unsubbing.)

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06.11.2012 , 03:25 PM | #15
1. Low populated servers (3-4 on the fleet at prime times)
2. No rated, hence low population.
3. No competition in the game AT all.. (No rated, no arena nothing.)
4. Poor prioritizing from Bioware, giving us legacy before things that are BADLY needed.
5. Horrible crafting system..

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06.11.2012 , 03:28 PM | #16
I just want to reiterate I'd have renewed next month if they hadn't fired everyone,particularly the guy that made promises about fixing everything.

If the game is doing as poorly as everyone with eyes to see can see, they should've kept the spokesman and fired the game designers.

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06.11.2012 , 03:59 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Sandtrooper View Post
I have to say I'm enjoying the game and I have no axe to grind. Yes, there are some things that could be improved but there are many, many good things.

I see so many threads with posters claiming that they have unsubbed. Some even seemed to have unsubbed weeks or months ago. I'm always curious why they stick around.

I have un-subbed . I bought a six month sub and got a free month . I am still around because I am still paying for it.

If you are one of the people who played for a time, then decided to quit, please answer the following questions:

What are your top 5 reasons why you left the game? Why do you stick around?
Maybe we can get some good feedback by putting this all in one place and maybe we can clean up other threads by putting this all in one place.


1. They knackered my pve class to balance pvp
2. Lack of content
3. population of servers means crafting and auctions are useless
4. linked to above no way to make money on a dead server
5. soooo many little things but I will l give but one example . Itemization of gear tiers . + x on legs this tier +y on next tier . no balance.

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06.11.2012 , 04:06 PM | #18
Left the game because Bioware decided to screw RPers over and exclude them from transfers.
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06.11.2012 , 04:33 PM | #19
TL;DR Version: Too many bugs in the game, especially in instances (flashpoints). End-game (50) became a daily mission grind fest. If they can make their content in WORKING order, and give us something more to do in their game other than doing daily quests on Illum, Belsavis and Corellia; only then might I consider re-subbing. We'll see if they can keep me interested once 1.3 hits the live servers and I might consider resubbing for 1 more month.

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06.11.2012 , 04:54 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by Sandtrooper View Post
What are your top 5 reasons why you left the game? Why do you stick around?
1) I feel like the general skill level and "MMO Intellect" of the players of this game are a couple of notches below what you find in "that other game." There just are not that many good players, and it makes finding a guild or a quest/flashpoint group that much more frustrating.

2) The GTN and interface are completely unacceptable. I brought this up in beta, but how could you not look at some of the popular WoW auction house addons and build that functionality in? Too many places it just seems like you said "Meh, this is good enough to get us our launch date"

3) No PvP daily terminals on leveling planets, and the insane amount of loading screens you have to go through to get from one place to another if you want to do that daily while leveling. You basically have to choose between working on a planet or doing your pvp daily instead of queuing for one while doing the other. Some of the loading screen times are completely unacceptable.

4) You went OUT OF YOUR WAY to separate the two factions on practically every planet. What in the name of pizza made you think this was a good idea? In some cases, the planets are even completely different instances and no members of the other faction exist. Are you braindead? And then people wonder why there's no world pvp. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need "incentives" to world pvp... you just need to see the other faction. Put the two factions together and there will be world pvp on pvp realms no matter where it is. Going out of your way to make it so there wouldn't be world pvp was utterly and completely stupid.

5) No dual spec. Leveling a healer the first time wasn't much fun. Now I want to make another but can't bear to go through with it again. I'd still like to heal flashpoints and heroic 4's while leveling, though. Havign to go allll the way back to the fleet every time I want to run a heroic 4 is terrible, and now with LFG group finder, I'd have to go back to the fleet anyway to respec for flashpoints, too. Come on, Bioware, wake the hell up.
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