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Wish more Orange weapons could be made by Armstech....

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Wish more Orange weapons could be made by Armstech....

JnEricsonx's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 10:06 PM | #1
So I was kinda stupid and didn't hang on to some of my BH's various orange pistols during her career, and now, unless I wanna wrangle up some planet comms, theres almost no good looking ones on the GTN, save the Custom-made/Elegant ones. I'd be nice if a lot more shells were makeable by Armstech, forget mods and the like, just the shells.

Jwhitless's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 10:36 PM | #2
I totally agree about the shells. Being able to make augmented orange weapons is awesome but I hate that there's not much variety in the way the weapons look. It's much cooler to bust up intergalactic scumbags with 2 different, awesome looking pistols than with 2 of the same weapon. I absolutely love the weapon models of the BH Rakata grade pistols Peace and Quiet. Everything about those two guns speak of the aesthetics I wish I could see on more weapons.

- The weapon models are very sleek, sexy, and powerful.
- They compliment each other with one being white and the other black.
- To me, this tells a lot about the BH story because bounty hunters are not just about killing the target. There are decisions that have to be made which can be either light (white) or dark (black). Every time I see my blasters I am reminded about the BH story and everything that it took to get where I am. Some decisions were easy while there were some I am not proud of making. They are a constant reminder of the many different paths my BH could have taken.
- The names go with each other and that is completely awesome to me. Why? I couldn't really tell you but I couldn't help but smile and tell my guild about it when I got them.