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I missed the boat

richardya's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 08:10 AM | #1
I still have some Battlemaster and Champion Tokens. Are the vendors you trade them too (post 1.2) still in the game? If so, which item is most worthwhile to trade for. My reading, if i recall correctly, was that there were two items available for BM tokens.

It's my understanding that the Champ/Cent ones have nothing to do with crafting and are generally worthless.


DeltaEkotte's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 08:12 AM | #2
PvP items vendor at the fleets. You can buy credit boxes with cent/champ comms I think, I don't know about BM comms tho.
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05.10.2012 , 08:17 AM | #3
You can also turn in bm comms for things like pvp crafting boxes.

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05.10.2012 , 08:18 AM | #4
Read this guide to see what things you can still buy with your old tokens.

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05.10.2012 , 08:20 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Rhaphael View Post
Read this guide to see what things you can still buy with your old tokens.
That is the guide I had seen. My questions was regarding
Battlemaster Baradium Flux
Battlemaster Grade 6 Crafting PvP Box

What is better if they are tradable? Those items did not have much info or links?

Edit, I see they are bind on pickup so never mind. I would have liked to make an expertise crystal but I don't have artifice. Seems odd that they are only usefull for artifice.