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Best Story lines

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07.15.2012 , 10:05 PM | #21
I have played 7 of the 8 Stories, a couple of them more than once...

Imperial Agent is by far the best story in the game. You could play it 3 times over and come out with different playthroughs and endings. It has tons of action, twists, and drama, and even a few laughs to lighten up the mood. On top of this, all of the companions have a very distinct personality that you very much get attached to as each gets involved in some way and doesn't just feel like they were "tacked' on. You have an insane amount of NPCs in the story that allow for different outcomes in how you develop your adventure.

A very close second (and I mean VERY close) is the Sith Warrior story. It has by far the greatest antagonist of any story in the game. Your choices very much feel like they matter, though on a slightly lesser scale than the Agent's story. A Light Side play through feels very epic in the sense that you constantly push against all the ideals of the Sith way, while a Dark play through just makes you feel like an utter God of War. A couple companions feel like they are just ...there, but several actually are involved heavily in the story, including one that is completely different depending on whether you play Dark or Light Side.

Smuggler is my choice for the third best story, and it's based solely on just the very entertaining dialogue through out the game. No other class story plays out in such a witty way that you get a smile out of almost every cutscene. While only Act 1 of the Smuggler story actually felt like it was important and the second two acts more tacked on for content, the writing of the story itself drives the enjoyment factor through the roof as you constantly want your Smuggler to say quite possibly the coolest lines the game has to offer. Some of the companions I couldn't care less about, but there was enough influence on the key Companions that made me at least feel attached to them. Sadly, the best antagonist of the Smuggler story is removed early, and you really don't care as much about the secondary ones.

Some may disagree with me here, but my pick for 4th best story is the Trooper. Act 1 is incredible in my opinion. The whole betrayal plotline, while cliche, makes you really want justice and draws you into the plot quickly. The companions themselves have a very low involvement in the story save for a few parts, but their personalities were extremely likable. It might be because I am former military, but while most of my guildies that played the Trooper story disliked it as a whole, I actually enjoyed it. If you are more chaotic or evil, you probably won't enjoy the Trooper the way it was designed to be played. This is a story definitely designed for a Light Side play through and not as a Dark Side thug.

The Bounty Hunter is in many ways equal to the Trooper to me. I played Light Side, which felt like a Space Opera of the Kind Hearted Hunter with morales just looking to make some cash, but generally just breaking even. The Dark Side looks to be more about playing the Thug role who would sell his momma for a dime. One thing I did like about this story is that it feels the most NEUTRAL to alignment of Empire v. Republic. You literally are aligned with the Empire solely for story purposes only, and not because you like the Empire, which is great. It definitely feels like at some point they could set up a cross faction switch and allow players to change allegiances just solely on how the Hunter plays out. My biggest beef with the story, and the reason it's lower than the 4 above it, is that the story is literally, "Go to this planet, collect this Bounty" for practically the WHOLE THING. The companions kind of feel out of place to me. I don't think of a Hunter having a crew, and so these people that tag along with you just don't feel like they belong. Most people can't even name a companion for the Hunter other than Mako or Blizz as it is.

#6 & #7
I couldn't choose which of these felt better, so they tie for worst in my opinion. The Consular Story was weak... like, really weak. I couldn't get into it at all, as it doesn't engage you at all through out the prologue. I was practically bored to death all through out Tython, which probably led to me never getting into the story at any point. The companions were extremely disinteresting as well, with the possible exception of Tharan and Holiday, which were the only entertaining parts of the Consular story. I was EXTREMELY disappointed that I played a Twi'lek Female Sage and I could not have a relationship with the male Twi'lek, and instead I'm supposed to like this random soldier from Hoth. The Consular story literally holds your hand and has almost zero twists in it, and the few that it has, you already feel as if you saw them coming.

