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Theoretically the staggered release is a great idea

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Theoretically the staggered release is a great idea

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12.13.2011 , 11:09 AM | #1
It seems they're capping servers at about 500 (the server im on is listed as full and each starter zone has about 100-120 people, 120x4 =~500) in population, meaning they fill up fast, get a queue, and people choose other servers.

Then later down the road they raise that cap of 500, servers go from full to medium or so and they fill back up.Well great, no ghost towns. This is a better idea than just opening new servers as the old ones fill up, people are bound to only play EA and realize they dont like the game and cancel their preorder before the 20th.

However what happens when people get discouraged and upset with bioware for not letting them play? Their servers COULD hold A LOT more people, with the budget they have behind this game its safe to assume so. They're just not acting fast enough, some servers have been full for 3 hours, and no cap raised.