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Cited Mistakes

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04.25.2012 , 05:17 PM | #1
I for one would like to compile what i feel are badly implemented ideas by bioware. The reason being maybe we could all move in a direction the players and Devs are happy with.

1. WZ maps - While all the WZ maps are very tight and generally play decent, I, as a player, feel these maps are very small and offer very little in gameplay. I feel these maps play it very safe. Very close respawn areas make the current Zergy feel of 1.2 a foot race to objectives. Every inch of every WZ map is visible from another area. Worried where the enemy is about to hit, simply watch the respawn area and plan accordingly.
I feel the current maps are small and thats fine, but Novare Coast picks up right where the others left off. A huttball score can be achieved by 4 passes. Is that really big enough. One healer with a friendly pull can literally tip the tide. And in my opinion the Voidstar doors are way too close together. I will asssume that every high rated Void Star will end in a first door never capped tie.

2. Zero support for single or small group players. No arena, No decent duel areas and minimal world PvP leave something to be desired after the same 4 WZ maps. General consensus of WZ's are now "yea there good, but im getting kind of bored with them".

3. Class imba. How do you expect the player base to test balance issues regarding PvP when we cant even copy a lvl 50 toon over to the PTS. Im sure your internal testing program is very good due to initial class design, but as of late numbers have been skewed and values have been changed. When classes are re-designed you need A LOT of testers to make sure all the math is in line. We are seeing Sents/Maras doing some incredible numbers and i cant help but feel the OPness could have been addressed if there were more lvl 50 testers testing 1.2.

4. Gear Progression. Not even gonna go into this as BW has implemented several different methods of obtaining gear for players, and i feel they are at least circling some good ideas and we will see vast improvements to the system as BW listens to players in this regard.

5. World displacement. I feel worlds away from my enemy. I will never see their capitol cities, I rarely see or engage the enemy outside WZ's. Where is the organic WPvP?

In Summary: Give us some small scale PvP (arena type deathmatch). New WZ's should be new, not the identical size of the others offering 8v8 gameplay where the only thing different is three people can cap a node quicker than one. Gear is means to an end, it should be somewhat grindy but dont ever pull that "you need lvl 60 valor just kidding we changed that and it means nothing now" again. Design some damn WPvP people can actually sink their teeth into. All of these things KEEP PvPers playing, dont we all want that?
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04.25.2012 , 05:31 PM | #2
"The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with BioWare."
~ SWTOR Update 1.2: Legacy