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Where can I get the SWTOR border graphic elements?

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Where can I get the SWTOR border graphic elements?

corvuscorvus's Avatar

05.23.2012 , 08:57 AM | #1
I like the metallic-looking headers and footers that the forum uses, as wel as the window borders that the ingame load screens have. Nothing nefarious, just wanted to use them for signature development and section graphics for a SWTOR theme for our guild's forums.

I downloaded the Fan Site graphics package, thinking that those might be in there but no luck. Is there an "official" way to get them-- that is would BW consider including them in the Fan Site package, as well as maybe a theme for the more popular forum setups like phpbb and vBulletin?

EDIT: I'm only interested in doing this the "right" way; if those assets can't or won't be released, then I'll figure something else out. Just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.
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OddityDK's Avatar

05.24.2012 , 10:25 AM | #2
Well you can right-click the page and select "view source". From there you can click the "commonstyles.css" on line 26, and go through the file to find the background images you need. For example the #header div has a "background:url(/sites/all/files/en/coruscant/main/headerTab_bg.png)".

That means the URL to the header image would be:

Hope I'm not breaking any copyright rules by posting this. If so, I'm sorry, and please delete my post.