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Crafting schematics

Chaosdave's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 04:25 AM | #1
It would be a nice thing if crafting schematics showed if you already knew them or not.

Specially if you are looking at something on the GTN, currently you have to close down the gtn and go search through your crafting windows to see if its listed in there somewhere, would be much easier if you could just see at a glance whether you knew it or not.

Sambril's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 05:38 AM | #2
I agree it would be niceif it showed what we already know, but you don't have to close the GTN window to access your crafting one.

In the Interface Editor you can Enable Moveable Secondary Window. This allows you to have as many windows open as you like and you can reposition them.

There was also a recent change so you don't consume ones you already know, though I would like to avoid buying ones I already have.
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