The Inquisitor suffers almost similarly, and you feel almost betrayed by the prologue. I played a Light Side Inquisitor, so this probably didn't help in any way, but I have been told that you REALLY need to play Dark Side Inquisitor to enjoy it, and I will vouch that Light Side just made no sense at all, so Dark Side probably couldn't make it worse. The prologue leads you to believe you have these certain character traits to overcome, but soon abandons the whole notion once you are off Korriban. There are a few twists in the story which help it some, but these redeeming points are few and far between. On top of all this, I feel as if EVERY companion save for Khem Val has absolutely no reason to be a part of your crew, and some that are on your crew make no sense at all from any motivational standpoint, like Ashara. Worst of all, and again this is probably because I played Light Side thus did it wrong, the ending was god awful from how I wanted my playthrough to conclude.

I am playing the Knight Story now... and I am halfway through Act 1, but at the moment, I can't see it being better than the #1 and #2 on my list, but it's definitely not as bad as the #6 and #7 on my list either.

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10.09.2012 , 05:11 PM | #22
Right, I'll throw in my perspective as well.


Story: Not that bad actually. You promoted the more you progress through it which is nice, because basically it is the only sort of appreciation you get for doing your "good deeds" to the galaxy. You actually get the feeling that you are a special forces squad leader set out to crush the Empire.

Companions: JUST awful, I mean.. they are the worst you can imagine. A cat, a bug and a lizard. However! Elora has some great voiceacting and the fact ((SPOILER)) that she is a former Imperial actually makes it interesting to shove gifts down her throat to learn more about her while the rest of the zoo is arguing aboard your ship.

Ending: GOOD! You get recognition for all the work you have done by the entire republic! In the end, you stand out as a hero.

Flaws: Apart from the pointless arguing and emotional disturbances between your companions there is but 1 major thing I noticed. IF you chose to be a good soldier, follow orders and do what is best for the republic you end up DARK SIDE. That's right. If, however, you let your emotions interfere, put NPC's before the mission and disobey direct orders you end up as lightside. ......... I don't get it, but thats how it is.

Bounty Hunter

Story: 1 word! BORING. As appealing to some as it may seem "The Great Hunt" is WAY overrated and not so great in the end and more or less you end up giving the same response to every. It's so lame that it made me laugh. "You're never gonna kill me". 2 hours later "I just did". You basically go assassinating everyone in your way and in the end, all you get is Mandalore saying "Nice".

Companions: None of them found my interest. Not a single one was able to contribute with something which could catch my interest.

Ending: I'm not even sure if I should write ((spoiler)) here, because it is very predictable. You end up killing everyone who got in your way. Then you drive off into the sunset looking for more to get in your way so you can eventually kill them.

Flaws: None that I can mention, actually. Then again, this isn't a deep plot nor a very interesting story.

Imperial Agent

Story: I can see why most James Bond fanatics would love this, and the storyline is very intriguing. This was the first plot where I found myself continuously playing and at one part rushing class quests only because I wanted to see what happens. As much as I hate to say this, it was actually good. Most importantly, the choices you make actually MATTER! Ho ho, a little of ME2 here!

Companions: You get an anarchist, a werewolf doctor, a bug, a force sensative...... and the evil computer from Portal in a robotic form with fat thighs. Put them all together in a room and you actually have something kind of interesting. It may sound as the start of a bad joke, but digging into these companions does have some minor thrills. One thing that pissed me off in particular, was that you weren't able to send the force sentative with a annoying voice away. By far the least interesting of all the companions. There should be a option such as: "Oh you are force sensative, are you? And in the Imperial Military? Not a chance, I am deporting your *** back to Koribaan where you belong".

Ending: Bioware is known for making disappointing endings, and for those that chose to play Dark Side, this one will be no different. The lightside will however give you everything you worked so hard for. Some may argue that indirectly the dark side does give you all of this as well, but my argument here is "MORE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SHOWN THEN". A bunch of disappointed NPC's on a cruiser isn't what I expected. I truely belived that Jadus would make an appearance or at least give a comment.

