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Healers, stop whining.

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Healers, stop whining.

SupernovaRU's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 02:52 PM | #1
Hey. Sorc Healer here. Crit/Surge PvE build with mostly Columni/Rak gear that is startin' to earn his BM pieces.

I see a ton of complaints on these forums about how Healers can't handle the damage and how their heals are "ineffective"...

Quit your whining. I've been healing in PvP with barely any expertise for a long time, and I'll let you know that if a Healer can stand up to a 2v1 fight and survive, then either the two attackers don't know how to play or your spec is completely wrong. What are the two things Sorcs can do? DPS or Healers. We are meant to be tissue paper, people. That's why we get a tank to start with in our storyline! Sure, its annoying to be taken down by DPS and be marked every single fight, but we're an essential part of the team - we keep everyone else alive, and keep on throwing our bodies into the mix so the rest can keep on fighting! We aren't meant to be able to keep people surviving while they are getting hammered on by more than one other player. If the enemy is smart enough to take out other players by focusing DPS, then we better have more than one healer on our side.

The only way you're going to survive for an extended period in PvP is if you've got a Tank guarding you and a back up healer keeping you alive. Or you manage your LoS properly and people aren't smart enough to target you.

So quit your whining and suck it up and deal with it. You're making the rest of us capable healers look bad.