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Chapter 1 reward/mission confusion

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Chapter 1 reward/mission confusion

Leapstepman's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 10:51 AM | #1
I completed chapter 1 and was given a mission called 'Time Off' that indicated I needed to go to the fleet and pick up my reward for completing chapter 1. I also received a fleet pass. I use the fleet pass and find the flagged npc at the fleet near the trooper trainer. I click on the npc and there was no info, just a reward of a Coruscant pass (teleport to Coruscant). At this point, I was confused on what the deal was? What was the point of going to the fleet vs coruscant in the first place? I am guessing the pass is for me to go to the legacy vendors on coruscant? Am I missing something here? Should I have gotten something other than just a pass to coruscant as a reward for completing chapter 1?

Oh, and one other thing I don't understand. For finishing the final mission in chapter 1, I received a legacy inheritance mainhand weapon construction kit. When I look at the legacy vendor, it looks like the only thing it is good for is a level 14 weapon. Again, what was the point of giving me this when you have to be somewhere around level 30+ to finish chapter 1? So unless I am missing something here, my reward for completing chapter 1 was basically nothing.


ReverendSID's Avatar

05.11.2012 , 06:35 PM | #2
The Inheritance weapon it is to send to a new character to give them a slightly better weapon then they'll get through drops or mods for a few levels.... so yes, basically nothing.

As for the Coruscant teleport ticket, after you go back to your ship and use the holoterminal you'll be told to go back to Coruscant to start chapter 2. So, it's purpose (just like the fleet pass) is to save you a loading screen or two. As for why did they send you to the fleet in the first place... *shrug*