Flaws: You are constantly on the search for questions on who is double-crossing who, what are the cells up to, who you can trust etc, but so few of these become answered :/ You are left with a lot of unanswered questions which the ending wont provide for you.

Jedi Knight

Story: Somewhat decent if you can handle dealing with teenage NPC's all around you. It does have a few good moments, but it also has many where you think "Why can't I make another decision here???"

Companions: A bunch of emotionally disturbed teenagers and a stupid wannabe R2D2 and you get no options to execute them.

Ending: Satisfying. After all, you do a lot of things but I have to say one thing. You want the DARKSIDE ending to avoid a cliche, it will also make the storyline SO.... MUCH....MORE intriguing, fun and interesting!

Flaws: Satele shan. This stupid NPC will get on your nerves every time and prove how hypocritical and degenerate most Jedi decisions are. Not only that, you are not even able to tell her to S T F U and G T FO for being the bítch that she is.

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11.28.2012 , 08:17 PM | #23
I have played a little bit of most stories and so far my favorite is sith warrior, getting under barus's skin

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11.29.2012 , 01:51 PM | #24
Only finished SI and BH right now, but a good chunk into SW and JK. So far SI has been the most entertaining- and I like her voice acting the most, that sarcastic tone she always has is perfect.

I've only done a chapter of the IA so far- but it's also looking pretty nice so that may be second.

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11.29.2012 , 02:22 PM | #25
I liked the Agent story best. There's a couple loose ends, but, overall it's satisfying. And, through and through, interesting.

other ones I've seen to the end (sith inquisitor, Trooper and Sith warrior) all have strengths and weaknesses.

Only one that seems to be outright bad is the consular. It's so bad that I couldn't continue with it and re-rolled a trooper.

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12.02.2012 , 06:13 PM | #26
Ok fun fact for jedi knights

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12.03.2012 , 03:38 AM | #27
Finished all empire stories---1)agent hands down I don't believe any other story can compete for 1st place; 2)sith warrior;3) hunter; 4) inquisitor.
Only done chapter 1 for 3 republic classes so far I pick jk best, trooper 2nd and consular last,

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12.06.2012 , 08:20 PM | #28
I haven't finished the SW story so far, but it is definitely the most interesting so far. Everything they promised the Inquisitor would be doing, is actually happening on the SW. My decision actually feel like the decisions MATTER

SI: It was wonderful! the first act kept me involved. The beginning of Act II was great! With a bit of treachery thrown in. The height of Act II was boring, but the action picked right back up on Correllia with the Kaggath and Silencer. >: )

IA: Very nice! Very many twists and kept me on the edge of my seat! I would definitely put this ahead of this Sith warrior story! The only reason I don't, is because the SW actually feels like your decisions mattered. While this was an awesome story, it didn't feel like I was driving. I was just sitting as a passenger and watching.
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12.08.2012 , 03:11 PM | #29
Of the ones I've completed so far, I'd rank them:
Inquisitor > Warrior > Smuggler > Knight > Hunter

Inquisitor I played through with Light leanings (finished Light II). I really just enjoyed getting to go around, build up power, find ancient powers, etc. It did drag a little near the end of act 2/beginning of act 3, but while the overarching story could get a bit monotonous sometimes, the actual things done in pursuit of the character's goals always managed to be varied and fun. The cast was similarly good, though I would've preferred Xalek joining up sooner, and more Thanaton (not that he was lacking per se, but I just really enjoyed him as a villain).

Warrior I played mostly Dark (Dark IV at finish) and it did a really great job of making me feel like the baddest dude in the galaxy. It also seemed very versatile going up...even though I was Dark, I could see it being pretty good for a Light-sider, too, so it gets props for that. I do feel like the climax wasn't everything it could've been - not bad, it just feel flat in a few spots - and the last couple of companions felt like little more than an afterthought, so I rank it below the Inquisitor. Still it was pretty darned strong.

