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Rethinking the paradigm

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Rethinking the paradigm

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04.25.2012 , 04:43 PM | #1
I write this post with deep admiration and respect for the hard working developers and staff that make this game. It is that respect that encourages my friends and I to talk so passionately about this game and ultimately allows for a substantive discourse to take place within the community.

There have been changes implemented to the PvP gearing system to further make clear the distinction of PvP and PvE gear; the totality of which rests on expertise. Like any gear progression, the time needed to acquire gear for either niche has always been delicately balanced to ensure equality and fair play. I am hoping to challenge the traditional model of gear progression that is present in the current PvP model in a few ways.

What if in lieu of a rigid pricing system, all PvP gear was simply bought for credits or obtained through some very brief introduction system that requires your participation in a warzone. This would be separated from any reward associated with PvP because PvP commendations would no longer be used to adjudicate gear. Instead, by allowing PvP gear to be easily obtained the emphasis can be refocused on true player versus player competition and remove discussions and imbalances based on gear. Gear differences should matter in the PvE environment where challenges are tuned to scale based upon your success in a preceding challenge; your reward comes from your ability to routinely defeat increasingly difficult content.

My point is that skill alone should be the factor that decides PvP outcomes and rewards should be a reflection of that. Warzone commendations could be used to buy consumables, augments, enhancements, mods, armoring, hilts, and color crystals, to better diversify stat options and encourage individuality. The lack of an inherent gear grind would have to be supplemented by other rewards. To this end, character progression would become more important and would allow the introduction of rankings obtained through ranked warzones. Ranked levels can continue to work as explained to the community: customizing gear options and appearance. However, in addition to that, a more robust option would be to have a function similar to or in lockstep with the legacy system and one that encourages longevity. A PvP player with a high rank should be able to purchase new longer cool down abilities, earn titles, and get unique buffs, among many other ideas Iím sure many people have. Since skill relative to other players is best determined in time, itís important to make the systemís rewards relative to how well you perform and how long you perform at that level.

The benefit of this system is that skilled PvP players will never have to ďcatch upĒ with gear to enjoy PvP and do well. And those that play well overtime and earn high rankings will have tangible achievements that donít reset on a seasonal basis and donít cost credits like the legacy system. This encourages continued PvP interest and would only be helped by the introduction of more world PvP.

Which leads us to the impasse in the road: Open world PvP and its relationship to warzones. For this idea to truly be realized there must be a substantive world PvP environment. Warzones are great but they shouldnít be the single entity that decides ranking. World PvP, like the guild challenges talked about by Lead Game Designer Daniel Erickson are a step in the right direction towards encouraging different methods of participation. However the fact that there would be no rewards associated with it provides less incentive for people to seek them out. Ideally, with a personal rating that affects all aspects of PvP, through warzones, guild challenges, and open world engagements, the rewards from doing any PvP will be determined based on performance overtime. This where duels can also be integrated into the PvP aspect of the game. While the ranking you receive should vary based on the different options in the game, duels could contribute slightly towards your overall ranking and make them more noteworthy.
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04.25.2012 , 05:17 PM | #2
This is one of the few well written posts I have seen. I would like to congratulate you on a very knowledgeable post. I agree with you 100%. ./signed