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GCW + Real Space Sim

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GCW + Real Space Sim

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02.12.2013 , 08:43 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by delano View Post
This is not a QQ rage-quit post....just a plain, simple fact that I KNOW many others share. Add these 2 things to the game or lots of people walk. The game is extreme easy-mode theme park which is supposed to appeal to the masses....both kids and hardcore players alike. Got news for doesn't appeal to the hardcore.

Here's another fact....the hardcore gamers are how you make money. over time Any MMO where you can reach end-game in a few short weeks is destined to have high attrition. This is not a formula for long term success.

IMO the following 2 things, as stated in the title, should be priority number one. Not new titles, or colored gear, or anything else that has a 5 second "Ooooh ahhh" appeal, and then transforms into "we want more content!"

1. Get a GCW because PvP is a snoozefest. Limited, linear, controlled PvP like WZ's are only fun for a small period of time.

If you want a model to follow, look no farther than SWG. You don't have to copy it exactly but it serves as a great start.

2. Make space a viable part of the game, not an arcade-style way to pass some time. Smugglers should be able to smuggle and there should be PvP. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is a rail system too, that I absolutely loved....when I was please take us off the rail, add PvP, and make space part of the game, not a filler.

Thanks for reading!
I'd like to see this in'game ... *push*