I played Smuggler slightly Light (Light III), and it came off...not as serious as the others. I think a Dark Smuggler would've been more of an interesting "crime" story and I'd like to try some day, but for me, it was more of a slightly silly vigilante hero sort of vibe. Of course, that made it really entertaining. The story kept moving nicely, the cast was colorful and fun. It didn't "mean" as much as the other stories in the scale of how it affected the galaxy, but I can live with that. I do think the twist at the end could have been better handled. It sort of made me feel like I did was worthless, but I got to at least make up a little bit at the end.

Knight I played mostly Light (Light IV) and it wasn't bad, it was just really vanilla. The first act was the strongest, I thought, with the rivalry and the different superweapons. After that, it shifted a little too much into just "fight the Empire". There were a few good moments, but I can't, for example, recall a darned thing about what I was actually doing on several of the planets in acts 2 and 3, and while most of my other characters felt like "characters" at the end of their stories, the Knight just sort of felt like the generic "hero". And finally, what was the point of Rusk? He was just...there.

Hunter, finally, also went mostly Light, though took the Dark ending (going Light was entirely too unprofessional for my Hunter's character). It wasn't bad, but it was a little too repetitive. I mean, granted, it's a Bounty Hunter, so it's going to be about hunting bounties, but while every act there was a new boss to work for, and the assignments were varied, it never really changed the basic setup. I felt like they could've played up the vengeance aspects and made the Hunter a little more proactive, and that would've made it a lot more interesting.

Of the three I haven't finished yet, I was working on and enjoying Consular, just finished the first act and I really liked it...depending on how Acts 2 and 3 go (and I've heard they do even better than 1), I could easily see it becoming my favorite. Yes, clearly, I'm weird. But I enjoyed watching all the dots come together and being the sort of "unexpected hero". The climax of Act 1 was a little rushed and confusing, but good all-in-all. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted my Consular and am still waiting on a restore to continue the story.

Agent and Trooper I've played through Tatooine. I'm saving Agent for last since most say it's best, and so far, it's impressed me. Each planet has its own unique story with plenty of intrigue. Trooper has impressed less. I don't much like General Garza, and I don't feel like the traitors have been well-utilized. I've enjoyed a lot of the supporting cast so far, though, so there's still plenty of chance for it to step up a bit.

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01.02.2013 , 01:18 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by Jenzali View Post
It's unfortunate you didn't enjoy the SW story, I enjoyed it very much. If you do ever happen to play through it again, I would suggest not immediately hitting the dark side option whenever it pops up. If you choose some of the neutral or light side options, they often lead in to much more intriguing options, such as "convince them to join your side", "convert the Jedi to the dark side", "imprison and torture them", "choke the person they love, making them desperate to do what you say", "make snarky comment to Darth Baras to make him angrier", "lie to your master so he doesn't know about your plotting against him" etc. and more often than not the neutral or LS options are more tactically sound, better for the Empire and are a lot more like a manipulative Sith. Some of the neutral options even give you opportunity for even more DS points.

If you don't immediately hit the "ROAR KILL NOW" options there are tons of lines that sound very similar to what Darth Vader or Darth Sidious would have said in the movies, etc. Overall, the SW felt the most "Star Wars"-y to me out of all the storylines, and by not killing everyone you can get your own little army of fallen Jedi you converted and a bunch of Sith Lords who obey all your commands.

(I enjoyed the SW story very much as a neutral-ish SW and am planning to do 2 more runthroughs of the SW story after I have finished all 8 class stories just to explore all the branches. I loved it that much. It's also the only story other than IA where your choices actually matter)
Thanks for the tips! I have a SW made just haven't yet played it been hooked on a Sith Inquisitor right now but am in much need of a break as I am tired of being Lord Zashs lil lap dog. You really make we wanna try a Sith War now so thanks for that . As for other classes.. I enjoyed the Smuggler story tho haven't completed to max yet and IA just makes me want more tho I am leveling that toon with a friend so I haven't gotten far with that unfortunately.