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Fortitude Augment should be Armormech, not Armstech

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Fortitude Augment should be Armormech, not Armstech

Heezdedjim's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 06:25 AM | #1
If one of the crafting skills has to wind up with only four augment types, it seems like Armstech should be the one, since it already has all the weapon DPS slots covered with crit/surge, power, and accuracy. It also now has two augments that just give flipped versions of the same two stats. Armormech, which seems to cover the defense slots, would make a lot more sense as the source of augments with a primary endurance buff.

Undorett's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 07:05 AM | #2
Almost everyone I have seen is only buying the main stat augments (aim, willpower, strength, and cunning) which are evenly divided by synthweaving and armormech. Armormech has far more things going for it than armstech, like having end game items to RE / craft + crit craft, having schematics for anything above lv39, being able to fill 7 armor slots instead of 2 weapon slots for 3 characters and 1 weapon slot for 1 character, etc. But I think you are partially right...I think they should add in an expertise augment to armstech and move the endurance mod to armormech.